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  • 1 composition and characteristics of the component
    • 1.1 Subtleties use
  • 2 Recipes yolk facial masks
    • 2.1 Softening honey
    • 2.2 Rejuvenatingwith olive oil
    • 2.3 Tonic with lemon
    • 2.4 nutritional yogurt
    • 2.5 purified clay

component popularity is due not only to its availability.It is difficult to find a more balanced composition tool that combines several dozen activators of natural processes.The yolk is, in fact, is a "bag of provisions" for the development of power at all times while the chick in the egg.In this bag there is a lot of useful things for our skin.

composition and characteristics

yolk component is enclosed in a foil wrapper, in which there is a thick yellow liquid.Its thickness provides a concentration of suspended solids.Liquids in its composition only slightly over thirty percent.The remaining seventy comprise fats, carbohydrates and cholesterol.

for cosmetic spheres of interest are very different components that make up the yol


  • fatty acid .In a small yellow bag contains a stunning range of fatty acid analogues that do not exist more than in any food product.It simultaneously present polyunsaturated fatty acids, including linoleic and linolenic.These substances are necessary for the regeneration of human skin, the formation of its structure and the maintenance of tone.But our body is not able to produce them.The only source of valuable acids - Food and external components, which are applied to the surface of the epidermis in the form of masks.Also contained in the yolk monounsaturated acid.The main component of them - oleic acid, the content of which reaches forty-seven percent.It is involved in the renewal of the skin, the production of new cells.The amount of saturated fatty acids directly nourish and moisturize the epidermis, is twenty-eight percent.In this complex presented palmitic, stearic and myristic acid.
  • Biotin .The presence of egg yolk in a wide range of fatty acids would make no sense for the skin if either the enzyme biotin.It activates the metabolism, that is assimilation tissues fatty acids, resulting in the face mask from egg yolk shows instantaneous efficiency and skin absorb and metabolize valuable components.
  • Choline .Proceeding in the food with the food component that is involved in nervous system activity and improves memory.In cosmetology, it is valued as a structural element of phospholipids - substances that form cell membranes.Due to choline it is carried out the production of new cells and stimulates regeneration of the skin.
  • Niotsin .The substance of the B vitamins, is involved in redox reactions of the organism.Activity niotsina supports lipid metabolism in the cells, as an essential component of functioning and regeneration of the skin.
As part of the yolks are high in B vitamins: folacin, riboflavin, thiamine.A high value for the epidermis ensures the availability of vitamin E in a soluble form, for optimal assimilation tissues.Vitamin E, or tocopherol is the active agent that reduces the intensity of the external oxidation reactions and protect the skin from free radicals that cause aging.

Subtleties use

is believed that the face mask with yolk extremely suitable for dry skin.This is true, but only really is not relevant for oily skin as well as a complex nutritional acids contributes to improved operation of the sebaceous glands.However, the main ingredient used in other care programs.

  • Vitaminization skin .It used as a source of valuable substances for the exhausted, weakened epidermis.In addition to it are used fruit paste, vegetable oil, honey.
  • Lifting .The yolk increases the effectiveness of programs for rejuvenation and tightening of the skin.For lifting along with them using potato and oatmeal smoothie, yogurt and yogurt, wheat and jojoba oil.
  • Elimination of edema .By improving microcirculation of blood and lymph through the use of yolk masks provided decongestant effect of these agents.As additional ingredients, lemon essential oil can be used, juniper, pine and active nutrients: cottage cheese, yogurt, fruit juice.
  • Tonifikatsiya skin .Restore skin tone - a problem for natural ingredients.With her perfectly copes egg yolk because of its balanced, diverse composition.Enrich tool for healing the tired skin to help honey, steamed oatmeal cereal or maize, clay, avocado oil.
  • struggle with acne, inflammation .When applied to the skin it works as an ingredient anti-inflammatory agent.Mask with egg yolk facial helps acne, reduces redness, improves trophic tissue.In the treatment of acne and acne formulations are used with the addition of clay, seaweed, rice and oatmeal, fruit juice and honey.These components disinfect the skin, reduces the appearance of seborrhea and normalize the sebaceous glands.
Deep active ingredient does not penetrate the fabric.The rejuvenation effect is achieved by an external power supply of the epidermis, the saturation of its valuable components that can cope with fine wrinkles and reduce the severity of the folds of medium depth.Cleansing, tonifikatsiya, skin improvement demonstrated cumulative effect: with regular use means courses of the result is stored for a long time.

