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Causes loss

eyelashes and hair is constantly updated.The life of a single cilium is 2-3 months.For the most part they fall quietly without disturbing the picture. loss of eyelashes - the phenomenon is quite normal, if you do not wear excessive in nature.If you lose two to five of the cilia in the day, this is considered normal .In the case where the loss is massive, and do the hair becomes dull and lifeless, you should consult a specialist to determine the cause of loss of eyelashes.

loss of cilia in each case has its own nature.Why drop the eyelashes for women?The most common reasons:

  • allergic reaction to cosmetics or medications;
  • artificial building;
  • inflammatory and infectious diseases of the eye;
  • unbalanced diet;
  • hormonal or metabolic processes;
  • uncontrolled passion stringent program of weight loss and diets;
  • spasms of eye capillaries;
  • prolonged and chronic stress conditions.


  • Follow the basic rules of care for eyelashes and the skin around the eyes .Be sure to bedtime carefully remove makeup using special hypoallergenic cosmetics.
  • not hurt lashes when washing , removing diligently cosmetics and mascara.
  • If in addition to the loss of cilia anxious itching , redness of the skin around the eyes and a burning sensation, totally abstain for a while on the makeup.

Calculate the day you fall out eyelashes.If too many of them, be sure to consult a doctor! reason for the mass loss of cilia can be the consequences of serious breaches in the body, to deal with which can independently be not under force.

complete cessation of hair loss and growth is extremely rare.The reason for these phenomena may be radiation or chemotherapy, as well as eye burns of varying degrees.


find out why the fall lashes, pick up treatment.If the problem lies in the fact that your lashes do not receive the necessary care and food from outside, stick to a fairly simple but effective set of measures.

  • Holidays for eyes.Avoid makeup during the day and before going to bed apply on the eyelashes and eyelids nourishing mask on the basis of castor, olive, burdock, or flaxseed oils that contribute to the strengthening and growth of eyelashes.
  • Vitamin therapy. excellent remedy is vitamin E in the form of oil.The vials with them can be purchased at the pharmacy.Vitamin mask has a deep nourishing effects and prevents the loss of cilia.
  • Strengthening .Before going to bed make a kind of gymnastics for the eyes.Lower face in a basin filled with water and body temperature, and begin to blink rapidly.
  • Protection .In the summer of lashes particularly vulnerable.When exposed to ultraviolet light, they become dry and lifeless.Wear sunglasses, and be careful not to be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.

not less effective and folk remedies for loss of eyelashes.Make herbal compress. decoction of chamomile, cornflower, or the mother-and-stepmother help relieve the inflammation, redness and eye fatigue, as well as to strengthen the bulbs eyelashes. Dampen a warm decoction of cotton pads and place them on eyelids closed eyes.The compress can be removed after 10-15 minutes.Repeat the procedure every day upon waking.

from loss of eyelashes is very good mask of olive oil , aloe juice and parsley.The mixture is applied on the eyelids and make a gentle massage.After 10 minutes, the mask is washed off with warm water.application course of 10-15 masks.

High efficiency also have physiotherapy (ozone therapy, vacuum massage, electrophoresis) .They stimulate the metabolism and capillary microcirculation in the skin of the eyelids, lashes strengthening and activating their growth.Massage can be done independently, after removing makeup with the help of special hypoallergenic cosmetic moisturizer for sensitive skin.If taken

treatments did not give positive results and continued loss of cilia, you should always consult a doctor.It is likely that the hair loss is a consequence of serious diseases of the organism to be diagnosed at an early stage.


Often in the fight against the loss of lashes most women continue nourishing masks and lotions and is not.And in vain!After all, it is important to nourish the lashes, not only outside but also inside.

Quite often cause loss of eyelashes in women is unbalanced diet. to the hair, the eyelashes and the skin will always look luxurious and youthful is necessary to enrich the diet of foods rich in vitamins A, B and E, essential fatty acids and trace elements .This carrots, fish, cereals, butter, eggs, meat and dairy products.Supplement the recovery rate will also help special vitamin complexes from the pharmacy.

Adhering to our tips, you will always know what to do if the lashes fall out, and how to give them a healthy and irresistible look!