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experience suggests, the word "ham", most people think of a kind of impressive pork ham straight from the oven.In fact, "modern" boiled pork can be cooked in multivarka - it does not lose its flavor, and maybe even will be juicier.The dish can be prepared from any meat: pork, beef, lamb, chicken, no less delicious baked turkey come in multivarka.It all depends on the skill of the cook and some of the nuances.

General advice on cooking

As we have said, for pork will fit any meat, but we are going to prepare the classic boiled pork pork in multivarka.Why?Because pork for many years traditionally used in this dish and only pork in the end it turns out very soft pork.By the way, it is best to choose a larger piece (ham, shoulder, loin, or any other part) - then finishe

d dish will be especially juicy.Baked ham is prepared without bones, so no harm even before the purchase will be asked to remove the bone and the skin, if suddenly you do not like crisp.

Clean the meat from all the excess, but do not remove the fatty layer completely - it will give a juiciness.Now our tidbit is ready to to be pickled.If you are in a hurry rather festive turmoil serves on the table, a minimum meat will be quite a few hours in herbs and spices.But when you have time, it would be better to hold the pork marinated in a day or two, maybe even three.How to cook boiled pork in multivarka and make a good marinade - it further.

marinade for pork

Sauces and marinades - here hostess never come to a consensus.Someone loves spicy, some spicy and sour, the other - sweet.We will try to stay on the most popular recipes, marinade for pork, but you can feel free to experiment with ingredients and create an exclusive taste.How to make boiled pork in multivarka particularly piquant?So, you will need:

  • red wine, kvass or soy sauce;
  • few heads of garlic;
  • 1-2 pcs.onions;
  • bay leaf;
  • black pepper;
  • spices of your choice (cloves, cumin, juniper, mustard, chili, coriander, rosemary).

On how quality will be the first, he is the main component, will depend on the success of the marinade.If with wine sauce and everything is clear, that kvass is better to be especially careful - of course, plastic bottles with colorful labels are unlikely to contain within a quality product.The recipe is very simple - mix all ingredients and drop to our pork, pre-packed with its garlic and black pepper.Finally, when the pork is quite engorged juices and ready-to-cook, you can lay in multivarku.

Baked ham in multivarka Panasonic

Recipes that we give more, equally good for all multivarok.However, there are some features.Baked ham in multivarka Panasonic is unlikely to have a crisp, because in the model number of the device with no overhead heating - with meat before cooking is best to remove the skin.But it's a great reason to cook boiled pork in multivarka in foil - it will keep all the juices and the result is incredibly soft.To do this:

  1. little fry the prepared meat in a frying mode - so it will become the very "crust";
  2. choose a piece of foil so that it tightly wraps up the entire piece of meat;
  3. ensure that in the foil did not have holes, and cook the meat in a roasting mode.

small secret: after the pork is completely prepared to leave it in the foil for another 10-15 minutes - so the meat finally "come."That's it - soon the dish is ready for serving.Traditionally, boiled pork served cold, but "hot version" is also sure to have everyone's taste.

Baked ham in multivarka Polaris

The main advantage of the brand - the ability to save the maximum number of devices thanks to the vitamin structure.Also, the new models come with 3D heating, which makes the meat especially juicy.Baked ham in multivarka Polaris - secrets and little tricks.

  • If you cook the meat without the aid of a sleeve or foil, place it over a fat side up - so the juices will nourish it throughout the cooking process.
  • Baked ham in the sleeve gives a very soft, but the sleeves must be long on each side by 15-20 centimeters - this will allow him not to burst during roasting.
  • from time to time to form a delicious crust watering marinade meat residues.

cooked meat cut into slices and arrange on a platter and garnish with greens.

Baked ham in multivarka Redmond

Owners of the popular device manufacturer know how delicious dishes produced in multivarka Redmond.And pork in multivarka Redmond - is no exception.To the dish was particularly fortunate enough to know some cooking secrets.

  • just a few minutes until cooked meat, cut the sleeve, and then have time browned pork.
  • stuff the meat can not only spices but also vegetables - garlic, carrots, and other combinations.As usual dish each time will take on a new flavor.
  • Cold boiled pork cut into thin slices taken, but this method is not suitable for hot dishes - meat will crumble under the knife, so I cut "from the heart".

That's all the nuances of cooking traditional Russian dishes.Choose a recipe for pork in multivarka taste, experiment with spices and enjoy the results!

Video recipes pork in multivarka