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  • 1 Features procedures for men
  • 2 Classic pedicure
  • 3 Hardware pedicure
  • 4 SPA-pedicure

to start on motivation.Men do not share women's reverent attitude to beauty, but many prefer to look well-groomed.Therefore, the best time to explore her husband with a pedicure is the beginning of summer, when he puts down to the side shoes and boots, wearing open sandals and shales.

Another good period - the end of autumn, when the heating in the houses there.The air quickly loses moisture, which reacts on the skin.On the heels of it starts to peel and crack, a man uncomfortable.Introduce him to the procedure as a way to solve the problem and get rid of this discomfort.Believe me, he fervently support your efforts to help him.

Features procedures for men

Media of hygienic treatment feet of men and women differ little.The essential difference is only the frequency of performance: as a pedicure for men is not necessary to carry out more than 1 time per month.Firstly, such

a frequency is sufficient, as the skin of a strong half of humanity is more resilient, and the processing result is stored longer.And secondly, it is not necessary to strain the common man pedicure.As long as it does not disturb the dry, ugly and painful heel, he did not consider it necessary to do anything with them at all.

Follow male pedicure at home, which is enough for your female professionalism.This procedure will be both enjoyable and efficient.The desire to send the wife to the beauty parlor for the treatment of feet is more than likely will result in a complete collapse - for men beauty salons are taboo and obscure territories.

Speaking about the kinds of treatments, are the following.

  • Classic pedicure. Technique pleasing to men, enabling you to relax after a hard day's work, take the stress off his feet.It is used in most cases, it is convenient for home use.
  • Apparatus pedicure. requires special equipment - machine with a set of cutters for a pedicure.But if it is, feel free to use it to stop processing the spouse.This technique is less traumatic, though not so pleasant, like a classic.
  • SPA-pedicure. include treatment feet scrub, gentle massage, moisturizing the skin.He'll love the man and may even be the beginning of a romantic evening.
  • Express pedicure. good decision, when the result of an urgent need, and no.This is done using special cosmetics, for example, the Russian "Mozolin".It allows you to remove the defects within 15 minutes.

Classic pedicure

To perform this male pedicure, use a hard grind for rough skin (with large and small grit), sharp scissors, nail file (not metal) to correct the form of nails.You will also need a wooden spatula and polishing soft nail file, as well as a moisturizer.


  1. In the tub pour warm (not hot!) Water.Add sea salt, citric acid, liquid soap, stir.This mixture will allow to soften rough skin faster.
  2. Suggest husband lower legs in the tub, let them soak for 20 minutes.After about 15 minutes to make the first stop processing the rough grinding, then fine.Pay attention to the heel, thumb and little finger, which often dry calluses formed.
  3. Treat cuticles - a wooden spatula, slide it to the base of the nail plate.If necessary, carefully trim the scissors.
  4. Sawing Gives nails a form to post flat edge, do not cut corners.Sand the nail plate with a soft nail file.
  5. at making use clear nail polish men.

Hardware pedicure

for this male pedicure equipment performance eliminates steaming.But it requires a ceramic or diamond cutters, which effectively remove rough skin.


  1. Disinfect the feet - use any septic tank, which is the home.
  2. Treat foot means to soften skin - probably in your purse there is such a drug.
  3. cutter changes, deal with the whole foot: heel use ceramic nozzle round, if there are cracks, powertrowel their metal in the form of a cone with a fine abrasive.Lots corns correct diamond grinding.To eliminate the use of cuticle cutter with a ball on the end, which gently walk around the area of ​​skin, without exerting pressure.
  4. After the procedure lubricate the foot moisturizer.If necessary, cover the nails with varnish.


This pedicure for men may include all the usual components: candles, aroma lamp, rose petals in the bath for steaming ... And can and do without this entourage, including only the essential elements.


  1. Treatment stop scrub - will remove dead skin particles to complex processing.
  2. Steaming in the bath with soap and sea salt - for 20 minutes.
  3. Grinding stop sawing abrasive coating for removing hard skin.
  4. Cuticle Treatment - move her wooden spatula.
  5. Moisturize - Apply a thick layer of moisturizer, leave it for 20 minutes, remove the remnants of cloth.
  6. Massage - gently walk in the footsteps of capturing the shin area to improve leg circulation.Massage each leg to 10 minutes.

regular stop processing will allow your man to feel comfortable and will introduce its new facets of your care.