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  • 1 Why paint eyelashes paint
  • 2 Choose paint and tools
  • 3 Procedure
  • 4 lasting effect
  • 5 Contraindications
    • 5.1 To paint or not?

Why paint eyelashes paint

At certain moments of resistance of mascara or eyeliner eyelashes is not enough, and sometimes painted just do not have the ability or desire.During summer heat, on vacation or during a long business trip to replace the conventional cosmetics come resistant special paint for eyelashes.

summer often in the salons of beauty no end of clients who want to dye eyelashes.Women just do not want to waste time on a daily eye makeup, especially in hot weather it is necessary to correct a few times a day .And the eyes, too, needs a vacation.Give your lashes resistant shade to help special coloring composition, and for this it is not necessary to go to an expensive salon.You are free to paint the paint eyelashes.How to do it?Read on!

Choose paint and tools

For painting cilia strictly forbidden to use the p

aint to hair.Too aggressive it contains components that can damage not only the structure of the hair, but also to cause substantial harm to the health of the eye.

How to paint eyelashes paint at home?To use the special color coloring composition which will not harm.By the way, one tube of such means is enough for some applications.

Cosmetics manufacturers offer paint not only black.You can choose a shade depending on your tsvetotipa: brown or gray .Tint paint should be a tone darker eyebrows.So do you think will be the most natural and attractive.

Before you paint eyelashes at home you need to get the paint:

  • capacity for the preparation of a coloring composition (preferably glass or plastic);
  • brush;
  • spatula;
  • rubber gloves;
  • cotton pad.

Traditionally, all these items are included with the coloring agent.


The instructions detail the preparation of the ink composition for the eyelashes and dyeing process.The procedure should be as follows.

  1. Squeeze two milliliters of ink into a container and mix with the accompanying emulsion of 10% hydrogen peroxide.If your embodiment no emulsion paints, it can be replaced with a solution prepared from tablets gidroperita 1 teaspoon and lukewarm water.If you are preparing to paint eyelashes at home for the first time, do not panic too light in color of the resulting mixture.It will darken in the process of interaction with the eyelashes.
  2. on the skin around the eyes is essential to apply a special protective mask.This may be a rich cream or zinc ointment.Make sure that the cream did not get to the cilia, otherwise they are not colored.Then the sheet under the bottom lashes cotton pads that protect the skin around the eyes.
  3. brush, apply the prepared mixture on the hair dense layer.To achieve the result, close the eyelids and slightly tilt your head down.So the paint will not fall on the base of the eyelashes and the skin does not burn.In case of contact with eyes immediately rinse thoroughly with running water.Before you paint the lashes ink in the home, the right to be well clear of any cilia cosmetics for a more thorough staining all the hairs.
  4. Leave the paint on the quarter hour.Then wipe dry the lashes with a cotton pad and rinse the remnants of the mixture with warm water.When flushing try not to rub it in order to avoid the appearance of under-eye dark circles.
After staining the cilia will look much smarter than after using traditional mascara.The fact is that if you use paint, you can paint even the shortest hairs that are difficult to paint with ink.

lasting effect

How often can be painted with paint eyelashes?Experts do not recommend to dye the hair more than once a month .Ignoring this condition can cause loss of eyelashes.

Frequent use coloring mixture often becomes a cause of eye irritation delicate skin, as well as of allergic reactions.


should not be painted eyelashes, if there is:

  • allergy;
  • diseases of the eye or eyelids;
  • hypersensitivity to the components of the paint;
  • regular use of contact lenses.
harmful to paint paint eyelashes? If you do not have a place of these factors, and you follow all the rules, there is nothing to fear.

Before use, be sure to test for sensitivity.Apply a small amount of the mixture for painting the inside of the arm, if after 24 hours there is no redness, you can safely use the composition for the eyelashes.

To paint or not?

Women often ask questions about the dangers of dyeing eyelashes.Speaking honestly, to paint cilia as harmful as any other.Application means in some cases may cause dermatitis, hair loss and irritation.Before painting the paint eyelashes definitely consult with a specialist, and enjoy all the pros and cons.