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  • 1 Features modern diapers
  • 2 How to determine whether you this diaper
  • 3 like How to wear diapers

Modern pediatricians do not see the use of diapers nothreats to health and child development.They are much more convenient and easier to use than gauze diapers for newborns as quickly absorb moisture and release it to the surface.

According to research by the Institute of Pediatrics Medical Sciences, disposable diapers:

  • not cause male infertility, as the process of sperm production in boys starting at age 7-8 years;
  • not provoke cystitis in girls, which is the result of improper hygiene;
  • not create curved legs, but rather provide a natural position of the hips of the child;
  • not interfere to teach a child to the pot. Learn to control the urge to go to the toilet, the baby can not before one year of age 1.5.This process is a pedagogical rather than physiological.And it may well be combined with wearing diapers.

Features modern diapers

To understand what is better to choose diapers for newborns, it is necessary to find out its composition.In classic diaper it includes at least three layers:

  • external - he is free to pass moisture;
  • average - it retains moisture through cellulose, included in its composition;
  • internal - it consists of a damp-proof material and does not allow "panties" to proceed.

Some manufacturers use cellulose instead of synthetic gelling material.He has a higher ability to absorb and trap moisture.The amount of urine, which may incorporate a gel, a 50 times the volume of the material (compared with cellulose absorbs 10 times less liquid).So safe while staying in a diaper can be more.

The structure of diapers prevents irritation delicate infant skin due to lack of contact with urine, keeps it dry and warm.The results of modern studies confirm that when wearing diapers up to 30 times lower risk of diaper dermatitis.

How to determine whether you like the diaper

Carefully observe your baby for a few days.This will help you to understand what is best for newborn diapers and whether they suit you.Feel free to opt for diapers, if all the following statements are true for you.

  • not occur leakage of the empty pants. If this happens, it means that the diaper size larger than you need.
  • The feet were not worn and traces of gum. few days in an uncomfortable diaper can cause damage to the baby skin, which will have to pay for the whole family sleepless nights.If you notice red marks on the legs, change the diaper on the other - that you have a little.
  • the pope does not have any diaper rash, and rash. If suddenly appeared red, it may indicate an allergic response.For some children it occurs when wearing diapers with the impregnation content of aloe vera.Redness can also be a signal of rare replacing the diaper, so try not to leave your baby in full panties for a long time.

How to wear diapers

No matter what diapers better for infants, there are a few rules of wearing them healthy.

  • change diapers every 3-4 hours during the waking child and do not do it until the baby is sleeping at night.The fact is that during the day the baby is eating and drinking a lot, so often and write.And during sleep pants remain dry always: kids tend to write in a time when awake.
  • Always wear a diaper for a walk, not to reduce the stay in the fresh air with unexpected surprises.
  • Often arrange air baths at home. Whatever the quality was no diaper without the kid still comfortable.Two or three half-hour stay without diapers a day is the best prevention of diaper dermatitis and diaper rash in infants.
  • Do not overdo it with powder. Use your special baby powder or not, will only practice.But when you use this tool, remember that in a lot of it can clog the upper layer of the diaper, is responsible for the absorption of moisture, and significantly reduce its effectiveness.

Diapers allow modern moms get the pleasure of communicating with your baby.And feel happy and beautiful woman, not twitching household duties.The main thing - to use it correctly.And this will help you our advice!