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  • 1 composition and characteristics
  • 2 Secrets choice
    • 2.1 5 rules before buying
  • 3 The shoot
    • 3.1 Dosing biphasic means
  • 4 Pros and cons

composition and characteristics

wants to be fully prepared on the beach, in the pool, in the rain and snow, or just like to let a tear?Without waterproof mascara you can not do!This unique cosmetic product has many advantages, which are appreciated by thousands of women.

repellent properties of the carcass due to its composition, which includes:

  • volatile solvents;
  • waxes of animal and vegetable origin;
  • stearin;
  • silicone;
  • paraffin.

This mascara does not contain components sensitive to moisture.It lies exactly on the lashes, enveloping them and creating a special protective plenochku that prevents moisture.

Secrets choice

  • choosing water-resistant ink, note the marked .If a tube has an inscription «water-proof» - mascara is able to provide resistance to water.You can swim in the sea, get a little rain
    or cry without sacrificing appearance.
  • phrase «moisture-proof» on the packaging indicates that the product is able to keep eye makeup intact even under extremely humid conditions and abundant tears .You can safely use a waterproof mascara sea, reviews indicate that it is able to withstand the swimming pool or sauna.Eye make up this mascara, you can even dive.And you absolutely torrential rain is not terrible.

5 rules before buying

Deciding to buy water-resistant ink, follow the generally accepted rules.

  1. not buy mascara with windows. Most likely, she lay there for a long time and could lose their quality.
  2. carefully read the composition.In carcass components should not be allergenic.
  3. Smell ink. quality fresh product has a pleasant scent, or has it all.
  4. Check consistency. Fresh high quality ink must have the creamy texture.
  5. sure to note the date of manufacture , inspect the package integrity, as well as compliance with the contents of the tube, the stated requirements (color, moisture resistance, decorative effect).
When buying do not forget to buy a special tool for make-up remover.Better eating it will be one of the cosmetic series with mascara.

The shoot

How to wash waterproof mascara?This issue is of concern to all women who have decided to take advantage of the said cosmetic product.

Many remover waterproof mascara follow the path of least resistance and try to wash it off with soap and water. But this method is the low-efficiency.Containing lye soap, it has a negative effect on the skin around the eyes, causing premature wrinkles, as well as redness and irritation.A significant drawback is also a high probability of injury to the skin and eyelashes.Wiping with diligence water-resistant mascara, you risk to wash with it, and the cilia.

The best option would be the use of special cosmetics for removing waterproof mascara. important to note that the simple Milk Makeup Remover with this task can not cope.It is best to use a special two-phase agent intended for removing waterproof makeup.The presence in its composition of castor oil will quickly and painlessly dissolve waterproof mascara and rinse it with cilia.

Dosing biphasic means

  1. Apply on a cotton pad first phase containing oil, and attach to your lashes for a moment.Oils gently dissolve the ink and to help safely remove it from the eyelashes.
  2. To soften and moisturizing the skin around the eyes, as well as prevent the occurrence of redness wipe eyelashes second phase means - moisturizing.

How to wash waterproof mascara to eyelashes at home, if there were no special tools at hand? use oil.Suitable simple olive, sunflower or children.Moisten a cotton ball in the oil and attach to the cilia.The oil was dissolved ink, and you can easily remove it in a few minutes.

This is important! In search of a solution, you remove waterproof mascara at home, never use alcohol-based agents.You can not only damage the cilia, but get burned thin and delicate skin around the eyes.

Pros and cons

Advantages waterproof mascara obvious:

  • reliable protection against moisture and luxurious look in any situation;
  • lasting effect;
  • availability of nutrients and care substances in the formulation.

It would seem like cosmetics godsend for the modern woman.However, not all simple.


  • not suitable for regular use;
  • contributes to allergy;
  • can not be used with contact lenses;
  • require special tools for make-up remover;
  • has a relatively high cost.

Cosmetologists are not advised to use waterproof mascara every day.Protective silicon film formed on the cilia in the process of applying mascara, a negative impact on nutrition and hydration lashes.Over time, you can lose just beautiful fluffy eyelashes.

use such cosmetics or not - you decide.Giving preference in favor of this or that means, first of all, think about your health!