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  • 1 Common causes
  • 2 treatment: exfoliation, massage, moisturizing
  • 3 How to avoid peeling lips?

Among the diseases of the skin dryness of the lips is in the first place, ahead of herpes and perleches the corners.The problem arises more frequently in the fall or winter, but can occur at other times of the year.In this case, when dry and peel the lips, the reasons reveal just enough.It is only to analyze the environmental factors and to draw conclusions.

Common causes

lip skin is different from the one that covers our face.It is absolutely no sebaceous glands, which would ensure its natural moisture.Under these conditions, the skin is required to take moisture from the outside.The hardest thing to do just in the autumn and winter when the heaters are working on the premises.They dried the air almost completely, and that becomes the main reason why the lips dry and cracked.But the result and other factors may problem.

  • Allergy - a reaction to the poor quality or
    just not the right fit for your personal reasons, lipstick, gloss, beauty balm.Check for the allergic reaction is simple: if irritation occurs immediately after the application of funds, immediately discard it from your beautician.
  • aggressive exposure to cold, or vice versa, intense sun .Noticed that during the holidays by the sea lips dry and peel almost constantly?What happens if they are affected by the cold wind and cold air.The reason - the lack of natural fat grease this delicate area of ​​the body.Without the protection of the skin thins and dries quickly.
  • Improper care - it's not only about the need for special care of the skin during the cold season.Causes of dry mouth - this is the wrong choice of cosmetics is not in season, its untimely removal, failure to use special cosmetics in the summer.So choosing a winter resistant lipstick, you get an additional factor of the skin withers and shine in a frosty time of year is literally turning into icicles that and dried sponge faster than heaters.

  • The bad habit to bite, lick, suck lips.They cause the development of micro traumas, due to which the skin does not have time to recover.The dry air and strong wind in the street complement the "effect", because of which the peeling and dryness of the lips haunted literally all winter.
  • Eating hot food and beverages, spices, with intense spicy taste - boiling water and spices mikroozhogi cause soft tissue, which is why they swell, turn red, and then begin to itch, covered with cracks.
  • lack of vitamins and hormonal disorders - and hair condition worsens in the first case, the nail so easy to identify the cause.In the second diagnosed thyroid dysfunction, diabetes.These complex diseases cause dryness of mucous membranes.

treatment: exfoliation, massage, moisturizing

How to get rid of dry mouth?Firstly, to identify the cause of the disease.By removing the main negative factor, you will be able to effectively deal with its consequences.dry mouth treatment involves daily care.

  1. Make a scrub with honey and coffee - apply a means to easily massage and rinse with a cotton pad.Then apply a moisturizer.
  2. Massage soft toothbrush - a gentle massage will replace the scrub, improve blood circulation and remove the dead skin particles.Do it with a brush dipped in water.
  3. Moisten skin - when burning and dryness of the lips well help folk remedies.Effective honey, which just needs to be applied and removed after 15 minutes.He has obezorazhivayuschy and moisturizing effect.Grease a sponge with olive or vegetable oil.Even better sea buckthorn oil, which stimulates regeneration of the skin.Perfectly moisturizes the combined mask of honey and sour cream, which must be mixed in equal proportions.

How to avoid peeling lips?

  • eliminate the possibility of allergies, and do not use the tools that suspect it .If you have an allergic reaction, consult your doctor about taking antihistamines, and then proceed to the treatment of the skin.
  • Keep humidity.Sufficient humidity level - 60-70%, whereas in the winter it is lowered to near zero.Restore it will allow regular ventilation, and the use of a humidifier.Talk to colleagues in the office about purchasing this inexpensive device for use during working hours.At home, he will not only maintain the skin of the lips in good condition, but also take care about the appearance of your skin and the proper operation of the mucous membranes of the nose and throat.
  • Treat correctly .Do not use the rack and any color lipstick in the presence of peeling.Replace it with a moisturizing balm, always cover the sponge with hygienic lipstick before leaving the house.During the summer, your best "friend" should be a balm with UV protection.
  • Eat the right foods.Why lips dry and peel and should find out in our diet.Include it in cheese, butter, fresh vegetables and herbs, legumes.They contain a sufficient amount of vitamins E, B, A, responsible for the beauty of the skin of the lips.

With proper care sponge never bother peeling intrusive.And will continue to be attractive all year round!