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  • 1 Technique removal
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  • 3 Types of drugs for the treatment of eyelashes
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is important not only to knowthan remove the lashes, but also how to do it safely.Most of the funds, including sold in pharmacies, can adversely affect the skin of the eyelids and eye membranes.Therefore, we recommend that you adhere to some rules, listed below, to continue to not have to worry about restoring cilia after the build-up or eye diseases.

removal technique

Prepare to perform the procedure.You will need a tool to remove the cilia, cotton swab and discs, well-lit room and a mirror, tape and scissors.

  1. Take a cotton ball, cut it into 2 parts.On one side cut out recess.It is necessary to place a cotton pad right on the eye line to protect the skin during the procedure.
  2. Apply the resulting cotton pad to the line of growth of eyelashes of the lower eyelid.Secure it with tape to the protective pad kept herself and does not distract you f
    rom your work.
  3. Close your eyes, pull down the eyelid, starting from the outer corner of his.So you can see where your cilia are located, and where - Naroscheny.
  4. Apply the product with a cotton swab right on the line of extension hair.Soak it for a specified time (for more details on how to remove false eyelashes very different means we describe below).
  5. Gently grasp the hairs, they should be easy to move.If it does not, or some of them remained in place, perform the procedure again.But in any case, do not pull the false eyelashes, as you are sure to damage their own.

features various tools

There are nuances that are important to consider when choosing a means for removal of cilia.For example, remove the lashes on the resin in the home only with special solvents that need to be purchased at a pharmacy.The same can be said with cyanogen acrylate adhesives (or superglue).If the procedures used to glue on a different basis, and may do more lenient means.

Removing lashes at home castor oil?

This procedure is referred to as the most secure, so it is worth a try in each case "for the first experiment."

  1. rasparte face over a bowl of hot water.Because the cilia will depart soon.
  2. Moisten a cotton swab in the oil and apply it on the lashes.Avoid getting oil in your eyes, as it may cause irritation.
  3. Take a cotton swab, dip in oil again.Spend it on the roots of the hair until they start to peel off.At the end of the procedure, remove the remaining oil with a paper towel.

Removing false eyelashes at home Debonderom?

This tool is a solvent effect on the eyes and eyelids aggressive, has a characteristic odor (like acetone).You can purchase it at a pharmacy and use - with extreme care.

  1. Allow yourself a good overview and carefully protect the lower eyelid.
  2. Saturate a cotton swab tool, slide it across the lashes to the outer edge.
  3. Move from the outer corner lightly.Within 3-4 minutes Debonder should dissolve the glue.
  4. Remove the hairs with your fingers.Again spend Debonderom on lashes to remove adhesive residue.
  5. Wash with warm water.

Types of drugs for the treatment of eyelashes

deciding what means to remove the lashes, you must first check with his master, which he pasted them. Modern professional adhesives absolutely not sensitive to oils and greasy creams, so getting rid of them can only be by the same professional solvent .Moreover, according to cosmetologists, if you managed to unstick false eyelashes with the help of home remedies means for applying adhesives used their economy class, that is not the best quality.


  • Remover lashes - the same Debonder. argue about its effectiveness does not make sense, it really works quickly and accurately.But cons him a lot: during the procedure, fluid exudes a pungent smell and fumes, which annoyingly affect the eyelids and eye membranes.In case of contact with eyes causes a burning sensation, redness of skins, it is urgently required to wash away with water.Therefore, currently it is authoritative interiors practically used.
  • remuver Gel - a more modern facility, which has a thick consistency .The advantage of the latter is to eliminate its flow into the eye.The intensity of the impact is no different from Debondera, just evaporates during the procedure, because of what is not suitable for sensitive skin.
  • remuver cream or paste - the optimal solution, both independently remove lashes .Has thick texture, it does not leak, does not create fumes odorless.It is applied to the base of cilia and distributed along their length.The procedure is comfortable and takes a minimum of time.

using professional tools, you can remove the artificial eyelashes safely and without consequences for the health of the eye.