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  • 1 What himzavivka eyelashes
  • 2 Description
  • procedures
  • 3 care and correction
  • 4 Advantages and disadvantages
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What himzavivka eyelashes

Nature has not endowed you with beautiful lashes with a graceful bend?Rectify the situation, you can use mascara with the effect of twisting, curling tongs and special electric apparatus for curling hair.It should be noted that all these agents provide only short-term effect.If you want to get a long lasting result, which will continue for several months, use perm eyelashes.

method allows:

  • give straight lashes beautiful bend;
  • emphasize the natural beauty and correct the shape of the eye;
  • visually hide the overhanging upper eyelid.

Perm can transform the cilia structure and absolutely any lengths, including growing chaotically.The effect persists for two to four months depending on the period of the change of hair.


Curling procedure lasts 40-50 minutes and is carried out in several stages.

  1. Definition bead size.The master determines the length of the hair curlers and selects the appropriate size for a chemical wave of eyelashes.The longer the hair, the greater the size of the roll.
  2. degreasing .To remove dirt and possible residues of cosmetics and skin age cilia carefully treated with a special compound.
  3. Gluing .In the middle part of the upper eyelid and hair smeared with a special adhesive that fixes the roller.
  4. stowage and segregation .With the help of a wooden stick or tweezers to gently straightens master cilia and stacks them vertically.
  5. Application fixing composition .On the lashes applied a special chemical composition of the irons.The maximum exposure time latch - 35 minutes depending on the structure and rigidity of the hair.
  6. Neutralization .Remains means to perm eyelashes removed with a neutralizing composition.

After the procedure is applied to the lashes moisturizing lotion.After five minutes, the hair is cleaned of residues of drugs and remove rollers.

For some it may seem that himzavivka is very simple and for it not necessarily apply to the beauty salon.We caution you from mistakes!Use makeup for a perm eyelashes at home is not recommended without proper training.Loss of eyelashes, burns and premature aging of the skin - not too bright prospects for such experiments.

care and correction

Eyelashes after himzavivki do not require special care.Within days after the procedure should not go to the steam room, pool, or wash with soap.Use mascara only after 24 hours.

For additional power and strengthen the hair can be applied to any of their tips nutritious oil (castor, almond or peach).After 1.5-2 hours eyelashes need to be sure to remove the remnants.

Correction is necessary if the cilia cease to keep in shape and curl .Its essence lies in the twisting of the hair using a composition for a wave that is applied for a few minutes.

When eyelashes grow back completely on the spot curls will absolutely straight hair, perm eyelashes need to be repeated.

Advantages and disadvantages

Pros perm eyelashes:

  • lasting effect;
  • the possibility of applying on eyelashes of any length;
  • painless and safe.


  • probability of bleaching lashes several shades;
  • cause allergic reactions in contact with a reagent in the eye;
  • sensitivity to the components of the preparation for curling.


analyzing numerous reviews about the chemical wave, we can safely say that the result is almost completely corresponds to the statement.

  • Marina : «himzavivku decided on in preparation for the trip to the sea.The procedure was painless.Some discomfort caused only smell reagent.The result was satisfied - cilia acquired a beautiful shape and curl. "
  • Christina : «I have straight long eyelashes, the growth of which is directed downwards.Using curling irons give only short-term results.That is why decided to experiment and have not regretted.As a result, the procedure has become more open look and expressive. "
  • Victoria : «perm done several times and have always resorted to the services of specialists.If your intention is to make a perm eyelashes at home, do not risk the health and beauty of your eyes!To achieve the desired effect will only salon treatment performed by a qualified technician. "
  • Catherine : «I'm a beautician, practicing himzavivku lashes for several years.Of procedure to anyone who does not want to tighten up on a daily basis with the help of cilia forceps or carcass.The procedure is absolutely safe.The result is stored up to three months. "

Reviews chemical wave experts are unanimous - the procedure is a safe and easy way to make the look more expressive.See for yourself!