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  • 1 How to cook soup: detailed recipe
  • 2 How to cook soup with red: 7 Tips

Primarily well remember or print out the recipe and turn off the computer, not todistracted.Not having the experience of cooking borscht, we do not recommend to cook other dishes at the same time.Recipes for this dish a lot, but now we are preparing a number of products from the best classic and delicious homemade soup.

How to cook soup: detailed recipe

To do this:

  • meat - 500 g;
  • tomato paste - 1 tbsp.l.or 2-3 pieces of salt or fresh tomatoes;
  • fat - 50 g or 100 ml of vegetable oil;
  • sauerkraut - 1 cup;
  • potatoes - 6-7 medium size pieces;
  • beet - 1 pc .;
  • carrots - 2 pcs .;
  • onions - 2 heads;
  • bay leaf - 2-3 pc .;
  • peppercorn - 3-5 pcs .;
  • garlic - 3-4 cloves;
  • greens;
  • Salt - 0.5 tsp

Technology of preparation

  1. In a saucepan pour the volume of six liters of cold water, a little more than half.Water is required to take the filtered or settle, free of chlorine.
  2. meat is rinsed with c
    old water and place in the prepared pan.To broth turned richness, it is better to take the meat from the bone and cook until cooked whole and then divided into portions pieces.
  3. Put the pan with the meat over high heat.
  4. peel potatoes, carrots and onions.Meanwhile, boil the broth, which appears on the surface of skin, it is desirable to remove: the broth will be more transparent.If you do not have time - do not worry, the hot broth can drain through a sieve.
  5. Cut half of brushed potatoes into wedges and place in a broth.If you cook pork soup, the potatoes should be put immediately after boiling broth, and if you use beef, then after 30 minutes.This is done in order to seethe good potatoes and the broth was more intense.
  6. After half an hour add to the pan the second half of potatoes, diced, one carrot and one onion, peppercorn and bay leaf.Carrots and onions also can be cut into cubes.
  7. When all the vegetables are already in the pot, add salt, it does not forget that we, too, cabbage salted.
  8. After boiling, cook for about 15 minutes and add the sauerkraut.In the finished soup, pickled cabbage can remain resilient - it is normal, or seethe, which is also very tasty, it all depends on the characteristics of its ambassador.
  9. While in the pan cooked soup future, prepare filling in the pan.Fat drips out, vyzharki remove.Add the chopped straw or shredded beets on a coarse grater and fry a little.Since beets are preparing for more carrots will add later, after 5-7 minutes.It is also possible to grate or chop sticks.Onions cut into cubes, add to the beets and continue to fry, stirring occasionally.
  10. At the end of cooking add the tomato paste and tomatoes, a little more we continue the process.Borsch is almost ready, try it for taste, add salt, if the salt is not enough.
  11. the boiling soup and zazharku add crushed garlic, let the soup boil again and immediately remove from heat.
  12. Give borscht little brew, finally, to catch and remove the bay leaf.
  13. Serve with sour cream and herbs.

If you want to learn how to cook soup with chicken, then there is nothing special and the recipe is not much different from the traditional.In the chicken tender meat and therefore the preparation of the soup will be reduced by almost half.For quick borscht better to divide the chicken into portions pieces.Once the meat starts to boil, waiting for 10-15 minutes, and lay the vegetables.Next act in accordance with the above recipe, how to cook soup with meat.

How to cook soup with red: 7 Tips

And now answer the question that is most likely to occur during cooking borsch: how to cook soup with meat, so he did not lose their beautiful color delicious?Red color can be achieved with tomatoes or beets.To do this, use the recipe for borscht with pork or beef borscht recipe and a little wiser.After all individually.The color may depend on beet quality (there is such a variety that gives the brown color of the soup, no matter how hard you try), and on how sauerkraut.Now you will learn how to cook soup with beet and sauerkraut, so he turned red, and how to cook soup with fresh cabbage, the color was bright and saturated.Reveals the secrets of chefs, not leaving you a chance to miss with a touch.

  1. Do not boil the beets. color is lost during cooking.Therefore, a third used beets rub on a small terochke and add, when the soup will be ready, bring to a boil, remove from heat and let it brew for a bit.
  2. Boil the beets separately. Hue will be brighter if it boiled in their skins.Then, rub on a grater and add to the end of cooking.
  3. Use sour sauerkraut. Bright color of borscht depends on the acidity, and the acidity, in turn, from sauerkraut.If cabbage is slightly acid, the soup will deflating and beets will not give the desired shade.
  4. acid is added. For this we use vinegar, tomato pickle, citric acid or lemon juice.Adding your existing acidifying agent in dressing and a little evaporated, evaporated to a foreign smell.
  5. During cooking, keep filling the pan over low heat, because the beets would languish and lose only slightly in color.
  6. Beautiful red borscht give tomatoes. This is a favorite option of those who know how to cook Ukrainian borscht.With tomatoes, remove the peel and add either zazharki or in broth, after cooked potatoes.
  7. Tomato paste. It should always be of good quality.Half a cup of tomato paste, spread hot broth from the soup until smooth and pour back, bring to a boil.

If you have their unique secrets, how to cook soup with meat, he turned to a beautiful red color, share in the comments.Using these tips and tricks you now know how to cook soup with meat so that it came to taste even the fastidious (adults and children).And if you are asked to supplement, consider that you have solved the problem perfectly!