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procedure to first define what biozavivkaeyelashes - this salon technique you can use to tweak the lashes and give them a nice curved shape.Unlike traditional perms, biozavivka more forgiving, as a part of the means used for the procedure, there is no ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.

Biowave help:

  • make a graceful curve of the nature of a long but straight lashes;
  • make a more open view;
  • change the shape of lashes;
  • adjust the direction of the hair, out of the general mass;
  • get beautiful curved lashes in case of failure increase.

The advantages biozavivki before the build-up include the lack of an additional pressure on the ciliary follicles, as well as the need to correct, on a roll of a few hairs.

The most frequently asked question among women who came to the first procedure is: as held biozavivka eyelashes?Time after which you need to make a correction, depen

ding on how quickly you change eyelashes. Traditionally it is about 1.5-2 months .

technology Description

biozavivki procedure lasts from half an hour to an hour.The duration depends on the state of the eyelashes, their length and the degree of entanglement, and the drug used for curling.The process itself does not cause pain, and includes the following steps.

  1. Branch lower lashes.To do this, use a special hydrogel pads that are placed under the lower lashes.
  2. degreasing and cleaning the top of the cilia from dust and dirt using a cleansing cosmetics.
  3. Selection of materials for biozavivki eyelashes.For curling use disposable silicone pads (special rollers).Traditionally curlers come in several sizes depending on the length of the eyelashes.The longer, the larger roll.Thin rolls are used for more severe twisting her short hair, and broader - for eyelashes solid length.
  4. roller Fixing .For upper eyelid curlers fastened with a special adhesive.The pad is attached as close to the line of growth of hair.
  5. Separation eyelashes.A little glue is also applied to the lashes and using a wooden stick or tweezers are separated and sent to the hairs, so that each of them "standing" as straight as possible.
  6. Softening .Hairs on the middle (2 mm of the roots and tips of 2 mm) is applied softening composition, which is left for 7-15 minutes and then removed.
  7. Fixing .After removing the softener is applied to the lashes lock.After 15 minutes they were treated with oil and allowed to stand for three minutes.
  8. Removing residues.The last step of the procedure - application klinsera by which drugs are removed and oil residues.
Many women assume that you can do biozavivka eyelashes at home on their own.We caution you against mistakes and disastrous consequences.Biowave - the procedure to be undertaken by an experienced specialist, held a special course!


Like any cosmetic procedure is not as harmless biozavivka .Formulation used contains small amounts of chemicals.By the way, in the practice of the European concept of beauty salons "biozavivka" does not exist.In Europe it is called a "delicate waving system."

  • If you are prone to frequent manifestations allergy before the procedure you need to be sure to test for sensitivity.
  • Harmful if biozavivka natural lashes during pregnancy and breast-feeding - a moot point .Research impact disulfide sulfur, which is part of the means for a wave on a woman's body and her unborn child have been conducted.
Within days after the procedure is not recommended to go to the steam room, much rubbing lashes and to wash with soap.After this time limit on the eyelashes care not.

Reviews Semi-permanent mascara and eyelash biozavivka indicate that these two procedures are totally contradictory.It is only important to remember that the use of fat-containing cosmetic products should not be after applying mascara.


Experts say that biozavivka does not harm the lashes and can be used in almost any woman.Well, the reviews of the results and the dangers biozavivki eyelashes ordinary citizens will be given more information.

  • Elena : biozavivka done only once.My hard on the nature of the eyelashes got not only beautiful bending, but became softer and more pliable.
  • Anna : If you decide to make biozavivka contact only in salons with a good reputation, in which the graduates work.Attempts to carry out the procedure on their own may end in failure.
  • Tatiana : Previously twisting eyelashes to use special tongs.The effect was short-lived.After tasting salon treatment, make sure it is high efficiency.My not too long cilia found a beautiful bend, which lasted about two months.

Experts say that biochemical curling eyelashes, in the opinion is the only safe method of creating curls on straight cilia.The choice is yours!