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  • 1 history aspic
  • 2 recipe aspic of pork legs

Aspic is now made from a wide variety of products.For example, as part of the meat can be used beef, veal, pork, poultry meat.For flavorings - carrots, onions, garlic, and spices and herbs.But in any recipe, the most important thing - it's beef or pork legs.And then we'll tell you how to prepare jellied pork legs.But let's delve into the history before that.Is it always jelly prepared in this way?

history aspic

the Far "ancestor" of modern aspic was the usual nourishing meat soup or broth.So dish can be securely sated and rejuvenate.When the broth with meat pieces froze, it became like a jelly.This was due to the fact that the bones and meat from animals contain specific gelling agents.But at that time it was more the lack of food, as the frozen soup had to warm up.

Cold form of this dish took peoples of the North.They also cooked meat nourishing soups with spices and herbs, but then specially carried them into the c

old.In this form, the dish could take with them on long trips or hunting.In cold conditions, it is not a port, and if necessary it can be warmed on the fire and get the soup.Here is a one-stop solution!

Interesting fact: first in Russia jelly was a second-class dish. In wealthy homes after a magnificent feasts on the second day of collecting all the leftovers, crumbled them, poured the broth, boiled.Then they poured into a bowl and put in the cold.As a rule, such a dish gave servants.

all changed with the advent of fashion at all the French. French chef showed us how to cook the jelly they brought elegance and taste to this dish. So at the king's table appeared and fish in aspic decorated with all sorts of vegetables and seasoned with spices.Ordinary people also favored meat, inventing many hours decoction, it is better to waste from the bones.And if the season brawn with mustard or horseradish, and to submit the master's table is not a shame!

But back to our recipe.Now you will learn how to cook tasty jellied pig's feet in every detail!

recipe aspic of pork legs

Many scares a long process of preparation aspic.In fact, jellied boiled for a long time, but not complicated.Each owner should just try once to see this!

usually good jelly is produced when cooked with pork and beef feet.But not always the hostess has a beef leg, and only jellied pork legs may not freeze as it wants.In this case you need to stock up on store-bought gelatin.

Home Food so good, you never get tired for the simple reason that every woman is preparing in their own way and each time in different ways.As they say, time on time is not necessary.And jellied pork legs is not an exception, so the approximate alignment products.Every housewife decides to your liking, what and how much to put.

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We need:

  • 4 pork legs,
  • 0,5 kg of pork,
  • 1 medium carrot,
  • 1 onion,
  • pepper,
  • ground pepper,
  • 2bay leaves,
  • 20 g gelatin,
  • 3-4 cloves of garlic,
  • salt and pepper.

So start preparing aspic.

  1. thoroughly washed pig's trotters, put in a saucepan and pour in enough water to legs were covered centimeters by five or six.
  2. After boiling, remove the foam and note the time.We put on a very low heat and continue to cook for exactly four hours from time to time removing appearing on the surface of fat.The slow cooking and removing fat broth give transparency and a special delicate taste.
  3. cast cup of broth and allowed to cool.Fill the cooled down broth gelatin.
  4. In a pan add the meat and cook for another hour.
  5. We cut onions and carrots into cubes, add to broth along with a bay leaf and black pepper, peas.Season with salt to taste.
  6. Cook for another hour.In total, the recipe for aspic pork would take six hours of cooking.Note: in any case it is impossible to add water!
  7. We took out a piece of meat, legs, a little cool for them, separate the meat from the bones.All cut into small pieces.
  8. resulting meat put in the broth, bring to a boil.Add the gelatin dissolved in broth, garlic and pepper.
  9. Pour hot soup bowls or shaper.
  10. Let cool to room temperature and put in refrigerator to solidify.

Now you know how to cook jellied pork legs. But it is worth adding that aspic - a dish is not only delicious and satisfying, but also very useful. Due to the high content of collagen, jellied pork legs beneficial effect not only on the condition of our skin, but also helps to restore cartilage in diseases such as arthrosis, arthritis, osteochondrosis.Especially useful for fractures of jelly for rapid bone fusion and subsequent recovery.

Bon appetit!