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  • 1 Features procedures
  • home 2 Step machinery
  • 3 Frequency SPA-pedicure in winter and summer

Philosophy SPA involves real pleasure that should deliverprocedure's Skin.No pain, no sharp objects - your body needs to relax and heals.So SPA procedures invariably accompany a quiet pleasant music, dim lights and candles, aroma lamp with incense for relaxation.Can we all do it at home?Of course, you can.

Features procedures at home

  • Do not neglect the necessary entourage. It not only creates a background procedure, but also promotes true relaxation that can relieve the stress that has accumulated over time.Not casually this technique is called foot care relaxing pedicure.Incense sticks of sandalwood, a few candles and rose petals in the bath for the feet - what could be nicer after a hard week of work?
  • Do not make yourself a spa pedicure, ask my husband to do it, sister, friend. Firstly, most not very convenient to carry out some necessary manipulation.And secondly,
    do not really get to relax.
  • Use professional tools. technique eliminates the rough mechanical impact on the stops, so the blades and scrapers you do not need.But the compositions based on organic acids, which are qualitatively soften rough skin, natural scrubs and fortified oil will be essential.Buy them in advance can be in a beauty shop.

Step machinery

to spend spa pedicure at home all the rules select a minimum of 2 hours.For this reason, care plan for the evening of the day when children are sent to bed or to her grandmother, and you and your husband or a friend are going to have a great time in a calm, relaxing environment.

  1. create the desired atmosphere. Turn on the music or the sounds of nature, light the candles.
  2. Prepare a foot bath - the temperature should be 38 °. Add it lather or pellets (the latter will make the foot massage during steaming).There also pour a little bit of sea salt, add aromatic oil of patchouli or lavender flower petals.
  3. Soak feet in the bath for 10 minutes. Then follow their treatment scrub.Gentle exfoliation is better to carry out compositions with round beads.Massage your feet, paying attention to the heel and foot rollers, move up the lower leg to the knees.By the way, for this reason, SPA-pedicure reviews withdrawn place's Skin deeper treatments than the classical and European techniques.It allows you to take care of not only the feet, but also the legs up to the knees.This is important, because in these areas the majority of women perform hair removal, which is fraught with the development of ingrown hair and skin irritation.
  4. If you have rough skin on the feet treat their wide abrasive sawing. Trite without effort, delicate circular movements.
  5. Rinse the scrub down and blot them with a towel. job for cuticles.It is in the art spa is not cut and removed by special trains.Apply cuticle remover to the skin 2-3 minutes, remove it with a cotton pad.The remaining portions of the cuticle to the nail root move the orange stick.
  6. treated nails. Cut them to the desired length, adjust the shape of the diamond nail file.Do not round off them to avoid ingrowth.The nail polish with a soft polishing.Put them nourishing cream for cuticle oil or moisturizer, rub over the entire nail plate.
  7. Moisten the skin. To do this, use a mask for deep hydration, which is necessary to put a thick layer on your feet and legs up to the knees.After 20 minutes, rinse agent, pat the skin.
  8. Make massage. Rub each leg to 10 minutes, moving from the feet to the knees.If the massage techniques you are not familiar, you can use special massage socks.They improve blood circulation and relieve fatigue feet.
  9. Apply varnish. Pre - foundation, then the color coat layer 2 and fixer.In such a combination of varnish will last more than 2 weeks.

Frequency SPA-pedicure in winter and summer

Pamper yourself with a relaxing pedicure at least once a month.By the way, this is enough to keep the legs in perfect condition.Due to the fact that you do not cut the skin, as in the classical technique, it does not seek to grow again.The result of care is maintained up to 30-45 days.This is the maximum period that will not provide you a pedicure or pedicure Garra Rufa fish.

In the summer, use of this technology should be more often.To nails look neat and does not peel off the heel while walking along the beach, follow the spa-pedicure every 3 weeks.Hopefully you will not have difficulties, because now you know how it is simple and nice!