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  • 1 determine the structure of the eyelashes
  • 2 8 basic rules
  • 3 Basic techniques
    • 3.1 Nuances application

determine the structure of the eyelashes

Before you proceed directly to the application of mascara, you need to determine which option is required in each case.

  • Owners lashes with a soft texture should choose mascara with a stiff brush.It is not just paint over the hairs evenly, but also share them.
  • For rigid cilia suitable option with a liquid texture, equipped with a solid brush for the distribution of the pigment on the hairs.
  • Rare make up eyelashes, so that they are magnificent, you can use mascara with a thick texture.The tool fills the gaps between the hairs, separate them and give them extra volume.
  • with long eyelashes virtually no problems.For make-up in this case it is better to choose the option with the effect of increasing the volume.

8 basic rules

On a subconscious level, the skill of creating beautiful make-up, would seem

to have every woman.However, intuition alone often is not enough in this regard.Many people make a lot of mistakes when applying mascara, and ultimately get the result in the form of agglomerated "spider legs" or unsightly lumps.

to beautifully painted eyelashes mascara, requires certain knowledge and skills.

  1. volume .You want to make the look more expressive?Use the appropriate type of mascara, which must be applied as follows: paint eyelashes in the direction from the roots to the tips.Staining should start with the internal parts of the eye, gradually moving towards the temples.
  2. Carding .You do not want to lay down ink lumps and cilia stick together?Good brush comb them, not only from the inside but also from the outside.So you can not only get rid of the surplus funds, but also make the look more expressive.
  3. Corners eyes.You do not know how to paint the eyelashes to be long even in the corners of his eyes?Use a brush with short, thin setae.When staining try as much as possible to open my eyes.
  4. Combs for eyelashes .If used cosmetic product has a liquid consistency, use a special comb for the eyelashes, which use professional makeup artists.Apply mascara at the base of the eyelashes and gently stretch it for the entire length of hair comb dry.
  5. Color .Quite often, holders of blond hair color using coal-black mascara for eye makeup, because of which look a little vulgar.Make makeup more natural tint to help mascara that will highlight the natural beauty of the face.
  6. Know measure .How to paint the lashes to separate them?The answer is simple - do not apply too many layers.For daytime eye makeup is enough to put the carcass layer 1-2, and for the evening - 3-4 or use false lashes.To impose another layer is necessary, without waiting for the complete drying of the previous one.
  7. beautiful bend .To give your lashes a graceful form, please use tweezers eyelash curler to be used before applying mascara.By the way she mascara should always be provided with a brush with twirled effect.
  8. length.How to paint eyes mascara to eyelashes were long?Paint the upper and lower hairs and then powder the their crumbly powder.Subsequent layers, apply zigzag movements.
important to remember that you need to apply mascara only on clean lashes, otherwise you risk getting untidy makeup, which quickly osypetsya.

Basic techniques

There are two basic techniques, how to paint eyelashes mascara to get a beautiful gaze.

  1. When applying mascara brush make zigzag movement in the direction from the roots to the tips of the cilia.Concluding smear, fix the brush for a few seconds.The described technique enables the application to make the lashes more volume, and open eyes.
  2. Dip the brush in ink and bring as close to the lashes.Then start to blink.Such a process will help to create a natural makeup without lumps.It should be noted that this technique is applicable only for the eyelashes disposed on the upper eyelids.

Nuances application

  • To avoid gluing the hair and the formation of so-called "spider legs" in the process of applying mascara very important to keep the brush horizontally .So you can well comb and evenly distribute mascara on the eyelashes.
  • Do not apply too much layers.Modern cosmetic brands offer ink having various decorative effects.To increase the length of eyelashes, it is not necessary to apply layer after layer, weighing the lashes.Suffice it to take advantage of the special extension mascara.
  • very important to use only the latest high-quality cosmetics for eyes.Unsealed ink can be used no more than three months, then it must necessarily be replaced.Otherwise you risk to earn an allergy or irritation.

We told them how to paint the lashes mascara to always look great.Using these rules, you can easily follow even the most complex eye makeup!