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be skilled in the classic pedicure is important to every girl.It will be a lifesaver when you need to quickly bring the feet in order, and there is no money, no time to visit a beautician.The advantage of the method is its simplicity and the ability to buy everything you need on the open market.But there she and disadvantages.Consider what.

dangerous procedure

  • Manicure and pedicure classic is no coincidence that Eaves. They imply ruthless cutting of all superfluous.Hardened skin, corns, calluses - remove them with special blades and scrapers.Be careful!It should be a bit overzealous, or push too hard on the new scraper, and do not avoid the painful wounds.For this reason, even more preferably do edging pedicure alone than in the cabin.After all, you definitely feel your legs, and the most professional master - no.
  • During edging pedicure is impossible to maintain the integri
    ty of the skin.
    on the foot will certainly appear wounds, even if apparently they are not visible.Be sure to disinfect legs after their polished scraper or float!For this use septic wide variety of gels or sprays.And only then carry out further procedures.
  • not perform the pedicure if feet fungus defeat. particles remain at his instruments, and even during the following procedure, the infection will happen again.Preferably, in this case, contact the salon, where you will be a professional medical pedicure performed.
  • Do not use this technique for patients with diabetes. not create stop the risk of infection.

What you need for the procedure

For the procedure home use:

  • water tank - suitable plastic bowl 5 liters;
  • emollients and disinfectants;
  • tools - grater or laser sawing, sanding polish (surface and tip), nail file to stop, scraper or razor for a pedicure, Cuticle scissors, "Clippers" polish;
  • basis under the lacquer, varnish and hardener itself.

Tools for the procedure must be new, sharp, when it comes to cutting objects.For example, for a pedicure scraper called a razor to stop, equipped with blades that are in use become dull.Classic pedicure with "stupid" more accessories travmoopasen therefore carefully assess their condition before use.

When selecting a grater for feet, do not use the usual pumice, much more gently and effectively working laser sawing.Conventional grinding to a stop must be two-way: on the one hand with a large abrasive (to 150 units), the other - with a small (up to 80 units).That tool, you can polish the skin until tender, using the first krupnoabrazivnuyu surface, and then with fine abrasive.

Do not forget about polishing the surface of the nails themselves.Special soft nail files allow you to remove them relief, clean off unneeded cells.Since the nail plate looks well-groomed, more accurate.

Step Technique

For a classic pedicure technology is as follows.

  1. Remove old nail in the presence of.Treat foot scrub.
  2. Fill a basin with warm water (not hot!).Add to it the sea salt, ammonia or soap agent.Lower the leg to the tank for 20 minutes.
  3. While "soak" legs, treat each brush with a large abrasive.Then use the side with a fine abrasive, walk all the rough areas.
  4. In five district can use a special grater or laser sawing: it helps remove dry skin layers.If you have corns in the foot pads of the area cut off their pedicure scraper.
  5. treated nails: gradually (3 doses) cut off their long pincers, sand the nail file.Do not use metal, preferably diamond, which does not separate the nail plate.Hold it at an angle of 30 ° and grind clearly in one direction.Then take a nail file polishing and walk on the surface of the nails.
  6. Treat cuticles - carefully cut it off with sharp scissors.
  7. again hold the feet in the water, remove, wipe dry, apply a disinfectant, then moisturizer.
  8. Cover the nail varnish to complete the classic edging pedicure.

show reviews for all events takes about 1 hour.Therefore, the procedure can be safely regarded as a solution for the weekend, when you can afford to relax, but at the same time and bring the legs in order.The frequency of classic pedicure is determined individually: you will see for yourself when you need to re-treat the foot.Even in winter, when the legs are not visible, experts recommend to spend it at least 1 time per month.