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  • 1 How many sleeping newborn baby
  • 2 Why not sleeping baby
  • 3 How to ensure a long night's sleep

infant sleep is very important for its development.During this period, the body baby recruited new forces, the mind rests on the received impressions.And most importantly, it was a dream child grows most intensively.Therefore, it is imperative for parents to organize conditions for recreation toddler.

How many sleeping newborn baby

sleep time during the day is very individual.So if your child is not embedded in the middle frame, do not worry.The main thing is that these abnormalities do not have a negative impact on health and the crumbs of his family members.

In general, the duration of sleep per day in infants is:

  • 17-20 hours - up to 2 months;
  • 12-16 hours - up to 6 months;
  • 12:00 - up to 1 year.

This time the kid alone divides into several parts.Crumbs at the age of one month may well sleep all day and night, waking only to eat.And in the daily routine

of the older kids have time for games and recreation.For example, a five-month baby can stay up to 4 times a day: 1 time at night and 3 times in the afternoon.At the same time morning and evening sleep will be very short (about 40 minutes or an hour), and naps can last up to 2-3 hours.

When the child grows up to 8-9 months, it will likely be sleeping already 2 times a day for 1.5-2 hours.And after a year will be able to go on a one-time naps.

Why not sleeping baby

There are many reasons why the baby does not sleep day or night.In principle, if the child is willing, cheerful and does not cause their behavior mom worry, you can not put him on the general schedule.Perhaps it is your baby in three months is enough nap once in a couple of hours to quietly endure until the evening and great sleep all night until the morning.

Another thing is to understand why the child is not sleeping, he clearly wants to sleep?Or waking up just a couple of minutes after you put him to bed?To this end, it is important to assess the conditions for a dream that you have created it.

  • air conditions in the nursery. optimum temperature for sleeping toddler 18-20 ° C and humidity of 50-70%.As a rule, parents who have purchased for a child's room air conditioner and a humidifier, not a question, how many sleeping newborn baby.
  • Clothing. Determine what diapers better for your baby, and select those in which it will be dry and comfortable.Heat put a child.When the room is cool and warm clothing, his sleep will be deep and calm.
  • Pose for sleep. Kids up to four months are not usually turned over in his sleep, with bad posture can cause premature awakening.Try to stack the crumbs on his tummy: this is the most physiological position for the child.In addition, sleeping on the stomach allows the jeep easily go from the intestine kid, and it will not bother colic.

At the age of six months, a baby begins to trouble erupting teeth, so his sleep may be disturbed.Unfortunately, there is no single right way to how to help your child at this time and ease his condition.Someone help special cooling gels, someone - Toy-Cutters.However, one should not worry about sleep problems certainly arise.There are lucky people who have teeth emerge completely unnoticed.Maybe you will find yourself among them?

How to ensure a long night's sleep

If you have a small child, it does not mean that you necessarily do not have to sleep at night and not feel in this life is nothing but fatigue.Kid confused day and night and you already care about, not much sleeping newborn baby, and how to teach it to bed on time?It is possible, but will require patience from you and other family members.

  • Maximize length of the baby waking up to a night's sleep. He is naughty at 9 pm, whines and begs to sleep?Do not install it if you know from experience that the child wakes up at 12 and will have fun until the morning.Yes, you all will be bad and sad to observe the vagaries of crumbs for another 2 hours.But collect will in a fist, and at 23.00 arrange child swimming (better swim in the cool waters of the adult bath), then tight feed and bedding.Be sure, after such nights the child will sleep "without hind legs" to 6 am.And along with it, and you and your husband.
  • Rouse crumbs day. There is nothing wrong in breaking apart the baby sleep disorder grandmother.Configure wakefulness and rest your baby as it is convenient not only to him but also to other family members.

And yet, try to initially teach your baby to fall asleep is not on hand, but in his crib.Of course, it is difficult in respect of infants who usually fall asleep at my mother's breasts during lunch or dinner.But the sooner you implies the right to sleep, the easier it will be for your child to accept and abide by them in the future.