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  • 1 composition and characteristics of coffee
    • 1.1 Subtleties use
  • 2 Recipes coffee facemasks
    • 2.1 Cleansing with cheese
    • 2.2 Nutritiouswith olive oil
    • 2.3 Vitamin fruit
    • 2.4 Rejuvenating honey
    • 2.5 antiacne clay

Official cosmetology includes coffee's Skin of many funds.The programs to combat cellulite, the main active ingredient is the coffee beans.The extracts are present in series to the problem of cleaning greasy and epidermis.In recent years, appeared on the market cosmetic formulations for the care of the age on the basis of extracts of coffee, designed for women after forty years.High attention to cosmetics and cosmeceuticals to this natural remedy due to its properties and active influence on the human body.

composition and characteristics of coffee

composition of the grains has been well studied.Scientists have identified more than a thousand two hundred components that form their structure, taste and aromatic properties.And the lion's

share of these elements make up the essential oils, there are more than eight hundred.In cosmetic purposes, they are not used.Other elements of interest.

  • Amino .The basic components of proteins, which form the structure of the skin.Amino acid content in different grades of product is not uniform, but is high.It reaches the total number of twenty, and a first grade beans free amino acids in two times higher than in the second-class materials.
  • Fats .Oddly enough, but it can be considered a bold coffee drink.Only here there are special fats, valuable.In the coffee oils remain in a static state unsaturated fatty acids.The main part is oleic acid.During storage, it is practically not destroyed but its volume depends on the type and origin of the beans.The smallest amount of unsaturated fatty acids found in the varieties of Indian coffee.
  • Tannins .In the preparation of an invigorating drink they give it tartness.And when used in cosmetology alter the sebaceous glands.Coffee facial mask at home, rich in tannic elements, ideal for oily skin, because it reduces the production of sebum, helps protect from seborrhea.For this reason, the compositions can be used for problem skin with the aim of healing, acne, acne.
  • Organic acids .The product is particularly rich in natural acids that stimulate skin renewal.It higher content of citric, tartaric, oxalic and malic acids.However, the maximum amount of up to chlorogenic acid - up to ninety percent of the total polyphenolic compounds.This material enhances the resistance of the skin to UV, which becomes an important element in the prevention of aging.
The composition of the product also contains vitamins, macronutrients.Face mask with coffee grounds enriches the skin with sodium, potassium, maintain their vitality, stabilizes lipid metabolism due to the content of thiamine and riboflavin.

Subtleties use

As part of pharmaceutical cosmetics and coffee extracts used oil, finely crushed grain as a means skrabiruyuschego.At home, the compositions used ground coffee, brewed according to classical technology, without added sugar.

Based on coffee grounds create masks active, working in several directions.

  • Cleansing, skin tonifikatsiya .The compositions improve tissue trophism, increase their hydration by normalizing vodnolipidnogo exchange.Regular use of funds creates a healthy vodnolipidnuyu mantle that keeps the youthfulness of the skin, increases its local immunity.
  • protection aging.It provides antioxidant substances.The level of their coffee content is many times higher than in the form of red, fruits and other sources of these elements.Antioxidants counteract free radicals - substances resulting from irreversible oxidation processes in tissues, which leads to aging of the epidermis, a violation of his functions.
  • Lifting, rejuvenation .Efficiency, which shows a face mask with coffee from wrinkles, proven through scientific testing.It was revealed that included in the structure of the bean polyphenols stimulate the production of fibroblasts - the cells responsible for the synthesis of collagen proteins.Rejuvenating effect is achieved not by supply surface that provides most of the funds homemade.A via activation of internal regeneration and restoration of dermis, increased quality and quantity of elastin, collagen fiber.
  • Bronzatsiya skin.Natural remedy approach for conservation and for the safe tanning bronzatsii.It contains carotenoids - substances that penetrate the top layer of skin and is oxidized, darkened.As a result, the epidermis gets light "dark bloom", further protection against aggressive UV rays.
Properties coffee used in programs to restore the skin, normalization of its lipid layer, protecting against dryness.The local application tool improves microcirculation in tissues, blood flow and lymph circulation, drains, reduces swelling of the face, eyelids.

coffee recipes face masks

Due to the wide range of actions to recommend to the coffee-based formulations may be for oily and dry skin types.In each case, selecting the appropriate additional ingredients.To cleanse oily skin thick mixed with rice flour and sour milk.As the wetting agent is used to dry the epidermis cream, heavy cream.

for aging epidermis tone lost due to stress, lack of proper care compositions are used, combined with egg yolk, oatmeal broth and flour.Firming and corrective effect have a mixture of coffee grounds and honey, sour cream, raw egg.

recommend that you choose a recipe means with which a face mask of coffee will help to effectively solve your problem.

