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  • 1 Causes of hyperpigmentation
    • 1.1 Methods for removing stains
  • 2 Effective recipes for whitening masks
    • 2.1 of hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice
    • 2.2 parsley and yogurt
    • 2.3 From cheese and hydrogen peroxide
    • 2.4 lemon and honey
    • 2.5 cucumber and yogurt
    • 2.6 potatoes and milk
  • 3 Terms of use

traditional time of occurrence of spots or hyperpigmentation as doctors call this phenomenon is the summer.However, in winter they can pursue outdoor activities fans.On the snow-covered slopes of the ski resorts in the sun no less aggressive than in the summer on the beach.Therefore, be sure to protect your skin from it.

Causes of hyperpigmentation

In the skin of each person contains melanin.This substance is produced by cells - melanocytes.The intensity of their work depends on the external and internal factors.External refers, first of all, the effects of ultraviolet light: seeking to protect the body from the sun, melanocytes begin to produce more

melanin, which is oxidized, acquiring a dark color and stains the skin.

There are internal causes of hyperpigmentation.These include:

  • hormonal diseases and oral contraceptives with changes in hormonal levels;
  • diseases of the nervous system;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver;
  • deficiency of vitamin C.

To develop hyperpigmentation need to be taken carefully, if it happened once, it was not preceded by a long stay in the sun without protection or cosmetic procedures on the skin (peeling, microdermabrasion).There is a possibility of diseases of the endocrine, nervous, digestive systems.

If the reasons for the appearance of spots, freckles or excessive tanning clear to you, you can try to deal with them means available.

Methods for removing stains

To solve the problem, you can use various means of pigment spots.Quick effect provides a combined approach.

  • Cosmetic procedures.In the context of cosmetic clinics performed chemical peels and laser resurfacing.The purpose of the procedures is to remove the top layer of skin, which are concentrated pockets of dark melanin.A chemical peel is a superficial burn of the epidermis, resulting in a layer of the old dies and peels, it is replaced by a new layer of skin without unsightly stains.Using different kinds of acids beautician may monitor the depth of the burn, the degree of focusing and the depth of pigmentation that makes from surface, as well as stagnant spots.Laser resurfacing safer, it allows you to process the skin at the required depth.The duration of the recovery of the skin after these procedures is about a week, but it requires maintenance therapy at home.
  • Home procedure.When shallow pigmentation can be used to bleach facial masks at home.They use natural products and affordable pharmaceutical products, such as hydrogen peroxide, ascorbic acid.Home treatments do not provide as rapid effect, as the cabin, and can not remove deep pigment spots.But they are effective against sunburn, freckles, sunspots light.Also with the help of home remedies you can achieve the effect of long-salon procedures.

When using agents for bleaching the skin is important to keep in mind that the intensity of sun exposure on unprotected epidermis increases.When removing its top layer, use of masks for whitening skin with active sun increases the risk of progression of the problem, "the spread of spots" in the vast area.

Therefore, removal of hyperpigmentation procedures should be planned for the fall or winter, when the intensity of ultraviolet radiation is reduced.But even in the cold season should be treated with the skin by means of UV-filters before going out, which will serve as protection against the return of pigmentation.

Effective recipes whitening mask

Home remedies for whitening pigment spots based on the components, which is composed of acid.They act like peeling salon, but much softer, gently.The components are not able to penetrate deep into the skin, and therefore only removes the superficial pigmentation.But when they are used regularly, you can achieve good results.

Simple and affordable means of hyperpigmentation of the skin:

  • cucumber;
  • lemon;
  • parsley;
  • viburnum;
  • cranberries;
  • licorice.
From pharmaceutical preparations used hydrogen peroxide.It operates differently than the acid.When applied to the skin, it reacts with the air.Forming materials that are literally pushed out of the dye cell.Hydrogen peroxide is effective, but too aggressive acts on the epidermis, so use it with caution.

offer recipes for facial masks to whiten, for which there is positive feedback.

of hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice

quickly deal with local darkening of the combined compresses help.They combine peroxide and an acid component, which makes them highly home agent.


