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  • 1 Causes dryness
  • 2 Proper care
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Causes dryness

There are several main reasons because of which may appear dry lips.

  • sudden changes in temperature. Since the skin in the mouth is very sensitive, and there are practically no oil glands to protect the rest of the skin, any change in the weather can greatly affect the condition of the lips.
  • incorrectly chosen lipstick. number of dyes contained in the decorative lipsticks, essentially dries the skin.This gives the effect of a vicious circle - the drier the skin is, the more women try to mask it with the same lipstick.Another explanation is constantly dry lips can become the abuse of decorative cosmetics.
  • allergy. often a source of problems is the toothpaste, especially those containing fluorine, which causes many allergic reaction, which is expressed in skin dryness around the lips.
  • summer often cause problems sunscreen , which, when applied to the face, accidentally fall on the skin in the mouth.Contained therein oxybenzone substance very quickly dehydrate the epithelium.

Problems can arise not only from the skin on the lips, but in the corners of the mouth.The cause peeling in the corners of the lips can be a fungal infection or a lack of vitamins in the body.

In addition, very dry mouth can cause a number of serious diseases, such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, diabetes and hypothyroidism.Consult with your doctor to determine exactly what is a sign of dry lips.

Proper care

  • Try to smear the bottom part of the face with a cream containing vitamin E and A. It shortage of these substances explains the appearance of dry skin around the lips.
  • Try to enrich your diet foods rich in vitamin A - carrot and orange fruits (oranges and tangerines).Also, the constant use of a decoction of seabuckthorn save lips from the small cracks.
  • necessary to eat more vitamin B , to avoid dryness in the corners of the lips.It is found in herbs, vegetables, legumes, and dairy products in.
  • useful once a week to massage the lips with a toothbrush with soft bristles. Massage restores the hydration process by stimulating the blood flow to this area.
  • If you have a bad habit of licking his lips, try to control it. Licking can cause sores and cracks, and at times exacerbate dry skin in the corners of the lips.
  • Try to maintain fluid balance in the body. winter, always carry a small bottle of water or natural juice.However, you should not drink cold drinks on the street - so your lips can be even more weather-beaten.And do not forget after each meal or drink to take advantage of a healing balm or hygienic lipstick!


care Most women are wondering what to do with a very dry lips.If dryness could not be prevented, there are many care products that will help solve the problem.

  • Limit the use of decorative lipsticks and try for daily moisturizing to use natural products - for example, honey, petroleum jelly or cocoa butter.
  • If the compliance office etiquette does not allow you to abandon the decorative lipsticks, choose beauty products based on fatty .Avoid lipsticks increased stability - they are very deeply penetrate the skin and have a degreasing effect.Fatty same lipstick, on the contrary, deeply moisturize and nourish dry lips constantly.
  • When selecting chapstick , pay attention to the composition.It is best to use those funds, which include thermal water .This will give your skin an extra source of moisture.
  • Try to acquire the means to protect against the harmful effects of ultraviolet .Even in winter, albeit to a lesser extent, ultraviolet rays are dried leather, so it is important to have a UV-protection in all seasons.
In the struggle with dry skin importantly - consistency, so do not forget to put a balm, sunscreen and chapstick before going out.This will help avoid another unpleasant problem - chapping lips.

Home Recipes

Fortunately, in addition to commercial agents for dry skin care, there are many popular recipes that will help to quickly restore the smoothness and softness of your lips.


  • Dry mouth corners well treated aloe juice: cut the aloe leaf and squeeze a few drops on your palm, then light massage movements rub the liquid in the corners of the mouth.Repeat this procedure two or three times a day, a week later you forget about the dryness in the corners and around the lips!
  • If the skin is cracked to such an extent that every movement of the mouth causes pain, there is a rapid means to relieve irritation.Just do lotion of tea leaves of green tea , and hold it on the lips for 20 minutes.Painful sensations pass and antioxidants contained in green tea, prepare the epithelium to further recovery.

constant dryness of the lips heals properly chosen combination of aroma oils.

  1. Take three drops of essential oil of orange, patchouli and vetiver.
  2. Mix a teaspoon of almond oil.
  3. The resulting mixture, add one drop of oil of neroli.
  4. mass Soak in a dark cool place for 2 weeks.
  5. Every day for the night, apply the resulting mixture evenly.

Masks Lip

good means are various hydrating mask.To make a mask of sour cream :

  1. take a teaspoon of sour cream, a teaspoon of lemon juice and add a little vegetable oil;
  2. Mix all ingredients and apply on the lips and skin around the mouth for half an hour;
  3. rinse with warm water.

can also be applied to the lips honey mask , slowly rubbing honey into the skin with light massaging movements.This mask cracks quickly heals and nourishes dry corners of her mouth.

similar effect has curd mask .For its preparation it is necessary to mix a small amount of fat cottage cheese and carrot juice and apply the mixture for twenty minutes.

There are many reasons why lips become dry.But if such trouble happened to you, do not panic.The modern girl should not have any doubt about what to do with dry lips, because there is a wide range of shops and popular moisturizers will not dry the skin to spoil your mood!