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  • 1 Efficiency in cosmetology
  • 2 Application
  • 3 5 nuances for use
  • 4 Effective recipes

Efficiency in cosmetology

ForThis material was used the seeds of the castor bean.The grains are subjected to pressing and for the needs of production (chemical industry, lubricants) are used as is.For pharmaceutical purposes further refined, and then poured into jars and sent to the pharmacy.

Value castor oil lies in its composition.It consists entirely of fatty acids: ricinoleic, linoleic, oleic .From the air, the mixture does not change its consistency remains liquid and forms a film.

Eyelash Enhancing castor oil helps prevent hair loss, to enable growth, to give thickness.Due to saturated fatty acids provided food eyelashes valuable vitamins and trace elements, which contributes to their recovery.

In cosmetology is used as a standalone tool, or in combination with other substances.For example, the combination with burdock oil can not only stop the loss of eyelashes, bu

t also to get rid of their fragility.And in combination with vitamin E to provide more intensive eyelash growth.


Apply oil can be at home.The only contraindication is the presence of allergic reactions.Check it should be before the first procedure, causing a droplet on the eyelid.If you experience intense itching and burning, it must be removed with a cotton swab and refuse from the procedure.Note that the itching should be just intense, since a slight burning sensation is a normal reaction to the use of the drug.

So, how to strengthen the eyelashes castor oil?procedures following technique.

  1. Clean eyelashes - wash, remove any excess mascara makeup remover.
  2. Heat a little oil - it can be done in the microwave.It is not necessary to heat the whole jar, pour off better than a teaspoon in a saucer.To make it warm enough to heat for 5 seconds.
  3. Apply oil to the eyelashes, since their mid to tip .No need to put it on the roots - the way it is distributed more evenly.If you smazhetsya roots, means will be collected on the eyelids, causing irritation.
  4. Remove excess with a cotton pad.
  5. Within an hour hold on the eyelashes castor oil .Duration of treatment is not dependent on their status.More time for their recovery is not required.
  6. means Remove with a cotton pad, wash with warm water.

5 nuances for use

eyelashes castor oil treatment will be more effective and easier when you consider some of the nuances.

  1. Do not buy the most expensive facility in pharmacy.Composition and expensive, and cheap oil is exactly the same, regardless of the name and brand.
  2. not exceed the time recommended to apply castor oil to eyelashes .How to use it without harm to health?Suffice it to 1:00 in the evening, before bedtime.Leaving for the night, you may get redness and swelling of the eyelids in the morning.
  3. Get generally lubricated cilia means every night.And do it for at least 1 month.Take a break and then repeat the course after a couple of weeks.
  4. For the application, you can use your fingers, a cotton pad, cotton swab .But it is more convenient to do it with a brush from the old carcasses.Rinse the brush, drip a drop of oil on it and gently distribute.
  5. the same way you can improve eyebrows.Apply them on a daily basis means.

Effective recipes

Strengthen means the effect will allow its combination with other natural ingredients.

  • Castor oil and vitamin E for eyelashes .The proportions are as follows: 4 drops of oil use 1 drop of vitamin.The latter can be taken from the capsules, which are sold in a pharmacy.Mix the ingredients and apply on the lashes for a better diet, to give them a velvety texture and elasticity.
  • Mask for eyelashes with castor oil and vitamin E, aloe vera juice supplemented .It strengthens the roots of the cilia, it stimulates their growth.Mix a teaspoon of butter, add 3 drops of vitamin and as much juice from fresh aloe leaf.Apply makeup in 30 days 1 hour.
  • Castor oil and carrot juice .3 drops of juice per teaspoonful main component.This tool will make the lashes darker, saturated.
  • combined composition .Use a teaspoon of castor oil, burdock, linseed, almond, grape, wheat germ.You can not take all, but only some, for example, to create a combination of 3 types of your choice.This composition will be a real storehouse of vitamins for your lashes will give them strength, elasticity, will take care of the rapid growth and eliminate the loss.

Thanks to castor oil to care for her eyelashes, you can at home, without the high cost and time.