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  • 1 Why oil helps?
  • 2 How to use
    • 2.1 5 nuances
  • 3 oils for maximum benefit

cause of breakage and loss of eyelashes can serve a variety of factors.The bad ecology, building artificial cilia, the use of poor quality cosmetics - all this leads to the fact that the decoration of your eyes begin to hurt.Yes exactly!Do not think that the eyelashes grow regardless of the contributing factors, and never change their appearance.These hairs actively respond to external causes, leading to destruction of its structure and reduce the intensity update.

But they are equally responsive and meticulous care that allows them to make a thicker, longer, more attractive.And an excellent tool for revitalizing hair oil is to grow and strengthen lashes.

Why oil helps?

said that care cilia can choose absolutely any oil, as each of them has a healing power.It's only partly true, but the basic premise is true.The oils of natural origin contain components that run in both directions.

  1. fatty polyunsaturated acids, amino acids and vitamins - nourish the skin of eyelids, improves its circulation.The composition penetrates the hair follicles, prompting them to life and stimulate feeding.Because of this the hairs start to grow.
  2. Micro and macro .Minerals are required to improve the structure of the hair.When they arrive cilia visually become more dense, thick, elastic.

But such action have only natural remedies, so it is absolutely useless to use, for example, vaseline oil for eyelashes.Vaseline is a product of oil refining, therefore contains nothing useful.Its only effect - creating a film on the surface of hairs, because they become docile heavier.

How to use

This is no less important question than what oil is better for lashes.The fact that even if misused natural compounds may cause problems.In particular, should avoid prolonged masks: do not leave makeup on all night.procedure time should be about an hour, after which the vehicle must be removed with a dry cloth.

5 nuances

  1. Apply them brush from the carcass.It is the most convenient way.Take an empty bottle brasmatika, rinse thoroughly and dry it.Then pour via syringe means.So it is convenient and store, and apply.
  2. Take a minimum of simple or essential oils for the growth of eyelashes .Dip them in the brush, remove any excess and then apply.If a lot of money, it will flow and always gets in your eyes.And this is a risk of irritation.
  3. Apply makeup around mid cilia , it will spread to the roots itself.
  4. better to use a tool in the form of heat .And be sure - after a thorough make-up removal.
  5. Any agent or a mixture of oils for the growth of the eyelashes should be used regularly .Optimally - every day for a month.If it turns out at least - okay, but not less than 3 times a week for two months.

oils for maximum benefit

Which oil is good for eyelashes?Any, but among them there are champions of the content of natural ingredients, it is important for these hairs.In addition, there are individual to each reaction means, therefore decide how to smear oil eyelashes, you have during the experiments.We present the main, have maximum benefit.

  • Castor oil - the most popular and low-cost, highly effective.Its effect is to enhance the hairs, so it is usually combined with other components and used for nutrition and growth, for example, apricot kernel oil or grapeseed oil.Castor oil for eyelashes should be applied only to the hair, avoiding forever, because it can cause irritation and swelling.
  • Burdock oil - its value is recognized in the global cosmetics for hair growth and improve their quality.It contains tannins, which make hair stronger, literally "gum up" their scales.It has the property to eliminate toxins, so that the eyelid skin heals.In choosing what oil for eyelashes better burdock or castor - it is important to keep track of individual responses.Both agents are effective, but often castor allergy occurs.
  • Almond Oil - recognized as the best solution for enhancing the growth of cilia is a part of professional resources to care for them.
  • Peach oil - its important advantage is complete hypoallergenic, which is why it can be used by women with particularly sensitive skin.It accelerates hair growth and prevents hair loss.
  • Olive oil - improves the condition of the eyelashes, eyelid skin, so it can be used without fear of edema.It nourishes hair and activates growth.
  • wheat germ oil - nutritious and useful tool with a thick consistency, very easy to use.It is advisable to be used in combination with other oils as a source of vitamins.
  • Sea buckthorn oil - effectively regenerates lash structure, nourishes hair, makes it elastic.Ideal to use with castor and almond, mixed in equal proportions.
  • Camphor oil - concentrated formulation of essential ingredients and vitamins, is not used in its pure form.It is necessary to add 3-4 drops on a spoon of castor oil or burdock.
  • Jojoba - contains proteins and amino acids, which are not in fixed assets for the care of eyelashes, it can therefore be used as an addition to the complex compositions.

When choosing, consider the possible allergic skin reactions.Apply it on the skin of the wrist the day before the procedure and observe.If the redness does not arise, then the composition is right for you.And help make the beautiful lashes!