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  • 1 Colic in babies: what is it?
  • 2 Colic in infants and GAZ cars: why are they there?
  • 3 Colic newborn: symptoms
  • 4 10 tips on how to ease the pain of a child with colic

Colic in babies: what is it?

Colic - this accumulation of gases in the stomach of the baby.A large accumulation of gases causing spasms that and deliver a child pain, anxiety.Children's body adapts to a new life outside the womb.If earlier the child receives food through the umbilical cord, but now have to work hard to satisfy.A together with the food, be it the breast milk or a mixture of a new organism colonized bacteria.Accordingly, other food and digest will be different.

Colic in infants and GAZ cars: why are they there?

  • formation of the digestive tract. Bloating in newborns may be due to the fact that the gastrointestinal tract of a baby is still developing and not fully formed.
  • breastfeeding. Perhaps colic in infants occur because of poor attachment to the baby's chest.A child can
    not take the breast during feeding and swallowing air along with milk.Because this occurs bloating and, consequently, intestinal colic.
  • nature of the child. There is a possibility that the newborn tummy ache because of the fact that he was crying, shouting, perevozbudilsya, swallowed air.There are babies who cry a little and do not need attention, and there are kids with character, so the cause of colic can be a particular temperament of the child.
  • mom Power. If a child is breastfed, then you should know that such a diet for nursing mothers.Colic in infants may be because of malnutrition.
  • mixture for feeding the baby. If a child is bottle-fed, it may make sense to change the mix, or again confirm the correctness of its preparation.
  • feeding mode. Try to exclude the likelihood of colic due to the non-feeding mode.There pediatricians opinions diverge.Someone continues to believe that feeding should be strictly according to the mode (interval of at least three hours), because the food does not have time to digest in a short time and there are disorders in the digestive tract.But others believe that belief, "the last century" and offer to feed "on demand".How correctly to your baby - you decide.But if all else fails, yet one day and you can experiment.

Colic newborn: symptoms

  • kid crying and running out the fingers on the hands and feet, pulls her knees to the tummy.
  • The baby is crying loudly, with red face.
  • bloating occurs, you can hear the rumbling.After GAZ cars moved, the child calms down.
  • Colic in babies can begin approximately on the tenth day of life and go to three or four months.
  • Typically, colic baby chair regular and unchanged.
  • Most colicky babies are rapidly gaining weight.

10 tips on how to ease the pain of a child with colic

sure to do all the procedures, taking the baby in his arms.Kid relax and not be afraid of anything.

  1. Stroke tummy in a clockwise direction around the navel.
  2. Put warm palm on the stomach and the other hand gently swayed.
  3. Attach the baby to the breast during colic.This will allow him to relax and relieve cramps.
  4. Put on tummy warm diaper.It should be folded in several layers of iron and iron.If the diaper has turned hot, then place it on top undershirts, and when it begins to cool, attach to a bare tummy.
  5. Put the baby to his stomach.The kid is very nice to sleep on your stomach.When my mother nearby, children are always sweet sleep.
  6. do gymnastics: prim knees to the tummy, so will natural massaging the abdomen.Connect the right knee with the left elbow and vice versa, and so several times.Jeep immediately begin to withdraw themselves.
  7. Rock the baby in a pose "a tiger on a branch."This posture is more suitable for dads who have strong arms.Bend your arm at the elbow and put her child in the abdomen, the head should be on the palm.In this position, not only can alleviate the condition of the child, but also wear in normal times.For many dads is a favorite position for a walk.
  8. Make "airplane": put the baby in his arms belly down and gently swing to the right and to the left.Many kids start to squeal with joy and laughter for the first time it was during this exercise.By the way, you can always do so when the child starts to act up.
  9. If your child loves to swim, take a warm bath with the addition of chamomile, brewed in a water bath (three tablespoons of flowers in half a liter of water) for him.This will help ease the pain of colic in infants and jeep.
  10. venting tube.We deliberately speak of it at the last turn.Yes, it helps to get rid of GAZ cars, but must not be abused, otherwise the baby will get used quickly, and you will not be able to do without the tube.The child does not want to deal with the problem itself, besides it is unnecessary irritation of the anal opening.For those who are still on the advice of pediatricians I decided to deal with colic in infants using the vapor tube: lubricate the tip with petroleum jelly or baby cream and gently push the tube into the anus, but not more than 2 cm At the slightest resistance to the child stop this occupation..Be prepared for the fact that the interference can cause diffraction.

Use these tips and you will definitely relieve the pain your baby with colic!

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