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  • 1 composition and characteristics ingredient
    • 1.1 Subtleties application
  • 2 Recipes protein masks for face
    • 2.1 Classic with drying effect
    • 2.2 Clarifying lemon
    • 2.3 Rejuvenating with carrots
    • 2.4 Nourishing honey
    • 2.5 purified starch
    • 2.6 «film-cloth" of blackheads

protein - structural elementeggs, ninety-percent of the water.Actually protein components in its composition - only a tenth, but the combination of elements makes it particularly attractive ingredient for use in the cosmetic field.

composition and characteristics ingredient

The water protein solution is a minimal amount of fat and carbohydrates.In it, unlike the yolk a very low content of essential acids.It has a small calorific value therefore is used as a dietary product.But in cosmetics valued for entirely different criteria.

It is used for the preparation of masks, as rare its composition has complex components.

  • Enzymes .The structure of the egg protein includes a protea
    se, diastase, dipepsidaza.These substances are involved in the structure and the amino acid cleavage, are indispensable element in the chemical reactions in the body as a whole and in particular the facial skin.
  • Ovalbumin .Or egg albumin.The main protein component, the role of which scientists have found not up to the end.Its function is considered to be the maintenance of the life of the embryo in the egg shell.When used as component of masks has a tonic and rejuvenating effect on the skin.
  • Lysozyme .The volume of this protein component makes up to three and a half per cent.It was isolated in the structure of the product in 1922 year, its composition and structure are well known.Lysozyme - a highly effective antibacterial agent.He has a powerful disinfectant effects.One of the products in which it is the highest possible contents is breast milk.The action of lysozyme allows to support the formation of the baby's immune system during an actual lack of natural protection against external aggressions.Due to the content of the element mask for the face of the egg white has a powerful disinfectant, anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Vitamins .The component includes a group of B vitamins, including thiamine are essential for the health of the skin, pantothenic acid, cobalamin and folacin.Also in the cosmetics have used retinol - a key component of the age makeup with rejuvenating effect, and vitamin D.
protein is an active natural ingredient has diverse effects.It increases the activity of the enzyme nature of the processes occurring in the skin.Lysozyme reduces the severity of inflammation, has an antibacterial effect.Vitamin A (retinol) is an essential structural element of maintaining youthful skin.

Subtleties application

Face mask with egg white can be used for the following tasks.

  • Rejuvenation .The main ingredient saturates the skin materials to improve the synthesis of amino acids, the protein collagen.Retinol through minimum size molecules can penetrate into the epidermis, where it activates the production of new cells.They are formed from the initial high resistance to external factors, the deformation.
  • Cleansing .Face Mask with the protein can be used as the program element by black dots on the skin of acne.In the latter case, it would be many times more effective.The reason - the activity of the protein lysozyme, capable of suppressing the growth of pathogenic bacteria.Penetrating into the source of inflammation, the protein reduces its severity, reduces redness.It serves as a means of preventing the development of inflammatory lesions on healthy skin when used regularly.

Depending on the use of additional components Cosmetic means receives and other features.Since lemon juice - a component of light peeling agent with a bleaching effect.Honey nourishes the skin, oats are used as sorbent sebum and impurities.

But when you use it is important to take into account several nuances.

  • Face mask of egg white is not suitable for dry skin .She actively dries the epidermis, reduces the production of skin secretions, which can provoke excessive dryness and flaking.Ingredients recommended for oily skin with large pores, for which will be the ideal means of increased production of fat shine in the T-zone of inflammation.Using it for oily, combination and oily skin, you can improve the condition of the epidermis, reduce inflammation and reduce the risk of their existing lesions, to improve the appearance of the skin by tightening the pores.
  • funds Effects vary in the duration of storing the result .According to reviews, the protein facial mask of wrinkles is highly effective, and the result is noticeable immediately.This is manifested by the structure component that dries quickly on air.Protein on the face turns into a film that "seal" the moisture in the pores and tightens the skin literally, models facial contours.But the result is stored for long, as the protein is not absorbed by the epidermis, and only works on the surface.After removing the mask skin quickly it returns to the original tone.

But rejuvenating and cleansing action of agents have prolonged effect.Retinol penetrates into the skin, it accumulates in and rejuvenates by activating production of new cells.Lizomima level in the skin is reduced gradually.With regular use of protein mask for the face wrinkles, acne will help to maintain the skin in good shape, giving it a healthy look and freshness.

Recipes protein masks for face

used for cooking egg.In a number of sources, there are guidelines for choosing the chickens eggs, but give it a factor of particular importance is not necessary.Regardless of where the laid egg laying hen - in a village or a factory - its structure and properties remain unchanged.

Before cooking, remove the mask components from the pre-refrigerator.They must be at room temperature or slightly warmer.This increases the intensity of the penetration of active ingredients into the skin.

