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  • 1 What sling and how to choose the right model
  • 2 Sling with rings
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  • 4 Sling-scarf
  • 5 physiological backpack
  • 6 May-sling
  • 7 Aqua Sling
  • 8 Choice sling: material, colors and design
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What sling and how to choose the right model

Sling is a piece of cloth,used for transporting the child.In English sling - sling.The history of the creation of the sling so deep that scientists back millennia!In different cultures, children wore headscarves, scarves, aprons and other bands.

Using the sling helps mum to hands-free, which makes it possible with a child is in constant contact, so necessary for the child to adapt to the new unexplored world.But sling plays in good stead only if it is properly used and selected according to age.When choosing a sling must pay attention to three things.

  1. is necessary to take into accou
    nt the child's age and weight - depends on the choice of "carrying" model.
  2. need to determine what time of year you are going for a walk with your child.
  3. Choice sling also depends on the nature of the child, the image of her mother's life and needs.

Let's talk about the details of each sling model, its pros and cons and about what age can wear a baby in a sling.

Sling with rings

Sling with the rings is a long strip of material, one side of which is sewn two rings.How to use the sling with the rings: the ring is passed through the second end of the web and securely.This sling worn over the head and worn on one shoulder.To the fabric under the weight of the child does not hit in the shoulder, this place is sealed and stitched "accordion".
Sling on the rings is well suited for beginners slingomam, it is easy to master.This is ideal for newborns, who are particularly in need of maternal warmth and often asked to handle.Up to four months, the baby must be placed in a horizontal position.And if the baby is hungry, you can feed him imperceptibly.

This sling is convenient to use at home, doing work around the house.If the baby fell asleep, very easy to remove the sling with your child without waking him.It's enough to loosen the ring, and bend over the crib.

Sling with rings suitable for older children: the child may be in the upright position, sitting or half-sitting.A curious kids have on Narva position behind or on the side, which opens up a broad overview of the baby during walks and trips.Sling with rings suitable for rocking the baby, for a hike in the store and the clinic.


  • heavy to carry a child weighing 8-10 kg;
  • burden falls on one shoulder mother, so as to avoid health problems, it is necessary to alternate shoulders.

Age Child: from birth to eighteen months.


Sling-pocket has the same characteristics as the Sling on the rings, only it smaller and lighter.He is cut specifically for the ass pocket toddler.This sling is sewn on the individual sizes mom and taking into account the age of the baby.


  • not be suitable for both parents, if they are of different stature;
  • hard to wear a big baby, as the load falls on one shoulder;
  • no tail, like a sling with the rings to cover baby from the sun and prying eyes.

Age Child: from birth to eighteen months.


Sling-scarf is a knitted or woven fabric lengths from four to six meters and a width of 40 to 70 cm. In a certain way Sling is tied around the mother's body, forming a pocket for the child.On the size 40-44 go to the length of 4 meters, enough for sizes 46-50 4.5-5 meters, and from the size 52 - 5-6 meters.Sling-scarf can be worn on one or two shoulders.

This sling is suitable for infants and for older kids.It is ideal for long walks, travel.Due to the uniform load back does not get tired of wearing even well-fed tots.There are many options for tying a scarf.


  • not suitable for home use.Since difficult to shift in bed sleeping baby without disturbing his sleep, because it will have to reel off all cloth scarf;
  • requires some skill in tying;
  • into foul weather or during a hike in the clinic will be difficult to tie a scarf does not stain his ends.

Age Child: from birth to two years.

Physiological backpack

There are several varieties of it: fast sling, ergo backpack, sling backpack.This means for the transport of children resembling backpack.Is a dense fabric of fabric to which are sewn belt and shoulder straps with plastic clasps (fasteksy).It does not have anything to tie, to wind - once is enough to adjust the size of the figure and three snap fasteners.Physiological backpack is very easy to use.

Ergo backpack baby can start to wear when kids have confidently hold the head and "frogs' legs are well bred.Unlike traditional "kenguryatnik" baby backpack provides a physiologically correct position with the legs widely divorced.In this case, the burden falls not on the crotch of a baby, and is distributed evenly on the buttocks, hips and back.This posture is endorsed and recommended by podiatrists and is safe for the child.

Wear comfortable even in a backpack heavy toddler.Weight hardly noticeable, since it is evenly distributed on the lower back and hip mom or dad.

child will sleep comfortably even in a vertical position - his head can be fixed in position by a headrest, adjustable buttons.Kids in a backpack can be worn in the front, on the side and back.Do not be difficult, and feed the baby without removing from the "saddle" - quite a bit to relax the straps to the child's head was at chest level.


  • impossible to carry the baby in a horizontal position.

Age Child: from three to four months to three or four years.


May-sling for newborns is similar in functionality to fast sling, only the corners has straps with buckles, and is fixed to the body with long straps, belts.The lower strap May-sling tied behind her back at the waist slingonositelya.A top throws on his shoulders, then crossed behind his back and displayed in advance for the child's back.You can then immediately make a knot or twist the straps, and then take them back behind his back and tie it.

This sling - a good alternative sling-scarf, but he wears much faster.The load on the mother's back is distributed as uniformly as possible.Experienced slingomamy easily be able to put a baby in a reclining position and feed.


  • not suitable for the child laying in a horizontal position;
  • width of the straps is not regulated, unlike Sling-scarf.

Age Child: from three to four months to three or four years.

Aqua Sling

Aqua Sling is designed to co-bathing at home, in a pool or outdoors.It is sewn from a thin breathable waterproof Tacna, which does not transmit ultraviolet rays, ideally - from natural silk.The model can be any of the above slings.

sling Choice: material, colors and design

should pay attention to the material of the sewn sling.It all depends on the time of year in which you intend to use the sling, and the climatic features of your region.For summer is better to use the thin natural fabrics - cotton or linen.In winter, the scarf is very warm due to the large number of windings, and in summer it is better to replace the May-sling.Note that the child will need to wear a layer of clothes less, as is the extra heat from the mother.

Now the market offers a huge variety of colors and patterns.Sling can make itself or on request, with individual design, embroidery or applique.
In today's world is not only a sling assistant mother, but also a stylish accessory.He will emphasize your individuality and become an integral part to do with the baby's wardrobe.

slingomamoy Be active!Use a few slings.Combining the two models even allow you to feel as comfortable anywhere.To select your sling, do not hesitate to try and understand a few sling sewn specially for you.If among your friends do not have slingomam, then surely they are in your yard or nearby who are enthusiastic to share their experiences and gladly teach you how to use a sling.


Selection of sling - a serious matter.Using these tips, you will make the right choice!Each sling is good in its own way, but they are united by one thing - they orthopedic useful and safe.In the horizontal position, the baby is like my mother on the hands and vertically - in physiological position "frogs" or "embryo".Finding a sling, you become a mobile mom with a baby "in his arms" without any damage to health!

video instructions on how to use the sling

Sling with rings