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  • 1 Indications for the procedure
  • 2 treatment techniques the most frequent diseases
    • 2.1 Nail Fungus
    • 2.2 Ingrown nail
  • 3 Pedicure Task

Medical manicure and pedicure is often associated with hardware, since both procedures are performed using special equipment.However, this judgment is wrong, first of all, because the usual hardware method is a procedure of hygienic care.And her task - to prevent the development of problems and to provide beauty, well-groomed feet.Hardware medical pedicure is designed to solve problems, cope with that alone is impossible.

Indications for the procedure

basis of the following problems are for the procedure.

  • Ingrown nail. possible treatment to eliminate painful ingrown only if the skin is not the rollers started festering.If pus is already present, it takes care of the surgeon.
  • Athlete's foot fungus or stop. including medical pedicure with fungus in a program to combat the disease is essential.It will safely and complet
    ely remove the affected areas of the nail plate, to eliminate contamination of neighboring, increase the intensity of the impact of antifungal agents and to accelerate recovery.
  • hyperkeratosis. often develops as a result of the classic pedicure, in which the skin is removed cropping, after which they are actively proliferating.The disease involves the development of hard skin covering a large surface area of ​​the foot, the skin hangs like "rags".Medical pedicure helps to get rid of the disease for 1 session.
  • Cracks feet. The disease is a consequence of overly dry skin, usually formed on the heels.European Pedicure not allow to get rid of it for 1 session, and therapeutic - can, as it implies the processing of the edges of cracks with special metal nozzle with fine abrasive and their subsequent filling of medicinal healing wounds.
  • Rod corn. Remove it at home is impossible, since it turns out to cut only the upper part.The procedure is dangerous due to the risk of excessive skin cut portion touching living tissue, and obtain the inflammatory process.In cosmetology office to address special nozzles are used, which operate on the principle of the Boers.They drill dead skin, corns rod removed, after which the resulting "hole" administered drug and bandage.

Perform all these procedures should only master pedicure with medical education!And that doctors work in respecting salons.In a professional environment they are named Podiatry.When choosing a beauty parlor, where the plan to fulfill the hygienic pedicure, be sure to check the availability of medical education at the master.

Technicians treatment of the most frequent diseases

With these problems in Podiatry turning often, so consider particularly the treatment of these diseases.

Nail Fungus

Medical pedicure with nail fungus is needed.The disease causes a deformation of the nail plate, changing their colors, it is very contagious!To avoid getting close to your home, you should treat it immediately.This will help the doctor Podiatry.Hygiene treatment for feet and nails is carried out under sterile conditions.If possible, use disposable cutter, if the standard, they are subjected to disinfection.

During the treatment is painless and quick (for 1 procedure) removed all the affected nail plate.Other affected areas are treated with antifungal agents.sanitary treatment is conducted for healthy nails.Due to the removal of sources of infection the disease does not progress, greatly increases the efficiency effects of antifungal agents.

Ingrown nail

When medical pedicure with ingrown nails are used for the correction of special plates, which are applied to the nail and lift it over the skin rollers.Used plate:

  • Goldshpanga of surgical steel, plated with gold;
  • Podofiks of flexible plastic;
  • Onoklip - steel, epoxy coated;
  • Dyuroplastikovaya with fiberglass.

principle of their action is almost identical, but the presence of associated problems, such as high-sensitivity lateral roll, twisted nails, or at the location near the bar corn, selects the appropriate specialist.The plate is applied on the nail with a special adhesive and virtually invisible after a pedicure.

Pedicure Task

So chiropodists called pedicure for the elderly.His goal - not the beauty of the legs, and the ability to safely move, get rid of the overgrown bone nails, gently remove calluses without the risk of infection (this is especially important for people with diabetes).Running a medical pedicure at home for the elderly.Podiatry uses mobile equipment, processing can take up to 50 minutes.Pedicure at home for pensioners is painless, comfortable and efficient hygienic procedure that improves the quality of life.

use hardware techniques, special disinfectants and medicines, medical professionalism - all this makes medical pedicure sure way of combating foot disease.