To apply conveniently use a brush, which part should be allocated on the massage lines.Medium dries quickly, so prepare it sufficient for the application in two or three layers.To remove, use cloth and warm water.

Classic with drying effect

ingredient of this mask one - egg protein.When used in its pure form, you will be able to monitor the level of fat content of the epidermis.For oily skin, apply a means to the entire surface of the face.If your epidermis type combination, limit the exposure zone only problem areas - forehead, cheeks and chin.


  1. Separate protein.Use one egg to the mask.
  2. Beat it with a brush or a fork.
  3. Apply to cleansed skin.

Five minutes means dry up and start to pull the face.Apply a second, and later - and the third layer of protein.Rinse when the total time of its action will be twenty minutes.

Clarifying Lemon

Natural acid work by type of salon peels, only their effect is not so pronounced.They act repeatedly softer, do not burn the skin and exfoliate the superficial layers of the epidermis, which accumulates dead skin, dead cells.Face mask of protein quality lemon cleanses the skin, lightening it simultaneously.


  1. Separate protein.Just one egg.
  2. Press lemon juice.Take one teaspoon.
  3. Beat the protein, add lemon juice and mix.

By applying, you may feel a slight tingling.This is a normal reaction of the skin, removing the tool does not require.Be part of twenty minutes.If the mask is beginning to dry up, update it with a new layer.

Rejuvenating with carrots

One of the main components of youth as part of the egg protein is retinol or vitamin A. In this recipe we use two components rich in retinol.Due to the volume required for carrots rejuvenation ingredient increases as the number of other valuable substances: vitamins, amino acids, natural sugars.This mask has a pronounced anti-aging effects, gives the skin a velvety and nourishes it.


  1. Separate protein.
  2. Peel and finely grate the carrots.Use a tablespoon spoon ingredient.
  3. Mix carrots, whipped protein.
  4. thicken with flour composition.

Apply to the face and watch the sensations.If the mask is beginning to pull together, add another layer on top.action time is twenty minutes, after which the agent must be washed off with warm water.

Instead of flour, you can use finely ground oatmeal.In this case, the ingredient is not simply a function receives thickener weight.Rolled oats are an effective and high-quality sorbent because they absorb sebum.Drying and cleaning effect of the mask is increased.

Nourishing honey

Use a mask is recommended in the winter for the face with honey and protein.During this period the aggressive influence of the environment on the skin reaches the peak.Protect it from aging will enable the active agent component.


  1. Separate protein lightly whisk.
  2. Add liquid honey - no more than a teaspoon.
  3. Enrich part lemon juice - three to five drops.
  4. Add vitamin E from the two gelatin capsules.

Apply the product on clean skin, leave on standard time.After removal of the tool you will notice a positive result.The skin becomes matte, velvety, are particularly soft.The effect persists for two or three days.To maintain it is recommended to repeat the mask twice a week.

purified starch

universal remedy for oily skin.Starch has a sorbent action, cleans the skin, especially in the advanced stages.The attractiveness and appreciate its middle-aged women.This component is in a complex with the protein has a marked rejuvenating effect.


  1. Dissolve starch in water: in the teaspoon of the powder with 100 ml of fluid required.
  2. Separate protein whisk.
  3. Mix kleysternuyu weight with protein.
  4. Add lemon juice - 3-4 drops.

acting on the problem areas of the epidermis, active mask removes excess fat, can be used in severe seborrhea to two or three times a week.

«Film-cloth" of blackheads

In cosmetology widely used mask film.They are called plasticizing: when applying the composition solidifies, causing tightens the skin, adjusts the size of pores.At the same time adhere to the surface means dirt, clog pores.After removing the film, they literally shed from the skin.This is comparable to the mechanical cleaning, but absolutely not traumatic, eliminates inflammation and scarring on the face surface.


  1. Cut strips of paper towels.It would take two medium size on the cheeks, small chin and nose, the largest - in the forehead.
  2. Separate protein.
  3. Apply white on the face, apply the napkin over.
  4. Apply a layer of protein on a napkin.
  5. Wait for the complete drying of the composition, remove from the surface of the face.

By using this mask, it is important to take into account the sensitivity of the skin.Removing it can be painful, because it is attached to the smallest hairs on the epidermis.Therefore, when you go around drawing eyebrows, the area above the upper lip, the frontal lobe with the transition to the hairline.

Complete drying "napkin" comes within twenty minutes if you apply too much structure, the drying time can be up to half an hour.To increase the effect of cleansing of blackheads will allow pre-steaming of the skin, which will open the pores and sebaceous eject the cork.After such cleaning the skin need to moisten or lubricate nourishing cream with egg yolk.

protein facial mask at home can be a means of solving many problems of oily skin.It has anti-inflammatory effects and is well tightens enlarged pores.It rejuvenates the skin quality, as its active ingredients are able to penetrate the epidermis.It is used for mechanical cleaning and easy peeling combined with fruit acids.With proper, regular use of its effect lasts for a long time.