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  • 1 basic rules of care
  • 2 Interaction with makeup
  • 3 Popular questions

Immediately after the procedure, your eyes are filled with tears.Cosmetologists laugh: it's joy.But in fact, their appearance is cause evaporation produced by glue.So before going to the master grab with a fan.It will become your best friend in the drainage of the eye in the coming months.

basic rules of care

To ask your beautician questions why lashes quickly fall away, should follow some rules:

  • Do not rub! And not only with force, but also as far as possible do not touch the eyelids.Mechanical stress and pressure cause the fracture of hairs that fall off, leaving ugly "receding hairline".
  • implement the recommendations of the cosmetician .Immediately after the procedure, he will tell you how to properly care for your lashes.Special attention is given the first evening of their socks: 3 hours eyelids can not be wetted with water.
  • not cry .A wonderful occasion to look at life with opti
    mism!Adhesives used for building, structure sensitive to tears and destroyed by the salt.Therefore lashes sea dives required to give up or to dive only in the mask.
  • Regularly wash with plain water .To cilia to accumulate dust, immediately after coming home vspolosnite face with water.How to wash with lashes?Very simple: draw water in her hands and face washed.Make sure that the water was not too hot, and the fingers do not touch the eyelids.After washing, blot the face with a towel and dry the lashes fan.
  • not sauna and bath.Care for lashes need to abandon the pair, where the temperature exceeds 80 ° C, as it is detrimental to the adhesive.
  • sleep only back.So you not only save your skin fresh, but also save the cilia from accidental damage while you sleep.Pose on the abdomen is the most dangerous for your beautiful eyes, and on your side, you can have a rest, but awake during the day.
  • Shoot only salon.Often, attempts to remove the lashes home end with loss of their own, or severe inflammation of the eyes.

Interaction with makeup

In most cases, you want to abandon the usual cosmetics, as women often use them on a fat basis.Optimally suitable means and water-based creams with minimal fat.

for artificial cilia do not use any cosmetics.They do not need anything to smear or paint, moreover, the less you touch them, the better.

From ordinary bearer spectacular beauty makeup refuse completely, as the eyes and look so luxurious.An exception is the evening make-up for special occasions, when the shadows are used.It is better to choose the means are not fat-based.

Popular questions

- Can I paint the lashes mascara?

Due to long and thick eyelashes with a saturated color this need disappears.But if you really need to use a special mascara lashes.Usual for you banned.

- What holds lashes?

The normal time from the build-up to a 3-week correction.If the hair began to fall off before then, violated the rules of building or maintenance.Ask your beautician how long stick false eyelashes.An experienced master will give a guarantee for at least 14 days would be unprofessional to talk about individual aspects.

- How long can you wear extended lashes?

Cosmetologists recommend giving your cilia rest, so after 4 months of artificial must be removed for about a month.But all individually here.In some women the procedure causes the deterioration of his eyelashes, while others - not.In the latter case wear spectacular beauty can be longer.

- Will my lashes and lenses?

Many cosmetologists denied carrying out the procedure for women who wear contact lenses.And they do it with good reason, as the lens greatly increases the risk of allergic reactions and the development of inflammatory processes.In case of accidental contact with the eyes means to increase or remove the eyelashes, the consequences could be dire and irreversible.

- Whether there is an allergy on lashes?

from her no one is immune.The first signs of the reaction (if it is) will have in the cosmetologist's office.This will give the specialist time to remove the adhesive hairs themselves.If the reaction is revealed in a few days, it is likely to cause mechanical discomfort (tingling individual hairs).To fix it, please contact your webmaster.

That's all the rules of caring for the eyelashes.Follow these guidelines and wear them with pleasure!