Cleansing with cheese

On reviews from black points well to mask coffee with cheese, which has the effect of scrub.It gently cleanses, has an easy whitening effect.Apply it is possible for all skin types except dry.Thanks curd exhibits pronounced moderating effect.


  1. Use coffee grounds.It will take two tablespoons.
  2. Mix the cottage cheese with the main ingredient.The optimum proportion of 1: 1.
  3. rasparte skin, apply her makeup.
  4. Massage with your fingertips for two minutes.
  5. Leave a means for ten minutes on the skin.

To remove, use warm water.After use, you'll notice the smoothness of the surface of the epidermis.A person looks clean and fresh.

Nourishing with olive oil

As part of this tool combines a deep nourishing ingredients: olive oil, sour cream.Its use is recommended for dry skin type in the autumn, winter.The tool reduces the aggressive influence of external factors, qualitatively nourishes and moisturizes the skin, thanks to their coffee tones.After use, the effect can create a bronzer.


  1. Use coffee grounds in the amount of a teaspoon.
  2. Mix it with olive oil.Take a teaspoon.
  3. Add sour cream - no more than half a teaspoon.

Apply to cleansed skin.Consistency means the liquid, so it can flow.Use towels or a towel to prevent spreading face.

composition can be adapted to the needs of oily skin, use yogurt instead of sour cream.The mask will result in skin tone and improve the appearance of even the epidermis depleted.

Vitamin Fruit

Application of fruit pulp in the composition's Skin home remedies can saturate the tired skin with vitamins.Also, fruit pulp contains natural acids gently exfoliating dead skin cells from the skin surface, which improves cellular respiration and allows active ingredients to penetrate the other's Skin funds deeper into the surface of the epidermis.


  1. Stir in the ground coffee container.It will take one tablespoon.
  2. Clean green apple, chop the flesh.Use a tablespoon spoon ingredient.
  3. peel and seeds ten large grapes, mash the pulp and mix with other ingredients.
  4. Apply to the skin, leave on for fifteen minutes.

After removal tool you will notice that the skin became noticeably whiter brightened.That's how the fruit acids, supported by active components of coffee.Curative effect observed after multiple applications twice a week.The composition is preferable for normal to oily skin.

Rejuvenating honey

rejuvenating effect of the main ingredient reinforce other nutrients.Using honey and egg, can achieve pronounced lifting effect: to tighten the skin, making facial contours more clearly expressed.Mask of coffee and honey facial refreshes and whitens skin, reduces inflammation, so it is particularly recommended for oily, combination of the epidermis.


  1. Set aside in a bowl coffee grounds.Use a tablespoon.
  2. Add the honey in the same volume, mix ingredients.
  3. Whisk in the egg foam.Add the coffee mass.
  4. Make light facial massage to improve circulation.Or, heat it with a hot towel.
  5. Apply the product.

When you use twice a week you will achieve noticeable results.The composition nourishes and refreshes the skin, effectively combats signs of aging.The improvement of blood microcirculation, efficient drainage vodnolipidny normalize metabolism and nutrition of tissues.The mask smooths wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin.

antiacne clay

cleansing effect manifests composition based on coffee and clay.Recommended composition for problem skin, on the defects in the form of clogged pores, sebaceous plugs, black dots.Medium quality removes impurities and tightens pores, thus normalizes the sebaceous glands.With regular use, it reduces the severity of seborrhea, makes the epidermis dull, and his face - fresh and attractive.


  1. Stir in the ground coffee container.A single teaspoon.
  2. Chop into the flour, dry orange zest.Mix with coffee.
  3. Add in the clay.Choose blue, black, green, in the amount of one teaspoon.
  4. Mix the ingredients, gradually pour in the water until a thick slurry.
  5. Add the apple cider vinegar weight - five drops.

duration of exposure to the composition on the face of fifteen minutes.Shoot it comfortably with a cotton pad soaked in warm water.When applied to the steamed out skin cleaning effect is increased.After use, moisten the skin cream daily.

Face Mask with coffee help in solving many problems.The main ingredient, rich in organic and fatty acids, improves lipid metabolism, and normalizes the microcirculation in the tissues and effectively rejuvenates the skin.To combat the problem defect of the epidermis using clay as citrus additional components.The softening action of natural oils support the skin dry and fruity "cocktail" of vitamins saturate even tired, depleted skin.