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  • 1 Mikropigmentirovanie
  • 2 Types
  • procedures
  • 3 How is a tattoo
  • 4 Contraindications and features
  • 5 Care after micropigmentation


essence mikropigmentirovaniya (tattooing) is administered to the upper layers of the dermis special dyes.After the procedure, the smile becomes brighter, fresher and younger, and the contours sharper.

Before you decide on the procedure, many are wondering about whether bad permanent makeup lips.If you are confident in the professionalism of the master, and his reputation as it uses materials that have nothing to fear.The biggest trouble that you can lie in wait at micropigmentation - a worsening of herpes.That is why, before you decide to manipulation, ask for feedback and consequences of tattoo of the lips.


procedures There are several varieties of micropigmentation.Selection of a particular method depends on the result that you want to obtain.

  • Full zatushevka (permanent lipstick) .The essence of the technique is to apply the pigment dye the entire surface of the lips.The method allows to completely change the color, as well as visually increase the volume.
  • Circuit .This method is suitable for owners of a beautiful smile with a fuzzy form.For the application of the permanent circuit is selected dye the tone of which coincides with the most natural lip shade.
  • contour with shading .The method consists in the application circuit, blending smoothly into the feather.Before you begin the procedure to select colors for the lips tattoo on the darker tone of the natural.
  • Kayap light .The method allows you to visually make the upper or lower lip plumper.To this end, over or under lip drawn respectively the line light-colored dye.The result - a luxurious smile with relief contour.

On average manipulate the result is stored for about two years.To say exactly how much lip tattoo holds, should take into account the skin type, the metabolic rate, quality, and professionalism of the dye used masters.

How is a tattoo

Before you prepare for the tattooing of lips, you need to determine what effect you want to achieve.Your goal naturalness - the master will use the structure, enhancing the natural beauty of your smile.If you want to completely change the shape and tone, in the process will be applied darker dyes, saturated colors.

procedure consists of two stages.

  1. Circuit .The thinnest needle master encircles the lips, making the basting line for fixing the main circuit.Then, using a larger diameter of the needle causes the main circuit, making it more vague.If the purpose of tattooing is a change in the shape smile, then at this stage, the procedure ends.
  2. Filling color .After drawing a contour line, the master processes (shaded) dye the entire surface of the lips.

Before manipulation recommended to drink protivogerpesnye drugs.In order to avoid exacerbation of herpetic manifestations after tattooing of lips, you can use "Acyclovir" reception you want to start three days before the procedure.

Contraindications and features

Many people wonder whether sick to do permanent makeup lips.Do not hide the fact that during the procedure, despite the use of anesthetics, all of you will experience light pain.

Contraindications to the tattooing of lips are:

  • blood disorders and diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • cancer;
  • disorders of the immune system (including HIV infection..);
  • insulin-dependent form of diabetes;
  • epilepsy;
  • pregnancy and lactation.
When tattooing of lips herpes exacerbation is also a contraindication.It is important to remember that a micropigmentation procedure should be treated with extreme caution allergy sufferers, asthmatics and people suffering from autoimmune diseases.If a smile is "decorated" moles or papillomas, before the manipulation it is imperative to consult a doctor.

Care after micropigmentation

micropigmentation procedure involves a certain care for lips.After tattoo specialist gets a special healing composition, and after a quarter of an hour - an ointment or cream.After the procedure, swelling will occur, which will gradually disappear after 6-7 hours.

calculate how much healing tattoo lips.After a day on the skin will peel, which will disappear in five days.After peeling a thin film (secondary crust).To fully restore a healthy body will need about two weeks.The final tone smile will get one month.

The rehabilitation period is not recommended to go to the steam room, sunbathing, use the means of decorative cosmetics, and avoid contact with the lips of soap, toothpaste and shampoo.It is strictly forbidden to remove the crusts on their own!Master, perform the procedure to tell than to smear the lips after the tattoo, for their rapid and painless healing.

you decide on a permanent tattoo?Be sure to consult with a specialist, read the reviews about the tattooing of lips with shading, vote all the "pros" and "cons."If you achieve the desired result is still not possible, you can always delete a bad tattoo laser lips.