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  • 1 5 myths about the eyelash and reality
  • 2 Pros and cons of the procedure
    • 2.1 Eyelash - pros
    • 2.2 Eyelash - cons
  • 3 For whom the procedure clearly does not fit?

daring to eyelashes, the pros and cons should weigh thoughtfully.There is no need to listen to the advice of "experienced" and those who only knows something about modern techniques of applying false eyelashes, but never used them.We invite you to consider five common opinions about the dangers of the procedure.And to know the opinion of cosmeticians.

5 myths about the eyelash and reality

  1. sure your lashes fall out .Of course, fall out, even if you perform the build-up in the most fashionable, a licensed salon.The fact that the lashes fall in nature.The life cycle of each filaments is 200 days.And how quickly they grow and recover depends on skin care age and the presence in the body of essential vitamins.Visually, the damage is very noticeable lashes when you remove the overhead, it seems to yo
    u that your eyes were "bald".The reason here lies in the fact that you have become accustomed to watching on their eyelids thick and luxurious hair.
  2. Adhesives very harmful .When asked what is harmful eyelash often say: glue effect.If you use the cheapest, bought in the supermarket, the consequences will be serious indeed.At best, the eyelids will film at worst - will develop swelling and allergic reactions.If the procedure is carried in the cabin with a license for her professional adhesives are used, no adverse effects on skin and hair.But in this case, no one is immune from the likelihood of allergies.
  3. His eyelashes break .This fact applies to the most negative consequences of eyelash extensions.But there are nuances.Fracture native cilia in most cases is an indication of lack of professionalism of the master.If the hairs were initially selected a suitable structure, and their application is made according to the rules, a break is extremely unlikely.
  4. When removing always suffer their eyelashes.With this fact is related much debate about whether the false eyelashes are harmful.But in this case there is particular.If we draw the removal of their own, more than likely remove your hair with artificial.If, however, it will make a master in the cabin, it will use special tools, quickly and safely dissolve adhesive basis.In this case, all of your hair remain in place.
  5. effect lasts long .It depends on the skill of the master.Incorrect application provides results in just a week.An experienced professional will ensure that the hair will stay for at least 3 weeks.Ideally, correction is performed 1 time per month.

Pros and cons

procedures Given these facts about the lashes, the pros and cons can be weighed more consciously.

Eyelash - pros

  • your look irresistible , even if the nature has deprived you natural eyelashes.
  • You do not need to tint eyes.This will save time and money, which is usually spent on the purchase brasmatika.Incidentally, the ink quality is no less than the correction procedure eyelashes.
  • You look perfect , regardless of the time of day - morning and evening.
  • you can change! This allows different versions of cilia, providing different effects glance: fox, squirrel, natural ...

Eyelash - cons

  • The risk of an allergic reaction - redness of the eyes, swelling of the eyelids.
  • False eyelashes require self-discipline - have to give up the habit of rubbing the eyes or sleep on my stomach.
  • should regularly carry out correction - otherwise your eyelids will look ridiculous because of the crumbled beams.
  • We need to find a good master - this is probably the most important factor in the longevity of false eyelashes and hassle-free.

For whom the procedure clearly does not fit?

should necessarily take into account the individual characteristics of planning eyelash.Harmful or not this decision, you should check with your doctor.

  • you wear contact lenses .In this case, the risk of allergic reactions is increased many times.Moreover, besides the usual allergy possible development of inflammatory processes.In a state of neglect inflammation poses risks to eye health, destroys the retina.
  • you suffer from chronic conjunctivitis .If the disease does not stop the centuries sluggish inflammatory process.Any interference can cause its aggravation, to cope with that will be much more difficult than usual.
  • your native cilia are very thin and weak .Of course, the correction will mask this defect.But mounting bills into thin hairs relatives can completely destroy them.Ask your beautician how to strengthen your lashes.Most likely, you will be advised to go month course of treatment with castor oil, and only then carry out the procedure.

So whether harmful eyelash?Responses indicate that most of the shortcomings can correct professional artist.It is also necessary to take into account contraindications for this cosmetic procedure.