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  • 1 6 current methods
  • 2 What can not be used
  • 3 Should I plant the dried ink

Mascara can dry up at the most inopportune moment.And this nuisance can happen with it well before the expiration date indicated by the manufacturer.Prevent the drying up of the cosmetic products, alas, is impossible.However, you can try to restore his former consistency.

Before dilute mascara, remember that the substance that you are going to do it, must meet two criteria:

  • be safe for the eyes;
  • not cause allergic reactions and irritation.

6 current methods

So, what to do if the ink has dried up?We suggest to use one of the following methods.

  1. Water .If present in the composition agent paraffin dip tube for 10-15 minutes in a bowl of warm water, and then shake well.After such manipulation mascara will find the original quality.If you want to revive the dried ink, not having a part of the wax, add a few drops of distilled water directly into the bottle and shake well. important to remember that water can cause the development of pathogenic microflora .That is why it dilute the ink is possible only in case if you are not prone to allergies.Also note that the more water you add to the ink, the faster it loses its consistency and becomes unusable.
  2. eye drops.Sprinkle in a tube of dried ink 2-3 drops "Visine" or other means for humidification of the eyes.In contrast to the embodiment with the water drops do not provoke allergies.They also help dilute the waterproof mascara.
  3. liquid for contact lenses storing .The solution for contact lenses has similar properties with eye drops and does not cause allergic reactions. Important! Use liquid for storage of lenses and eye drops for resuscitating the carcass should be cautious.These drugs have a fairly serious side effects.And to test the sensitivity of our eyes, alas, it is not possible.
  4. Strong tea .Yes, yes it is the tea!Brew strong black tea, sweeten it well and mix.Add a few drops in a tube and dip in a bowl of tea, pre-washed for brush application means.
  5. lotion make-up remover eyes.It is important to use a tool, which included no alcohol.It is better if it is a product from the same manufacturer as the ink.
  6. peach seed oils, jojoba or almond also help dilute mascara if it withered away.One or two drops of oil added to the tube, to return to her former consistency.

You can also mix the dried up ink with fresh.Some manufacturers offer replacement tubes without a brush.

Before you make a choice, than dilute mascara, you can resort to some tricks.Traditionally, there is a kind of tube stopper.This is a small ring on the neck, which is set for the removal of surplus funds from the brush.Remove it and mix the tube contents.After a day means you can use again.

What can not be used

reanimate ink in the following ways, it is strictly prohibited.They do not help to restore the old quality and consistency, but can cause substantial harm to the health of the eye.

  • Saliva .It is known a large number of bacteria found in human saliva.Moisten the brush dipped in the saliva and the tube, you risk provoking proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms that can cause allergies.
  • hydrogen peroxide .Experts categorically prohibit peroxide used for breeding of any eye makeup.You can seriously burn the skin and mucous membranes.
  • Alcohol-based lotions .In search of what can dilute the dried mascara, do not use lotions and alcohol-based.Add a few drops in a bottle, you will restore the consistency of money, but they can not be painted, as this can cause irritation and allergies.
  • Vegetable oil .Adding oil to provoke a slide mascara clumps and make it unusable.
  • Alcohol .Should not be used to dilute any eye makeup cognac, perfume or cologne.It does not help to restore consistency, but can cause irritation, burns, and inflammation of the mucous.

Should I plant the dried ink

After three months, after the opening of a new mascara, it is not suitable.And life does not depend on whether you painted eyelashes on a daily basis or use cosmetics only "the holidays."If you do not want to risk the health and beauty of the eyes, do not wonder how to restore the mascara, and buy a new one.

What a way to recover the carcasses would you prefer, first of all, think about your health.If after the expiry date mascara has dried up, what do you know - get rid of it without regret!