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  • 1 4 myths about cigarette during lactation
  • 2 The smoking is dangerous for the child
  • 3 possible to combine motherhood and a cigarette?

To start to define a source of much-disputed claim.Doctors around the world are united in the opinion that the best food for the baby in the first 6 months of life is breast milk.The use of any, highest quality blends is undesirable if the mother has the ability to feed itself crumbs.

Thus women who smoked during pregnancy are born weak, painful, often premature babies.For them, breast milk is the real panacea for normal growth and development.And if this kid to transfer to artificial feeding in favor of its "safety" of cigarettes, the harm will be ten times greater than the combination of negative habits and breast-feeding.

4 myths about cigarette during lactation

  1. Milk neutralizes the toxins and poisons of tobacco smoke. This is incorrect.Breastfeeding and smoking saturates the body with a full set of baby toxic substances,
    which are received by his mother.The main source is, of course, milk.Additionally the crumb gets the poison from the air, if the parents smoke at home, and from my mother's hands, if she does not wash them after the break.
  2. Nicotine "decomposed" in the mother's body and does not pose a threat to the child. whether nicotine in breast milk?Yes.It brings to harm the baby?Definitely.Poison and neuroleptic drug causes the body crumbs such as vasospasm, as well as in the mother's body.This ensures that the load on the cardiovascular system, the occurrence meteosensitivity child excessive excitability, tearfulness, sleep disturbances.If you want to spend long sleepless nights, shaking his baby in his arms, smoking on health.
  3. Smoking during breast-feeding does not affect the amount of milk. Even as influences.Nicotine inhibits the activity of the hormone prolactin, responsible for lactation.As a result of lactation level falls by 25%.This is particularly evident if smoking and breast grudnichka combined in the first days after birth, when the base is formed of lactation - the required hormones in the mother's body.
  4. milk of smoking mothers are not different from the usual. This again is not true.Taste the quality of breast milk are deteriorating, it acquires specific smell.Due to the sharp taste and unpleasant stink kids often drop the chest in the first months of life.

The smoking is dangerous for the child

How does smoking on breast milk, we have already dealt with.Now consider what harm it brings to the child.

  • Nicotine excites. Smoking and breastfeeding leads to the child sleep disturbances, nervousness, moodiness.
  • Smoking during breastfeeding is the cause of the sudden death of the newborn. risk increases 5 times in families where both parents smoke, and 3 times where only the mother smokes.
  • Children are more prone to viral and catarrhal diseases.Immunity such crumbs are significantly lower than those of other children.They often suffer from early childhood and school.
  • Intestinal colic appear sharper. Toxins from cigarette smoke alter intestinal motility baby that brings pain and anxiety.Damage it and upper GI - pipsqueak often burp, eat less, not gaining weight.
  • kids lag behind in development. This is especially noticeable in children whose mothers did not leave the habit during pregnancy.In early childhood, later crumbs get in the legs, worse speak.In the school behind their peers, bad study.
addition to direct harm to health is generated and sustained psychological stereotype.In adolescence, the child in 85% of cases will be pulled to the cigarette, still ruining their health.

possible to combine motherhood and a cigarette?

No adequate doctor does not respond to you positively to this question.But if addiction outweigh for you taking care of your own child, do at least everything possible to smoke during breastfeeding inflicted as little as possible harm to the baby.

  • Never smoke when the child and in the apartment. Do this only on the street, preventing the penetration of smoke into the room.
  • Change the usual cigarette to e. harm its slightly smaller, and sensations - the same.
  • After the break feed no earlier than 2 hours. toxin penetration into the milk takes place within 60 minutes.Approximately the same number you need to bring them the lion's share of milk.Accordingly, the need to smoke a cigarette as soon as possible after feeding, and do not use it until the next.
  • not smoke at night from 9 pm to 9 am. This is the period of maximum activity of prolactin which is responsible for the presence of milk in the mother's breast.
  • Drink as much liquid as possible. 2 liters of water per day will reduce the dose of toxins in your chest.
  • Eat fully. destruction of vitamin C with nicotine and other nutrients can be compensated only their supplementation.

And the main advice: reduce the number of cigarettes per day to a minimum.There should be no more than 5, but better - none at all!So you give the happiness of healthy life to her child.