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  • 1 Buckwheat with a chop in a special
  • 2 Mashed potatoes with fish in cream sauce
  • 3 Rice with goulash
  • 4 potato stew with meat
  • 5 Potatoes baked in the oven with cheese
  • 6 Stuffed peppers
  • 7 tips for breastfeeding mothers

note that hypoallergenic menu for nursing mothers - it is not just recipes, and the optimal combination of food forthe content of useful substances.For example, it is not necessary to cook the beef with buckwheat, as both products contain large amounts of iron.Not at all, iron excess does not happen, but you do not want to eat the same thing every day.Therefore, we have balanced nutrition during breastfeeding, taking into account such factors as the amount of vitamins, minerals and compatible products.We also excluded the foods that cause allergies and colic in infants.

Buckwheat with a chop in a special

Products: minced meat, buckwheat, onions, garlic, zucchini, olives or olives, cheese, sea salt.

cooking process

  1. shinkuem finely the onion, garlic and mix with minced meat.Season with salt to taste.By the way, beef is more tender, if you use several kinds of meat.
  2. Form the patties and lay them in the pan, pour a little water and bring to soft.If you have a double boiler or multivarka, it is best to use them.
  3. then spread on each slice of zucchini hamburger and onion rings.
  4. A few minutes later cut in half from top to put the olives or olives and grated cheese.
  5. If necessary, add water.Cover with a lid and bring to a couple of readiness.Also, these burgers can be cooked in the oven, only to make sure that that would not be podzharok.
  6. Serve with buckwheat.

Mashed potatoes with fish in cream sauce

Products: fish to choose from (saury, haddock, plaice, pollack, cod, hake), potatoes, onions, cream, sour cream, butter,flour, sea salt.

This dish, part of the menu for nursing mothers, it is possible to cook in the oven or in multivarka.We consider the case in a frying pan.

cooking process

  1. purified fish spread on a frying pan, add the onion half rings.
  2. topped up with water to completely cover the fish.Simmer for 10 minutes.
  3. add sour cream, mixed with one tablespoon of flour and salt.Continue to simmer for another 15 minutes until thick.
  4. Boil the potatoes in salted water.With tolkushkoy blender or mash, and add the warm cream and butter.
  5. Serve with mashed fish drizzled with sauce.

Rice with goulash

Products: beef, rice, carrots, onions, flour, bay leaf, sea salt.

cooking process

  1. beef cut into thin slices length of 5-7 cm. Fill the water to hide the meat, and set on fire.
  2. When the boil, change the water: we cook on the second broth.
  3. When the meat is tender, add the grated carrots, chopped onion and a little flour.Season with salt to taste.
  4. rice before cooking thoroughly wash and soak for a couple of hours in the water.Boil in salted water.
  5. Serve rice with goulash sauce with carrots and onions.

potato stew with meat

Products: meat (beef, lean pork or turkey), potatoes, carrots, onions, bay leaves, sea salt.

The dish can be prepared in a sleeve (package), in pots, in multivarka or in a pan.

cooking process

  1. Meat, potatoes and onions cut into cubes, carrots grate.
  2. all went into the tank for cooking and add a little water, salt, bay leaf.If you are cooking in multivarka or sleeve, it is not necessary to add water.The sleeve make a lot of small holes with a toothpick, or he may burst in the wrong place.
  3. Cooking time depends on the size of food portions of meat, on average, about 45 minutes.

Potatoes baked in the oven with cheese

Products: potatoes, onions, garlic, cheese, butter, sea salt.

dishes included in the menu for nursing mothers, can be simple, but useful.This is the recipe for this, so how to cook the potatoes with the skin, we will.It is better to take the young potatoes, but if not the season, then carefully remove the eyes.When lactation potatoes with the peel to eat even rather than peeled.Under the film-skins are special enzymes that enable digest this vegetable is good.One caveat: the potatoes in their skins need to eat freshly prepared.

cooking process

  1. incision peel the potatoes into slices half a centimeter thick, to get the "accordion".
  2. The cuts put the onion rings and a small amount of butter.Season with salt to taste.Put in the oven or multivarku.
  3. just a few minutes until cooked sprinkle with grated cheese mixed with garlic.

Such potatoes can be served as a garnish and as a separate dish.

Stuffed peppers

Products: beef (beef, rabbit or turkey), rice, green pepper, onion, carrots, sea salt.

cooking process

  1. Figure boil until half, shred onion and add to the mince, salt.
  2. Finished stuffing fill the peppers.
  3. At the bottom of the pan (pressure cooker) spread shabby carrots and onions, cut into rings.
  4. then put the stuffed peppers upright and fall asleep with another layer of carrots and onions.
  5. Simmer on low heat with the addition of water until tender.

Tips for breastfeeding mothers

In conclusion, we give a few simple tips to help your dishes are delicious and safe.

  • Cereals soak in the water a couple of hours.
  • Before cooking wash your meat, vegetables and cereals (oats also have to wash!)
  • Meat dishes better to cook from fresh meat.
  • Stuffing preferred to do their own.
  • If you defrost meat in the microwave, remove it from the package.
  • Do not use plastic utensils.
  • Cook with humor and eat with gusto!

Very often a young mother a headache, what to cook with so many limitations in the products during breastfeeding.Taking our dishes into service, you greatly expand the menu for nursing mothers!Our recipes second courses can be included in the diet of a breastfeeding mother's diet since the first days after birth.All products are selected in such a way that your child will not get sick tummy from GAZ cars and colic!

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