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  • 1 Useful tips how to bathe a newborn baby
  • 2 How to bathe a newborn child - the algorithm of actions
  • 3 Swimming and hardening

first bathing baby usually occursnot on the day of discharge from the hospital.Take the time to dip it in the bathroom as long as the umbilical wound has healed.The immunity of the child is not yet ready to meet "inhabitants" water (even boiling) water, and open umbilical wound will be a gateway for infection.For baby care during the first two weeks of use wipes moistened with water or a cotton swab.

Useful tips how to bathe a newborn baby

to first exposure to water procedures is successful, prepare for it in advance.

  • Use a special baby bath. It has a compact size, allowing you to always keep it clean.And dispense small amounts of water for bathing.
  • Boil water. During the first months of baby's life, it is desirable to bathe it in boiled water.Most of the microorganisms that live in the water (it may be Salmonella, E. coli, Legione
    lla and even deadly sinegnoyka), are killed by heating water to 80-100 ° C.This means that water treatment will be safe.
  • most comfortable water temperature for bathing newborns - 37 ° C. In the future, you can reduce some of it (up to 36.6 ° C), if you notice that a child is in it uncomfortable.In any case, to determine at what temperature to bathe a newborn, you should help the thermometer, not a hand or elbow.
  • Use gamachok hill or children. Previously, mothers and fathers were forced to stand over the bath with the baby in a bent position for 20-30 minutes.And then - with hardly unbent.Hill bathing the newborn ensure its correct position in the water, while your hands remain free.
  • Limit the use of detergents. Despite the fact that bathe the baby recommended daily bath procedures with soap and shampoo are desirable only once every 7-10 days.Under the ban antibacterial agents, which have an aggressive effect on the skin, and soap with harsh fragrances.With its special shampoos, gels and soaps for children.
  • Be careful with additives. accepted that infants should be bathed in water with the addition of manganese or chamomile broth.Today, however, pediatricians do not recommend doing this, as both funds dried delicate skin of the child is too active.If the baby diaper rash appeared, add water decoction of elecampane or series.And if everything is in order, bathed in ordinary water.

How to bathe a newborn child - the algorithm of actions

  1. Fill the tub with water.
  2. Carefully immerse the child.In order not to frighten the crumbs, wrap it in a pre-pelenochku.It will get wet gradually, as well as the baby's body, adapting it to the unfamiliar environment.
  3. If you do not use or gamachok hill, keep crumbs on his left hand.Grasp him by the shoulder farthest from you and lock the hand in the armpit.In this neck of the child should be on your wrist.The second hand on the ass.So you prevent the possibility of slipping in the bathroom crumbs.
  4. Gently lather child, moving from the neck to the legs, rinse foam.At least wash your hair.
  5. After bathing, rinse the crumb with water at a temperature of 1 ° C lower than in the bath.
  6. Wrap the baby in a towel and gently pat dry them only body.Do not rub the child, it is better apply a dry diaper, which will absorb the moisture.Before you put the diaper, make sure that all folds are well dried out.

Swimming and hardening

And do you know how to bathe a newborn child, to secure his temper, normalize appetite and sleep?To do this you will need:

  • Large bath.Water temperature first procedure should be 37 ° C, each successive can lower it to 26 ° C.Note that this is only possible if the baby will move actively, and not lie in the hands of the pope.
  • Inflatable circle for the neck. Buy this can be in a children's store.It is worn on the neck of the baby and supports his head above water.In this round the child can freely move his arms and legs to swim without the risk of choking.

swimming time can be from 5 to 40 minutes.How much do you think the newborn is sleeping after such water treatment?A minimum of 6 hours to allow all members of the family also have a good rest and sleep!

In any case, listen to the opinions of its crumbs.Already he precisely tells you whether the water treatment he likes his scream or a cheerful smile!