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  • 1 How to find out the cause of the common cold in a child
  • 2 How to cure a runny nose in a child with ARI
  • 3 How to cure a runny nose in a child with allergies

Runny nose - itexcessive secretion of mucus from the nose, which is caused by mucosal irritation.The cause of irritation can be ARI (acute respiratory infection), or allergic response.So before you start looking for a cure for the common cold for children, you need to find out what exactly caused its development.

How to find out the cause of the common cold in a child

Observe the child.If rhinitis (so called rhinitis in medical practice) is accompanied by fever, general malaise, rejection of baby food, redness and pain in the throat, swelling of the tonsils, then the cause is likely to become a virus.

allergic rhinitis symptoms doctors say clear, watery nasal discharge, difficulty breathing, and regular bouts of sneezing, itching of the mucosa.However

start treatment without consulting a doctor should

not be, as in viral rhinitis other symptoms may not be expressed clearly, and not a specialist to notice them is extremely difficult.And in allergic rhinitis are required to participate as a mother and an allergist, who will recommend medication drugs.

How to cure a runny nose in a child with ARI

  • Wet room. During the heating season, the flats humidity decreases to almost 0, whereas for the normal state of the mucous membranes required 50-70% humidity.Dry air will cause drying of the mucus in the nose of the child.And instead of flow, it will collect in the sinuses, causing further inflammation and swelling.The result may be sinusitis or acute otitis media.To prevent this, include the child's room humidifier, regularly ventilate and do wet cleaning every day.
  • Provide cool air. temperature in the sick child's room should not exceed 20 ° C.Well put your baby or nestle warm blanket.When the body temperature is not Kuta child - these you break it even more fortune.
  • Use the drop from the common cold for children. They help relieve nasal congestion.But this should be no more than 3-5 days.As a rule, on the sixth day, even coming off a strong mucosal edema, and the question of how to treat a runny nose in a child becomes less acute.
  • poite liberally. When the body temperature of the human body loses fluid are actively.Your task - to make up for it, which you can use any drink: rather weak warm tea, fruit compote, juice.
  • Do not experiment. Perhaps your mom actively used inhalation at a cold for children.But can you be sure that the aromatic oil will not provoke an even greater swelling of the mucous membrane?Or that the inhalation of hot potato will not cause burns of the upper respiratory tract?Inhalation not relieve nasal sinuses.But they can help bring them out of the stagnation of mucus.For this fit soda inhalation of warm (not hot!) Water.
  • Give immunity to get stronger. Do not rush to send the child to kindergarten or school, just when he feels better.The fact that the restoration of the mucous efficiency occurs within about two weeks.The same amount of time needed immunity to come back to a state of "readiness."If the child meets the fragile new virus, it is again ill.And through a couple of these "experiments" on health, you are likely to be worried about the treatment of adenoids in children.

How to cure a runny nose in a child with allergies

To get rid of allergic rhinitis need to help an allergist.It will help to identify the allergen that causes rhinitis, recommend medication and hypoallergenic diet.

common cause of allergic reactions:

  • pollen of plants and trees in the flowering period,
  • pet dander,
  • dust mites,
  • mold.

For the treatment of rhinitis is necessary to eliminate the child's contact with the allergen.But if this is not possible, try to limit it as much as possible: sit at home at the time of flowering poplars or ambrosia or take a trip for a couple of weeks to her grandmother in the village.When an allergy to dust, remove carpets and soft toys, perestirayte linens, blankets and pillows, often ventilate the room and throw a wet cleaning.

And finally, remember the well-known expression: if you treat a runny nose, it will be held for a week, and if not - then the last 7 days?It is not quite correct, because doing nothing during the allergy can lead to chronic rhinitis, adenoids and asthma.And at ARI - inflammatory processes.If the mother knows how to help your child cope with a runny nose, it will pass quickly and without consequences!