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Many centuries ago, almond oil began to be used in medicine.He was credited with anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties, because of what the recommended use for the treatment of wounds, burns, removal of scars.

In modern medicine means almost forgotten, but the achievements of the medieval doctors have adopted ... beauticians.Unlike other types of oils such as wheat germ, almond has a wide spectrum of indications.It is recommended only for the stimulation of hair growth, which means that it can be used for the recovery of the cilia.


almond oil is obtained from the seeds for almonds eyelashes by pressing and squeezing .Depending on the technology of the final product has different properties.So the most useful is a cold-pressed oil, but is considered to be a safer product is hot-pressed.

Consistency liquid funds, it does not thicken in the air.When applying good runnin

g, so it is recommended to take it in a minimal amount.The healing properties are based on the composition of almond oil for eyelashes.Reviews Cosmetologists recommending its use for improvement of cilia after extension or thinning as a result of vitamin deficiency, indicate the presence of a polyunsaturated acids, trace elements belonging to the hairs structure, and vitamins.Feeding the hair follicles, the tool not only enables them to work, due to which the cilia are actively growing .But also awakens the "sleeping" the bulbs, because of which the hairs on the eyelids becomes larger.


  • Unlike some other means of efficiency effects of almond oil on eyelashes proved to practice.It is often used for the production of finished formulations reputable cosmetic brands.For example, it is possible to find remedies based on almond oil in the lines of Givenchy, Helena Rubinstein and Chanel.In such drugs include synthetic ingredients, reinforcing the impact of basic.But, in fact, their advantage is the convenience and the opportunity to use a shorter course for the expression of results.
  • minimum risk of allergic reactions to almond oil for eyelash growth.Reviews of the facility show that allergy is extremely rare, even in women with sensitive skin.But check the probability of its occurrence is still worth it.For this procedure to apply a little money on the skin of the wrist.If after 15 minutes there was no redness or itching, it's okay.
  • pleasant consistency - means the liquid, because of what is applied is very convenient and a thin layer of .Do not have an unpleasant odor, does not cause uncomfortable sensations of tingling and itching.

How to use

As with other therapeutic agents, it should be applied only on clean lashes.Other requirements as well - without features.

  • Follow the procedure evening after removing make-up.
  • Warm almond oil for eyelashes .Its use will be more effective in the form of heat.
  • Spread on cilia a cotton sponge, swab or brush from the well washed brasmatika .By the way, if you still have the old package from the carcass, wash it and pour the product back.Thanks to dark bottle it longer maintain its healing properties provided location at room temperature.
  • Begin to apply makeup from the middle of the cilia, moving to the tips .Do not grab the roots, since the oil is distributed to the very centuries.There is nothing wrong in contact with his skin, but the probability of penetration in the eye should be warned of the risk of irritation of membranes.
  • Keep makeup to a half .Need to carry oil to the eyelashes no longer.
  • Remove it with a cotton pad , then do not wash face.

Combinations with almond oil

Use recommended means in its purest form.It provides high-quality prevention loss of eyelashes and promotes their growth .Additionally, you can prepare medicinal compositions of several components.Their advantage - the combined action, but it is important to take into account the likelihood of allergic reactions.Therefore, be sure to check each component, applying it on the skin before the procedure.

from the combined resources with almond butter can recommend the following.

  • complex with vitamin E .It should be added to a teaspoon agent in an amount of 3 drops.The composition provides an effective power, gives brilliance cilia.
  • complex with castor, burdock and olive oil .This combination is recommended for active loss of eyelashes after they build-up or as a result of vitamin deficiency.The product has an intense effect, restores the hair structure, stimulate their active growth.Mix the ingredients should be in proportion: 2 tablespoons of almond oil and 1 spoon of other components.

Use almond oil should be 30 days, with the poor condition of the cilia extend the course to two months.Repeat it can be after a month's break.