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procedure To start recall that peels - a cosmetic procedure that is focused on the removal ofhorny layer of the skin and its rejuvenation.Peeling can be mechanical or chemical in the first case on the skin impact physically (through brushes, scrubs, masks, hard, etc....) In the second - face cosmetologist does solution which penetrates into the skin and dissolve dead cells.Jessner Peeling refers to chemical procedures and has several varieties.

composition and species

As with any form of cleaning, Jessner peeling acts on the basis of active substances.The three main components of the solution:

  • lactic acid stimulates and accelerates the production of natural collagen, exfoliates dead cells and whitens the skin, eliminating dark spots, binds moisture and directs it into the deeper layers of the dermis;
  • salicylic acid gently regulates sebum or drying out the skin, has anti-inflammato
    ry and disinfectant effects;
  • rezotsin acts as an antiseptic, complementing the action of the two acids, and "linking" together of elements.

solution contains 14% of each of the components.With regard to the effects on the skin, experts distinguish three types of peeling the depth of penetration into the dermis.

  • Surface .The mild form of cleansing, apply to the face layer 1 solution.It allows for a short time to narrow pores, saturate the skin with moisture and remove small defects (freckles, slight traces of post-acne).Peeling occurs on average 2-3 days.
  • median .The solution is applied in three layers, thereby smoothed wrinkles, scars and post acne marks, fade age spots.Peeling lasts 4-7 days.
  • Deep .On the skin is applied to the five-layer structure - smoothes deep wrinkles, age spots disappear completely, irregularities and other defects.This type of peel is not suitable sensitive skin: the procedure is accompanied by local redness of the skin, swelling, after a while the crust is formed like a burn.The incubation period is 2-3 weeks.
girls attracted an effective and safe peeling Jessner, the reviews found opposite - from enthusiastic to sharply negative.Why are they so different?Before deep peeling is necessary to consult a professional beautician.He will appoint an optimal amount of solution and will check the condition of the skin after the procedure, will give tips on skin care, if necessary, on the basis of your skin type.Otherwise, you can harm the skin and only to spoil.

Indications and contraindications

recommends Jessner peels, if you have the following skin problems:

  • post-acne, scars and other irregularities of the skin;
  • violation pigmentation (hyperpigmentation), freckles;
  • increased greasiness of the skin, seborrhea;
  • acne, enlarged pores.

procedure is not recommended for use with:

  • lesions of the skin (inflammation, cuts, herpes, fungus, burns);
  • pregnancy and during lactation;
  • autoimmune and oncological diseases, diabetes;
  • are hypersensitive (sensitive skin, allergies) solution components.
Reminder: Jessner peels, as well as any other dry cleaning, salon sensitive procedure that requires prior consultation with a specialist.Jessner peeling in the home is not allowed, you risk harm to their health until chemical burns of the first degree.This negligence makes Jessner peels dangerous, as evidenced by the reviews and photos on the network.Girls show the damaged skin and describe the sharp pain, but it could have been avoided by referring to a professional beautician.


procedure you want to resort to chemical peeling, but it is not confident in your decision?Jessner Peeling - a procedure safe and effective, with no rigid age limit - why it is so popular among women.Below we have placed Reviews Jessner peels to help you decide.

  • Maria, 19 years .She did Jessner peeling on the advice of a cosmetologist.For several years, I suffer rashes on the face, and the mechanical cleaning was given only a temporary effect.It passed 3 treatments with an interval of 2-3 weeks.The skin literally get off layers, it was impossible to appear on the street.But inflammation gone completely!And small scars smoothed, the complexion became flat, and the skin - friendly.I plan to do another session to strengthen the effect.
  • Olga, 24 years .Not very much hoped for a positive outcome, so it turned out.The skin has become something smooth and acquired an even color, but pimples are gone.In the salon said, that success is highly dependent on the type and sensitivity of the skin.I asked to repeat, but still doubt.
  • Julia, 31 years .Regularly doing Jessner peels!At first, I took a deep and brought freckles now about once every 2 months to visit the salon.I recommend to all!
  • Natalia, 28 years .Three days ago, I came back from the salon after a median peeling.The skin is still very scaly, somewhere peeled pieces, but dark spots brightened noticeably.Watch how it will continue until it is satisfied with the result, but you need to take care of and constantly moisturize skin.

Jessner Peeling - a versatile procedure that one session is able to smooth out fine wrinkles, discolored spots and remove purulent inflammation.The only negative - perhaps immediately after the cabin you have to spend a few days or even weeks at home, until after the swelling and other symptoms on the skin.