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  • 1 What express pedicure
  • 2 Quick foot care with the preparation "Mozolin»
  • 3 Step machinery

Find time for a full-careincredibly difficult.Even in his day weekend is not enough catastrophically.So many of us have to give up a relaxing spa pedicure because of the length of the procedure (at least 2 hours).And limits the faster classical care.But in the latter case there is always a high risk of inflammation, pain during circumcision, the skin, the rapid proliferation of tissue removed.Therefore, the popularity of today become more safety express pedicure.

What express pedicure

These techniques require a very quick departure from the achievement of a good result.Quick - it's not 50 minutes as classical or European pedicure, or even 30, in which you can meet with the hardware.Time of action of drugs for rapid processing legs is no more than 15 minutes.During this time the skin is softened thanks to special components dissolve corns and calluses, rough skin is remov

ed.As this result is achieved?

As part of the Express products always contained complex substances.The main operating funds, which are responsible for the removal of rough skin, are acid and alkali.Aggressive components literally dissolve dead skin laminate overlay.As a result of the rough dry corn it turns into a thin film, which is to remove wooden spatula enough.

But the action of an alkaline or acidic environment detrimental effect on the surrounding healthy skin of the feet.To minimize the negative consequences of the rapid formulations comprise the active moisturizing complex, the ingredients for tissue regeneration, nourishing ingredients.As a result, corns and calluses go and feet skin is hydrated, soft and tender to the touch.

Quick foot care with the preparation "Mozolin»

foreign funds to express pedicure are expensive, so it makes sense to look at the domestic market of cosmetic products.For example, "Mozolin" drug, the company that produces "Two lines".Why we are talking about this tool?

The fact that the company "Two Lines" is a so-called Altai biopharmaceutical cluster created more than 30 enterprises of the Altai Territory.A feature of the production of all plants, without exception, is a natural cluster.only natural ingredients are used for their manufacture.For example, in the other samples production company "Two lines" uses natural oils, honey, mummy, extracted and collected in the lands of the northern region.Means "Mozolin" also made from natural ingredients, so it has a gentle effect, at the same time to quickly and accurately eliminate cosmetic defects feet.

Express pedicure preparation "Mozolin" allows you to remove:

  • corns and calluses;
  • rough skin on the soles of the feet;
  • risk of inflammation and infection.

Comprehensive action is caused by the composition of the drug, which used:

  • glycerin - natural moisturizing ingredient, increases the elasticity of the skin;
  • extracts of lemon and ginseng - they are responsible for the restoration and renewal of the skin, have anti-inflammatory effect, improves resistance to infection of the dermis, and normalize the water-salt balance;
  • extracts of aloe vera and sage - these components take care of skin moisture, relieve inflammation and improve blood circulation in the feet;
  • extracts of chamomile and lemongrass - additional anti-inflammatory ingredients that actively soothe the skin, moisturize them, give the velvety, nourish and soften.
as active substances in the preparation 'Mozolin "used salicylic acid and benzoic acid.They have a pronounced keratolytic effect, that is, literally dissolve keratin layer of the skin rough.The compressed layer of dead skin cells is softened, then its removal by conventional devices possible for a pedicure.

Step machinery

total procedure time was 15 minutes.Before using the foot means can not be wetted with water, the technique refers to dry forms of care.

  1. Lay on the floor of a plastic bag or film.
  2. Place a cotton cloth on top.Liberally pour it means "Mozolin".
  3. Put it on the problem area!We pay attention to it: it is not necessary to wrap the whole foot, drug use, where there are calluses and corns, is used to treat dry skin on heels.
  4. top of cellophane wrap and leave for 15 minutes.
  5. Remove foil and tissue with an agent, and then nail file or pumice gently remove the softened skin problem areas.
  6. Wash feet under water without the use of detergents.Blot with a towel and pat dry.
  7. Moisten the skin with a nourishing cream.The series is provided for this cream-care "Mozolin" stimulating healing of cracks, activates skin renewal.

Due to the fact that these cosmetic products are manufactured in Russia, the cost is available.One bottle of the drug is enough for two months with regular use.