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  • 1 Features procedures
  • 2 Technique
  • 3 European pedicure-SPA and hardware appliances
    • 3.1 SPA equipment
    • 3.2 Hardware Appliances

The most important advantage of the European pedicure is its security, it can be recommended for people with diabetes, the presence of skin diseases or a tendency to stop fungal infections.Traditionally, it contrasted with the hardware method, although one of the varieties of this hygienic procedure involves the use of special machines.In any case, comparing the European and hardware techniques with classic, we can state their gentle effect, there is no risk of injuries and infections.

Features procedures

  • European technology eliminates the use of scissors and blades, so it is called the edging.-removing rough skin and corns, certainly lower than with classic pedicure.But there is no risk that the feet will ache after treatment begins or inflammation.
  • There are 3 kinds of equipment: dry pedicure, SPA (or wet) hardware.Dry found more effective, when properly performed, it provides long-term results, so it is recommended to repeat it twice a month, and after reaching the desired effect - 1 time per month.Wet is held once a week.
  • European pedicure, regardless of the execution technique eliminates the mechanical removal of the cuticle .This is its main feature - thanks to almost cease to grow specially treated leather for 6 sessions, because of which the fingers are longer look well groomed and neat.Absence of the cuticle and provides other benefits such as eliminating the problem of burrs and associated inflammations okolonogtevoy zone.


pedicure can make dry in 50 minutes at home.There is no need to steam the water in the foot, which eliminates the risk of fungus.perform the following technique.

  1. Remove old nail - refuse funds from acetone, which stimulate brittle nails and dry skin of the fingers.Choose a liquid without acetone content.
  2. Apply the product to soften the cuticles on.Different manufacturers, it may be in the form of a cream or gel, with or without a brush.The principle of operation of all means similar: they dissolve dead skin cells regrown skin, so it should not be cut, and there is no risk of damage to living tissue.
  3. Hold the tool according to the instructions (typically 5 minutes is sufficient).Use a wooden spatula to push back the cuticle remains of the base of the nail.Beauticians recommend the blade of an orange tree, which avoid injury on this delicate area stop.If the wand could not be found from an orange tree, take another, but also wooden.Do not use metal blades that cause microtrauma and create conditions for the development of inflammation.
  4. polishing sawing grind the nail plate.So you will save her from unwanted "relief."
  5. Diamond sawing sand the nail edge, give it shape.Ideal to keep the tip of the nail length of 3 mm, and the edge of it to do even as he rounded prone to ingrown into the skin.
  6. Apply a soothing foot cream or professional remuver more dense layer lay on the roughened areas.Leave for 30 minutes, to improve the effect of the foot wrap a plastic bag and a towel.
  7. Deal softened skin sanding nail file or pumice stone.It works well with metal scrapers mini-blades which are used in professional practice.They are able to give the effect of smooth heels very quickly, but use them with caution and only in rough areas.Rub them until it is too ticklish.Do not use the grinding on and on normal skin of the feet, as there is a risk of damage.
  8. Degrease the nail plate, which can be done with alcohol or nail polish remover.Apply hygienic coating or paint your favorite color.Complete dry pedicure fixing coated nail so that they remain attractive for longer.

European-SPA pedicure and hardware appliances

These technologies are modern "mix" of this European pedicure.So SPA-technique will relax and release tension from the feet, in addition to the treatment of the feet.And the hardware is done with a minimum of physical effort, because instead of you working machine.

SPA equipment

  1. Remove old paint nails, put your feet in the tub with warm water for 20 minutes.Can you add to her fragrant oil or shampoo, which will help soften the skin.
  2. After the bath the skin dry with, move the cuticle wooden spatula.
  3. Give the required form nails: Use tweezers to reduce their length and nail file to create the form.Samu plate polish with a soft polishing.
  4. Treat your feet and heels scrub to remove old skin, gently massage, remove the tool with a damp cloth.Apply a nourishing cream or oil.
  5. Degrease nails before applying nail polish, pedicure complete beautiful, bright hue.

Hardware Appliances

  1. Prepare the skin with disinfectant, use remuver to soften it.Remove the remains of a napkin.
  2. Select the appropriate nozzle for heels rough skin and the outer surface of the feet, grind them, then the surface of the feet, cuticles and nails themselves.The entire grinding process will take up to 10 minutes.
  3. Apply a moisturizer, then cover the nail varnish.

In each case the European pedicure provide gentle care, and legs longer maintain the attractiveness and tenderness.