Recipes yolk facial masks

for moisturizing and fortification of the skin, you can use the active ingredient in its pure form.However, compounds with more productive accessory ingredients.Depending on the nature of the problem will suit face mask with yolk of wrinkles from dry skin to its power, toning, doing that you can easily at home.

Softening honey

valuable component of honey is considered to be universal for all skin types.It solves the problem of discerning the epidermis, needing intensive nutrition, softening.Face mask with honey and egg yolk can serve as an element of the winter dry skin, which is particularly affected by the temperature contrast, dry air in the premises and negative environmental factors.


  1. Separate the yolk.
  2. Melt honey in the volume of a tablespoon.
  3. Mix the ingredients, put on the skin.

active agent for twenty minutes, after which it can be washed off with warm water.For sensitive, dry epidermis use more delicate removal - milk or cream, which further feeds it, makes a gentle and velvety.

Rejuvenating with olive oil

The programs for rejuvenation of the skin's natural oils are used actively.They retain moisture in the epidermis and nourish it by the content of fatty acids.In home care may apply any oils, are particularly effective almond, jojoba, avocado and wheat germ.But the more accessible and spread olive oil, which also may be safely included in a recipe with egg yolk mask for dry, tired skin.


  1. Separate the yolk.
  2. Pour olive oil.Take a tablespoon.
  3. Whisk whisk weight.

Apply on steaming skin to improve the absorption of active ingredients epidermis.Adding other components to the composition for rejuvenating such as retinol or vitamin E, is not necessary.their level is already high in the basic ingredients of the mask.And they dwell in a state of rapid availability of the skin tissue.

Tonic with lemon

One of oily skin problems is the depletion caused by improper care.Actively using a degreaser, you can achieve a violation of the sebaceous glands.The skin then becomes dry, thin, her rapidly developing fine wrinkles.Rectify the situation will allow toning mask with egg yolk, which includes lemon.This means the only option that is suitable for oily epidermis.It quickly saturates the skin with nutrients, vitamins, restores skin tone and moisture.


  1. Separate the yolk.
  2. Squeeze lemon juice.Take a teaspoon.
  3. Whisk the active components.
  4. Apply a cloth or gauze, apply on face.

Use a mask on the fabric in this case it is convenient, since it receives a liquid consistency.The duration of the action must be up to twenty minutes.After remove the vehicle with warm water and apply a nourishing cream.

Instead of a lemon, you can use any fruit and berries, making the mask of universal and all-season.It is important to choose only the acidic ingredients in the composition of which there are many fruit acids.From fruit fit all kinds of citrus, green apples, plums.From pick berries black currants, blueberries, strawberries.Such components will enrich the skin with vitamins and support her health.

nutritional yogurt

On responses, facial mask of egg yolk and yogurt becomes a real salvation for women with delicate and sensitive skin.It improves the condition of the skin in the fall and winter, when they need intensive feeding.But it helps and in the summer, after being on the active sun.


  1. Separate the yolk.
  2. Mix with honey in the amount of one tablespoon.
  3. Add natural yoghurt.
  4. Pour vegetable oil (olive oil, wheat germ).

Apply the product on irritated, delicate and dry skin, leave on for twenty minutes.Instead, you can use natural yoghurt cream or cottage cheese average fat content.With the latter consistency will be denser means.Vegetable oil can replace butter for a more intensive feeding.

purified clay

Delicate, dry skin needs to be purified as much fat.And you can use it for a traditional remedy for exfoliation - clay.With its red clay and pink.They are similar to the blue and green detoxify, tone up, improve microcirculation in the tissues.But the drying effect is much less pronounced, so dry skin does not suffer from their use.


  1. Separate the yolk.
  2. Mix the clay with water to form a slurry.Provide a suitable consistency ratio of 1: 1.
  3. Connect clay gruel with egg yolk.
  4. Apply on face.

To remove the mask was easier to apply it to the first fabric strip, and then later on the skin.Rinse residues means necessary to warm water.

Do not use cold yolk!Before applying the pre-remove it from the refrigerator.When applying the composition of the cold compressed pores are closed, and the action of the active components difficult.

Face mask of egg yolk will be an effective means of softening and nourishing for sensitive, dry skin.It is rich in saturated acids, the active ingredients that improve epidermis structure involved in cellular metabolism.Additional components will help to give the composition of anti-aging, toning and vitaminizing properties.Use the egg yolk with honey, fruit juices, cream, natural oils.