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  • 1 Why fall eyelashes
  • 2 5 Rules for the care
  • 3 How to increase cilia home

Cilia create the beauty of our eyes, but we are not used to take care ofthem.Regularly buying means to strengthen the hair, we forget that the hairs on our centuries have exactly the same structure.

Like other hair, they are composed of keratin scales, which are able to delaminate under the influence of external factors .And like other hair grow not just in themselves, and eating of hair follicles located in the skin of the eyelids.Furthermore, the age of limited life.Each hairs it is about 200 days.But whether the rise in its place a new, and how long it will be, it depends solely on the correct care.

Why lashes fall

There are many reasons why the hair on your eyelids would not look the way you want.And the main is a banal lack of attention to them. significantly worsens the quality of the native hairs after building artificial and waving .In each case, the actual problem hairs break,

and after building appear "bald spots": under the weight of false eyelashes home simply fall out.

also impair the health of eyelashes following factors.

  • Using poor-quality cosmetics .These funds are impaired as the eyelid skin and the structure of the hair, which is why the cilia grow thin, grow slowly.
  • lack of habit to shoot makeup.Painted in ink hairs are more prone to fracture that occurs at night during sleep.Besides age skin pores remain closed, because of what disturbed her breath, slow down metabolism.The skin ages faster.
  • stress, illness - the appearance of our hair is always evidence of "problems" in the body.So before looking for a solution how to make eyelashes longer and thicker in the home, and cease to be nervous look closely to their health.

5 rules

care to make your lashes longer and thicker, it is important not only to use special means for their growth, but also to properly care for them.There are 5 main rules of the care of eyelashes.

  1. Look to eating.For hair growth need trace elements and vitamins, which are rich in vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts.Include them in your diet instead of rolls and sausages, and attractive appearance you also answer the skin and nails.
  2. Add in the diet of keratin .This high molecular weight protein that makes up our cilia, can be obtained from food.The large amount of it is contained in the Bulgarian pepper, parsley and wild rose.
  3. carefully choose cosmetics .By asking the question, how to make eyelashes thicker and longer with the help of mascara, we pay attention to the color, the shape of the brush, but not the quality.But this is extremely important as a means of poor quality can harm the health of the eye.The first sign of questionable quality brasmatika will eye redness, itchy eyelids.Immediately dispose of this tube and carefully wash your eyes.Also, shoddy means crumble during the day, have a distinct odor.For comparison, a quality brasmatik no smell or has a bland sweet aroma.
  4. Always remove makeup at night! Special agent put on a cotton pad and then distributed to the cilia.Hold it for 30 seconds and gently, without pressure clean.Move from the nose to the cheeks.
  5. Being in the sun, wear sunglasses .They will protect your lashes from the destructive action of ultraviolet radiation.

How to increase cilia home

Long and thick eyelashes at home will help make simple tools.Their main difference - in access, but use each regularly.Do not try to find a solution how to grow long eyelashes for a week at home, it's impossible.But carrying out beauty treatments for a month, you can achieve excellent results.

  • Comb hair .Through them a brush, you stimulate the blood circulation in the area of ​​hair follicles.This enhances the growth of cilia.
  • Care for centuries, to get long eyelashes.At home, the popular recipes include massages and compresses .For massage, prepare a mixture of aloe juice with vegetable oil (at the rate of 1: 2), add a few drops of parsley juice.Apply for ever accurate movements, gently rub and rinse with water.Packs can be made from ordinary black tea.Brew it, cool, dip cotton pads and warm, apply to the eyes.15 minutes to return such compresses the skin fresh.
  • Use oil.This is the surest way to make long eyelashes at home.Promotes the growth of hair, almond, peach kernel oil, grape seed.Stimulate their strengthening castor and burdock.Apply them with a brush from the carcass and leave for 1 hour.Before going to sleep necessarily rinse.
  • Add vitamins to get the healing mask for eyelashes .That they were long and thick, required vitamins A and E. Take them in the form of capsules open, mix a few drops of oil, apply to the lashes.

Thanks to this care, you can significantly improve the condition of your lashes for a month!