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  • 1 Features selection and preparation of fungi
  • 2 Subtleties pickling honey agaric
  • 3 Recipes marinated mushrooms
    • 3.1 Marinated mushrooms - quick recipes
    • 3.2 Honey mushrooms, pickled for winter

Many believe that in the marinated mushrooms nothing valuable except expressive "snack" taste.However, it is not.Along with porcini mushrooms and more popular in our country, mushrooms are rich in valuable microelements and vitamins.They include iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B and PP, as well as the valuable vitamin C, the amount of which is not inferior to blueberries.The use of honey agaric food promotes proper blood formation and improves the functioning of the thyroid gland.An attractive from marinated mushrooms calorie - it is only 18 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Features selection and preparation of fungi

Even if you buy mushrooms at the store or at the mushroom, you should know what good are distinguished from the false.Recent poisonous and ca

n cause a lot of harm to the body.The correct recipe marinated mushrooms in the home includes mushrooms with muted color (poisonous always bright), with scales on the cap, with a white pulp (from false it is yellow).The feet should be present in mushrooms ring-cuff.

And here are some nuances cooking marinated honey agarics (quick recipes for the winter).

  • Pre-soak the mushrooms in salted water with citric acid. Sol expel them from all the worms, if they remained in the legs, and citric acid will help maintain the natural color.
  • have honey agaric meadow pickled recipes recommend to remove the leg. Doing this, you can not completely, leaving it 1-2 cm in length from the cap.Of themselves the legs then you can cook mushroom spawn, or just fry them with onions.
  • Hats can be cut or leave whole - depending on their size.
  • If cooking marinated mushrooms in the winter, the recipes do not recommend sealed jars with metal lids. To protect against the development of botulism better boiled nylon caps and cover their banks.Recent necessarily be sterilized, especially if you plan to keep the conservation of several months.

Subtleties pickling honey agaric

  • How many jars of finished product you will, can be determined before starting work. Since 1 kg of fresh mushrooms fits in a 3 liter cans (this is important if you are buying them not weight).At the same time they are ready to get into 1 liter jar.
  • Recommendations cooks, how to pickle mushrooms mushrooms, include the use of not only fresh "fish." For example, marinated mushrooms fast food perfect and frozen.Before cooking they do not need to defrost.
  • correct solution of the problem, how to cook marinated mushrooms, will be a phased approach to their boiling. Mushrooms need to put in boiling water.10 minutes after the first boil the water should be drained, because it is in it will settle harmful substances, possibly accumulated mushrooms.Until ready to be boiled mushrooms in the second water.Cooking time takes 30-60 minutes.Check readiness easily by type of fungi, most of them should settle to the bottom of the pan.
  • When cooking, be sure to remove the foam. have to do this several times.
  • Marinade for honey agarics it is better not to do on the water and on mushroom broth. But if you do not drain the water for the first time, after boiling broth will have to pour out.

Recipes marinated mushrooms

So, how to pickle mushrooms?Recipes include their quick preparation (in this case mushrooms should immediately bring to the table or stored in the refrigerator) and canning for the winter.

Marinated mushrooms - quick recipes

you will need:

  • mushrooms - how much there;
  • water - glass;
  • vinegar 9% - 30 ml;
  • pepper and cloves - 3 things;
  • salt - Article 1.5.spoon.


  1. mushrooms cook until ready in boiling water.
  2. Transfer to a sterilized jar.
  3. Strain the broth, add salt, can be as much sugar, cloves and pepper.
  4. Boil, remove from heat.After that, pour the vinegar and pour the marinade.
  5. Close lid.

Honey mushrooms, pickled for winter

This recipe for marinated mushrooms with a bite is offered based on 1 liter marinade.

you will need:

  • mushrooms - how much there;
  • water - 1.5 liters;
  • allspice - 8 peas;
  • Garlic - 2 cloves;
  • bay leaf - 2 pcs .;
  • vinegar and salt - to 2 tablespoons.spoons;
  • sugar - Art.a spoon.


  1. Bring mushrooms until tender.
  2. a clean saucepan, pour the mushroom broth, add chopped garlic slices and all the spices.Allow the mixture to boil and boil for 10 minutes.Remove from heat, pour in the vinegar.
  3. Fill mushrooms banks up to the top, cover with marinade.Close sterilized lids, leave to cool at room temperature.

If you add will be more rich in aromatic marinade ingredients, the taste of mushrooms, bright.For example, you can put cinnamon for spice notes, black currant and cherry leaves for expressive smell.These components should be added to the marinade by boiling, not laid in the banks.So you protect the conservation of the damage.