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  • 1 massage and mask
  • 2 Aromatherapy
  • 3 Miraculous gymnastics

massage and mask

about the unique properties and positive effects of massage is known to all.This method is effective with respect to the lips. Massage for lip augmentation is necessary to carry out an ordinary toothbrush with soft bristles .This simple technique helps to improve blood circulation and helps get rid of dead skin particles.Regular massage of the lips have a positive impact on their volume, but will enhance the effect of honey.After this procedure, the skin will become soft and smooth as silk.

is important to remember that the massage should not be done if:

  • skin is damaged;
  • on it are inflammation, or cold sores;
  • there is an allergic reaction.

massage procedure can be combined with the use of natural scrubs and masks, homemade.The simplest mask for lip augmentation can be prepared as follows:

  1. mix until a smooth consistency is the mass of a few drops of water, sugar and moisturizi
    ng oil;
  2. apply the mixture on the skin and massage, then rinse;
  3. result - smooth, childlike swollen lips.

cosmetic brands offer a variety of tools to enhance the lips of synthetic origin. However, there is nuance like a balm, mask or lip cream, bulking have an impressive value, but may also cause allergic reactions .The duration of the effects of such funds is limited only 2-3 hours.Independently made from natural ingredients balms and masks are absolutely harmless.You can put a jar of balm in her purse and apply it throughout the day.


Lip augmentation in the home with the help of essential oils is absolutely real.Most oils are effective in the following case.

  • Oil cinnamon.The effectiveness of cinnamon is its ability to stimulate capillary circulation.By increasing the blood flow, making cinnamon sponge tempting swollen.Cinnamon oil for lip augmentation is the most popular.It is included in most lipsticks, glosses and plumeria.
  • Peppermint oil .The principle of action of this oil is virtually identical to the cinnamon.Providing a stimulating effect, it improves blood circulation, giving lips extra volume.
  • oil cayenne pepper .When it comes to lip augmentation folk remedies, you should not forget about this miracle cure!1-2 drops of oil of pepper added to homemade balm works wonders!Warming and stimulating cayenne pepper softens the skin of the lips, making them more.

can also augment the lips using nicotinic acid .Mask based on it will help create the desired amount, which will continue throughout the day.Mix eight tablets pounded acid (sold in pharmacies) with 1/3 teaspoon of cayenne pepper and half a spoon of Vaseline.Means to apply a pre-greased with olive or rosemary oil lip is not more than a minute (!), And then gently rinse and safely apply makeup.

Miraculous gymnastics

Many women do not know how to increase the lips with exercise.It turns out that this is no big deal. no secret that there are also muscles in the lips.And they can be pumped, as well as any other .Special exercises will strengthen the muscles of the face precisely those who do not actively participate in the facial movements, but help create a beautiful smile.To achieve the desired result of the exercise must be performed regularly during 1-1.5 months, then three times a week.

Below we offer you a complex of self-lip augmentation.The exercises are simple and do not require much effort.Exercising will not take much of your time, and the result will be a pleasant surprise!

  1. Show language.Slightly open your mouth and stick out as much as possible the language Freeze in this position for 15 seconds.Repeat ten times.
  2. Whistle. For five minutes to whistle your favorite tune.This is a simple, but incredibly effective exercise will strengthen the muscles and increase the volume of lips.
  3. Kiss and smile .Pull the lips as if you want to kiss someone.Hold them in this position for 5 seconds.Now Close the lips and smile as wide as you can, without opening his mouth at the same time.Freeze for five seconds, and then squeeze the lips for a kiss.Repeat at least 20 times.
  4. Circles and lines .Tightly compressed lips allot alternately left and right, and then describe a circle clockwise or counterclockwise, pausing at each position for 5 seconds.Repeat 15 times.

Use our tips to increase lips folk remedies at home.A little patience and effort, and you will become the owner of a beautiful volume of the lips!