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  • 1 Features
  • 2 procedures What you need for the procedure
  • 3 Technology hardware pedicure
  • 4 Choice cutters

What pedicure name impliesprocedure.It involves treatment feet using a special apparatus or machines, which can be purchased for home use.The same equipment is used in practice, medical pedicure, so technology is often confused.

difference between the methods is that the first is a procedure for hygienic, whose mission - to support the feet healthy and attractive, preventing the development of problems.The second includes a variety of therapeutic techniques, to realize that beyond the power of an ignorant person.Fungus treatment feet, ingrown nails and hyperkeratosis should deal exclusively with Podiatry doctor and only with the use of professional tools.

Features procedures

  • technique is considered the most gentle and very pleasant.During its performance does not appear damaged skin and nails, there is no pain.
  • advantages of hardware pedicure is the
    complex care with a single machine.One need only correctly choose cutters for different parts of the foot to restore skin smoothness and give the nails perfect shape.

  • procedure can not be called a fast!Despite the fact that you do not spend the time to stop steaming, about the same time you will spend with a special tool-remuverom on their feet, whose task consists in softening rough skin.The total length of it is 50 minutes.
  • Hardware pedicure at home can be made to people with health problems.So that it is shown in diabetes, for which there is a high risk of developing foot problems until blood poisoning.Due to lack of steaming it shows people with hypertension, thrombosis, and other problems of the cardiovascular system.Quality grinding skin and nails with the help of machines for a pedicure at home is perfect and the elderly, especially for those who visit the beauty parlor is problematic.

What you need to

procedure, you will need:

  • Disinfectant leg.Choose septic in gel form, which does not require the use of water.They eliminate the maximum amount of bacteria to be active against fungi.
  • remuver softened. It may be in the form of a gel or cream.Some tools include disinfectants and components, so the need in the first septic tank is eliminated.
  • equipment hardware pedicure at home, or machine, complete with a set of cutters. way, complete conventional machines had not provided a complete set of cutters for the processing of legs, on the strength of 2-3 cup.Buy them should be separate.
  • moisturizing cream or ointment for healing feet. Subject to availability problems - with deodorizing effect, wound healing, or simply normalizing the water-salt balance.

Technology hardware pedicure

Adhering technology hardware pedicure, you will be able to perform it at home quite professionally.At qualitative execution frequency of treatments may be times in 15-20 days.For men, the skin brake which is more elastic and less prone to cracking it enough to perform once a month.

Thus, we consider how to do pedicure.

  1. Disinfect and soften feet.So you eliminate the infection in the tissue penetration and infection, make the skin more supple to care.
  2. Use the machine mills and the appropriate type.Their detailed description is always represented in the machine instructions if your device model there, take advantage of our recommendations below.Process the heel first, using the toughest grinding, and then the skin of feet.Pay particular attention to brake pad, which are formed corns on shoes with heels and a portion of between 4 and 5 finger, where there are also corn.Walk around the outside of the thumb.Gently sand the cuticle.
  3. treated nails compact cutters.Give them a flat shape, avoiding rounding plate to prevent it growing into the skin.
  4. Cover nails hygienic or colored lacquer.
  5. Cover skin moisturizing or remedy.

Choice cutters

When asked what tips are needed for hardware pedicure, chiropodists, doctors say: many.In fact, for one of their take several treatments.

  • Diamond.Excellent remove rough skin, suitable for polishing of nails.Cutter small as a ball or acicular used for cuticle, large size is used to remove small calluses, corns.
  • Ceramic. suitable for treatment of the skin side "rollers" on the outside of the thumb, cracked heels.
  • Silicone .Needed for polishing the nail plate.
  • silicon carbide. used in the presence of very dry, rough skin.

That's all the subtleties of the art performance hardware pedicure, which is master at home will be very useful for every woman!