  1. Pour into a container of hydrogen peroxide concentration of 3%.
  2. Add the same amount of lemon juice.
  3. Dip into the fabric impregnated, attach to the darkened areas.
  4. Keep 15 minutes.
  5. Rinse with warm water composition.

parsley and yogurt

Whitening Mask of parsley - an old folk recipe.This composition was prepared by women in Russia to remove freckles.In our time proved not only his lightening effect, but also the ability to tone the skin, tighten it and get rid of fine lines due to the presence of parsley essential oils and vitamins.


  1. Chop a bunch of parsley, squeeze the juice.
  2. Add the same amount of yogurt.
  3. Dampen a soft cloth with the resulting composition, apply on the field spots.
  4. Keep twenty minutes.
  5. remove tissue, remove the remnants of funds with a cotton swab moistened with apple cider vinegar.

advantage of this structure - in its mild effect on the epidermis.It is suitable even for dry skin, and can be used regularly.In order to achieve a visible effect, apply the mask every other day for two weeks.

From cheese and hydrogen peroxide

reduce the aggressiveness of the impact of peroxide on the skin will help curd.He also nourish the surface layer, increase its tone.For oily skin is recommended to add to the recipe of honey.


  1. Mash 100 grams of cheese.
  2. Add the egg yolk and mix.
  3. Add hydrogen peroxide - just five drops.
  4. Stir quickly and apply on the affected areas of the face and neck.

action ended time is fifteen minutes.

lemon and honey

Effectively combats hyperpigmentation lemon mask.It has the effect of superficial peeling, reduce oiliness of the skin, brightens.Thanks honey acquires nutrients, anti-aging properties.


  1. Melt honey in the amount of 50 grams.
  2. Add lemon juice - not more than five drops.
  3. Mix, apply to the face.To achieve a thick consistency, add to the composition of the crushed corn flakes or starch.

Use whitening face mask with lemon is recommended for women with oily skin type.Adapt a recipe for dry epidermis needs will allow the cream.Add a spoon in the composition, and it will be more gentle to the demanding skin.

cucumber and yogurt

Easy and safe compound that has no impact dries.You can use it with any type of skin.He lightens the epidermis and moisturizes it saturates minerals, which is especially needed after staying on the active sun.


  1. Chop the flesh of cucumber.
  2. Add yogurt - one or two tablespoons.
  3. Place the tool on cuts of cloth, and put on the face and neck.
  4. Leave for 20 minutes.

For cucumber mask is recommended perespevshy fruit with yellowish skin.

potatoes and milk

Raw potatoes also has a bleaching effect.To improve the nutritional quality of the composition it is added milk and vegetable oil.


  1. Grate the potatoes finely.
  2. Add a spoonful of milk.
  3. Pour vegetable oil - enough to five drops.
  4. Apply all over the face or only at the discretion of the pigmented area.
Composition attractive rejuvenating effect.In raw potatoes contain starch - a natural component of the skin tightening, reduces the severity of wrinkles.

Terms of Use

to clarifying facial mask at home brought only benefit, adhere to the following rules.

  • Apply periodically .Formulations of acid components can not be used on a daily basis.For oily skin is only two times a week, with a dry - no more than.
  • Keep 20 minutes .Active ingredients time to provide means to effect during this time.Longer leave them on the skin does not make sense.
  • Protect your skin from the sun .Be sure to apply the cream with a protection factor of 15 and 25, even if you leave the street for a while.
  • Be careful! not perform the procedures in the summer that remove or violate the integrity of the upper layer of the epidermis.

also important to remember that certain medications, such as hormones, antibiotics and infusions of furokumarinov (St. John's wort, parsnip) sensitize the skin to UV light.Protect them sun is necessary, so as not to provoke the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

in emergency aid from the pigmentation whitening facial mask from natural ingredients is not suitable as a means.Formulations based on lemon, hydrogen peroxide, yogurt, cucumber fast do not work.They have a "cumulative" effect, or rather dissolved melanin deposits gradually.But the effects on the body are more secure than aggressive salon equipment that can cause burns deep skin tissues.