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  • 1 principle and use
  • 2 How to apply
  • 3 application features
  • 4 3 effective prescription
  • 5 How often can I use

principle and use

Nature origin castor oil - a plant called castor.It consists of vitamins A and E, as well as acid:

  • retsinoleinovaya - up to 90%;
  • linoleic - 4%;
  • oleic - 3%;
  • palmitic acid - 1%;
  • stearic - 1%.

The useful castor oil for eyelashes? Medicinal properties of castor oil to help strengthen and restore cilia bummer, but also stimulate the growth of missed hairs .Regular application of funds for eyelashes allows for faster regrowth.Hairs grow even in places age with a history of "gaps".

oil is easily absorbed into the lashes and has a triple impact:

  1. actively nourishes the bulbs nutrients and micronutrients;
  2. glues tiny flakes of hair, making them smooth and shiny;
  3. «wakes up" dormant bulbs, activating hair growth.

result of applying - regrown hair stronger and shiny, and the color darker.

contained in castor oil vitamin E is

simply indispensable for the growth of eyelashes.It has a beneficial effect on the eyelids.Getting on the skin, gets rid of fine wrinkles around the eyes and the so-called "crow's feet".

especially effective castor oil for women who regularly use cosmetics .The daily application of mascara and other means has a negative effect on the cilia - they become thin and dull, and begin to fall more heavily.

How to apply

Castor oil is sold in any drugstore.Its cost in comparison to other means to enhance eyelashes quite low.

application procedure is very simple.

  1. Apply oil must be 15-45 minutes every day before going to bed.
  2. before using castor oil for eyelash growth, rinse face with makeup water, without the use of tonics and lotions.
  3. To apply, use a cotton swab, a swab or pre-washed and dried brush of mascara.
  4. Dipping the brush into the oil, squeeze it a little and spend on the cilia, making smooth combing motion.

To avoid the formation of edema and other troubles, it is very important to know how to smear eyelashes with castor oil.

  • After applying necessarily remove excess tissue soaked eyelashes.
  • Try to lashes for lubrication, oil does not get into eyes.If this happens, rinse thoroughly with water.
  • To achieve the desired effect of manipulation should be implemented within a month every day.Take a break every 2-3 weeks, repeat again smearing a month.

application features

If you have smeared the eyelashes castor oil, and feel the itching and burning, and the skin around the eyes and on the line of growth of hair appeared redness and swelling, the application must be stopped immediately and seek medical advice.

Despite the fact that the castor oil - absolutely natural product, the risk of allergic reactions is still not ruled out .According to the instructions for the eyelashes castor oil should be used after a simple test for sensitivity.Apply castor oil on a small area of ​​the inside of the hand, if the redness and rash does not appear, the tool can be used on the eyelashes.

Another "minus" castor oil is its peculiar smell .Thick and a bit sticky, it can cause some discomfort during use.

3 effective prescription

Numerous reviews of castor oil for eyelash growth, indicate a high efficiency.It can be used independently or as part of masks.Here are some simple recipes.

  • mask of castor oil and fish oil .Mix in equal proportions castor oil and fish oil.Apply the mixture for 60 minutes, then rinse.The effectiveness of such a mask is much higher due to the addition of vitamins and rich in fatty acids of fish oil.
  • mask with the addition of aloe juice .Mixed in equal proportions castor oil and aloe juice is applied only to the eyelashes.After half an hour remove the mask.The result - long, silky lashes.
  • mask with carrot juice .Mix three drops of oil and fresh carrot juice and apply the mixture on the cilia.The presence of the mask of carrot juice helps improve and restore the natural pigmentation of the hair colors.
The use of masks for the growth of cilia on the basis of castor oil has virtually no restrictions.Such procedures are contraindicated for people with a pronounced allergic reactions.

How often can I use

Frequency of castor oil for the care of eyelashes depends on individual sensitivity.Experts do not recommend to use it more than once a day.Course application is not more than 60 days.Next, you need to take a break of 4 weeks.If the results meet your expectations, take another course of masks.

Make sure helps if castor oil for the growth of eyelashes, you can, following the given advice in this article.A little patience, and the result will exceed your expectations!