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  • 1 Eliminate external factors
  • 2 Folk remedies
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eyelashes health depends on the general state of your body.However, stress is not always a bad environment and can become a cause of breakage and loss.Poor-quality cosmetics and lack of proper care are paramount in the degree of influence on the age of the hairs.Fix this negative impact and restore the hairs health is possible, subject to the following rules.

Eliminate external factors

  • Cosmetics - only quality .When choosing mascara, pay attention to the one in which the composition has a restorative ingredients.These include vitamins (A and E, vitamin C is an essential antioxidant).It is a good indication of the presence of natural vegetable oils, lanolin, biotin, vitamin B5.Perfect cocktail complement the keratin or derivatives thereof, for example, keravis.These substances are almost identical in composition structure of the hairs themselves, so such firming will mascara quality care for their h
  • Care - gentle and daily .This includes removing makeup, without which the home will be impossible to strengthen lashes.Remove make-up should be every night before going to sleep, despite the fact that you are tired and just fall down.The fact that each mascara imparts rigidity cilia, generates around a unique "cocoon".This cocoon causes brittle hair by mechanical action.Therefore, with painted eyes can not go to sleep, they can not be rubbing his hands.To remove makeup using a special tool: for normal mascara - Cleansing Milk, for waterproof - two-phase make-up remover.

Folk remedies

not need significant financial costs to strengthen eyelashes folk remedies.Some of them must exist in your home.From you only need a bit of discipline and a willingness to give their cilia daily 5 minutes of precious attention.

So strengthen lashes folk remedies will help you to the following methods.

  • Natural Oils - used for comprehensive rehabilitation of castor oil, which will increase the eyelashes at home for 30 days.To improve growth - oil seeds of peach and almond.Good skin care for eyelids olive oil and sea buckthorn.Universal solution for the strengthening and growth of hair - burdock oil.Each agent or mixture thereof should be applied to peeled cilia heated.After an hour, remove them with a napkin and do not wash.
  • Vitamin mixes - Use any oil as the primary means to strengthen lashes.And enrich its nutrient composition.Suit oil vitamins A and E, carrot juice, cod liver oil.Recent increases the intensity of the hair follicles and take care of the growth of new cilia.
  • compresses with herbal extracts - in the evening to relieve fatigue from his eyes, and take care of the growth of eyelashes help compresses of warm vegetable oil (olive, peach, almond, etc.) And extract of chamomile or calendula.Mix them in equal proportions, dip cotton pads and apply to eyelids.After 15 minutes, a massage eyelids and remove the towel means.
  • Nutritious masks - they will help restore strength and color of the hair.Mix a spoonful of rum with 30 ml of cocoa butter, put on the lashes brush.After 15 minutes, remove the cotton pad and wash with warm water.Make a mask once a week is enough.


If you use the people's money is not very convenient, a good solution than to strengthen eyelashes at home, become professional, ready-made formulations. choose among them those that contain herbal, natural ingredients, vitamins, hair structural components.And avoid funds, as part of which contain hormones - prostaglandins.They may provide a pronounced and rapid effect, but other details of their effects on the body is impossible to predict.

Among professional money than is necessary to strengthen the lashes, it is worth noting the following.

  • solution "Kareprost┬╗ - its main active substance is bimatoprost fatty acid synthesized by American scientists.The substance is expensive - its price goes up to $ 2,000 per 1 gram, is used in ophthalmology as an effective tool for the treatment of eye diseases.In "Kareprost" solution contained in a minimum dosage, but it is enough to start the work and passive sleeping hair follicles and increase their activity phase.Eyelashes begin to grow faster, become strong and healthy.
  • Balm for eyelashes "Mirra Lux┬╗ .A multi-tool from the Russian manufacturer of natural cosmetics created on the basis of a whole range of oils.It includes castor oil, and grape and jojoba, jasmine, ylang-ylang.Thanks to its use of cilia get healthy color, improving their growth, structure.In addition means absolutely safe for eyelid skin, it eliminates peeling, swelling.
  • Antioxidant balm Dzintars .Colorless liquid, which can be used as a base under mascara.Includes keratin, aloe extract, oils and vitamin E. In general, all that is needed to strengthen lashes.

Choose the right tool for the care of eyelashes of folk and professional cosmetics.And use it regularly to the result to please you and admired others!