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  • 1 Features classic pedicure
    • 1.1 Disadvantages
  • 2 Features hardware pedicure
    • 2.1 Benefits
  • 3 choice between the two methods

Choose pedicure equipment, based not on material resources and health, - experts advise.After each procedure is akin to medical intervention: it is designed to eliminate the problem, but it can cause them.What is fear?

Features classic pedicure

This technique is "as old as time."She is owned by all, without exception, the master nail service, as it begins with it every professional training.That it is still a classic edging pedicure.And this name - is the essence of the method.

classic pedicure includes foot skin steaming and further removal of everything that came to them unnecessary: ​​corns, calluses, hardened skin heels - all scraped hard and abrasive cut off tool (blade, scissors).As a result, the skin gets really smooth, fade down the problem areas.The advantage of the technology is its absolute availability: a hygienic pe

dicure can be done in every beauty salon and the most affordable price.


  • After the procedure, there is a feeling of "thin skin". Hardened sections are removed at the same time, without the gradual impact.This can cause discomfort in the first days after a pedicure.
  • soreness. Chance in removing deep calluses, corns with large surfaces.What would you say is not the master, to ensure that everything will be done without pain, he can not!When using cutting tools is always a risk to hurt a little more skin than necessary, cut the layer not only chapped skin, but alive.
  • infection probability. Because cutting cuticles, rough skin, feet are vulnerable to bacteria, invisible wounds can get dirty (especially in summer).Even after the disinfection procedure is not fully protect you from this risk.That is why the classic pedicure is strictly forbidden to do to people with diabetes, the feet that have reduced sensitivity, and tissue injuries heal for a long time.I do not recommend it, and the elderly, as well as suffering from diseases of the heart and blood vessels due to the use of steaming stop technology.
  • short-lived results. say that classic pedicure is desirable to do every week.This is true.After cutting the rough patches of skin on them begins active growth of new cells, which tend to fill any "gaps".So a week later reappears cuticle and calluses formed in the familiar form.Do not think that this is due to the lack of professionalism of the master.The case - in the peculiarities of our body.

Features hardware pedicure

Pro pedicure feedback from both clients salons and artists themselves are completely different.his technique involves the use of special machines that grind is not the case, as do the hand-held saws and scrapers.Moreover man manual is unable to provide the same effect - it is physically impossible.The fact that each cutter mounted on professional apparatus rotates at a speed of 30-50 thousand revolutions per minute.Can you operate a conventional grinding in a similar fashion?


  • It requires steaming. Duration immediate stop processing mills is 5-10 minutes, the remaining time is given to disinfection, softening, moisturizing the skin.
  • She was not traumatic. Mills does not cut the skin, and gradually remove it, clean off dead skin areas, evenly otslaivaya them.In fact, there is the same process of replacing old cells with new, only much faster.
  • It provides long-lasting results. Due to the fact that the skin is not damaged and is not cut off, she begins to grow rapidly again.So do pedicure, even at the initial stage enough times in 2 weeks.And after saving a persistent effect can refer to it once a month.
Among the shortcomings should be noted a high price.But is it high when it comes to the risks to your health?Or elementary painless during the procedure?

choice between the two methods

So, what to choose: a hardware or classic pedicure?Be guided by the following considerations.

  • If there are problems of the legs, stay exclusively in hardware. Steaming hot water is prohibited with varicose veins and thrombosis, and diabetes mellitus, you should not allow the wounds of the skin.Similar actions in the presence of a fungus of the foot: with the help of hardware polishing can be thoroughly and carefully remove the affected surface of the nail, so that the treatment time are reduced, and the foot will become healthy.
  • If worried about health, again, refer to the hardware. The fact is that when this technique is no skin wounds, and even in the absence of thorough disinfection of cutters risk of "catching" something unpleasant is absent.Grater used in the classic pedicure, not sterilized ever, because to do so, in principle, impossible.
  • If you want to relax and just enjoy your vacation during the procedure, choose a classic pedicure, but with elements of SPA. Moisturize and massage will be useful and enjoyable.

So what pedicures better hardware or classic?Reviews allow an individual to make a choice based on the state of health and your preferences for the procedure.