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  • 1 5 secrets of the proper use of "POLYSORB»
  • 2 Traditional mask
  • 3 recipe for oily inflamed skin
  • 4 Opinions about the masks with "Polisorbents»

«Polisorb" - the drug, which is a enterosorbent inorganic origin, which has the ability to bind a variety of micro-organisms and toxins, allergens, toxins and other substances passing through the organs of the digestive system.In medicine, a drug used to treat poisoning, intoxication, intestinal infections and food allergies.This material comes in powder form preparation for oral administration and suspensions and may be sold in plastic jars volume of 12 to 50 grams or paper bags of 3 grams.

main component, which is part of "POLYSORB" is a colloidal silicon dioxide, which is able to have a positive effect on the skin with external action, so that has been used successfully in a home facial masks.Interacting with the epidermis, the drug has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, cleansing and disinfecting effect, cures pimples a

nd rashes, without causing a feeling of "tightness" in the face.In addition, regularly using "Polisorb" to clean the face, you get an additional anti-aging effect, because silicon has the ability to improve the overall tone of the skin and smooth out wrinkles.

5 secrets of the proper use of "POLYSORB»

Any cosmetic product can lead to the expected result only in case, if you are familiar with its application rules.How to use "Polisorb" masked face, prompt the following recommendations.

  1. Prepare for the procedure, carefully remove dirt from the skin and balances cosmetics.Wash with soap and water or foam, take a shower or take a steam bath for a person to maximize reveal the pores.
  2. Dissolve "Polisorb" warm boiled water to thick creamy consistency.If the mask will be too liquid, it will form a thin layer on the face, quickly dries and rinse it would be quite difficult.
  3. Apply the mixture on your face, avoiding the eye area and retreated about a centimeter from the hairline .If the skin is prone to dryness, it is desirable to limit the "point" influence, brushing means only a few pimples or inflamed areas.
  4. Keep the mask to 10 minutes .Women with dry skin this time can be halved.It is important to prevent the drying means, otherwise you may experience problems during subsequent washing.
  5. Rinse with warm water means .Soap or foam will not be necessary, but the face after the procedure, be sure to grease nourishing cream.
Do not forget that "Polisorb" refers to a category of drugs and can cause allergic reactions.Before the procedure, be sure to perform the test for individual intolerance, wrist brushing a small amount of diluted sorbent.Wait half an hour - if not treated site redness, skin does not itch or itching, facial mask with "Polisorbents" will not hurt you.

Typically, the mask composition is used only «Polysorb» boiled water and without the addition of other components.However, if the skin is severely inflamed, instead of water, you can take an infusion of herbs ¬- calendula, chamomile or celandine.

Traditional mask

Classic mask recipe for persons of "POLYSORB" is very simple, and the procedure takes a minimal amount of time.

You will need:

  • 3 grams "POLYSORB";
  • 35 ml of water.


  1. Pour the powder into a glass bowl.
  2. Add water and stir the ingredients until smooth.
  3. apply a thick layer of the mask on the entire face or only on problem areas.

Repeat the procedure to women with normal to oily skin can be every 2-3 days.If a person applies to the dry type, have to be limited to one session per week.

recipe for oily skin inflamed

quickly cope with abundant precipitations, clean pores, remove the greasy shine and black points will help you effective home mask with lemon and dried marigold flowers, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.

You will need:

  • 3 grams "POLYSORB";
  • 5 grams of marigold;
  • lemon slice;
  • 30 ml of boiling water.


  1. Pour dry calendula boiling water, leave for fifteen minutes, and then strain.
  2. Mix infusion "Polisorbents" to obtain a slurry medium thickness.
  3. Squeeze of lemon juice a teaspoon of cloves, add the mask, mix.

Apply the mask on the skin, paying particular attention to the inflamed areas, and leave for 5-7 minutes.During the exposure tool may be slightly pinch the skin.

Opinions about the masks with "Polisorbents»

To understand how effective the "Polisorb" as part of the home face masks should be familiar with women's voices that have tried to imagine this drug.

  • Irina (21 years, Saratov) : «I suffer from acne from the age of 18.When I decided to try a mask with "Polisorbents" not particularly looking forward to a good result, because the product is intended for oral administration.To my surprise, after the first session saw a significant improvement, rash dried up. "
  • Marina (29 years, Vladivostok) : «Polisorb" - an excellent remedy for blackheads, clean face much better purchased scrubs.To make a mask with him one time in two weeks, my skin is enough. "
  • Zinaida (19 years, Tyumen) : «For a month" Polisorbents "remove all pimples from the face, repeating the mask every two days.Now I do for prevention of twice a month. "

As you can see, the mask of "POLYSORB" face is considered an effective home remedy for many women, who use it for cleaning and removal of inflammations on the skin.The main thing - to pay attention to the recommendations on its use and do not forget to do the test for allergic reactions.