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  • 1 main manifestations of toxicity
  • 2 degrees of toxicity
  • 3 Tips to get rid of toxemia of pregnancy
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In the scientific world the term "morning sickness" is interpreted as autootravlenie body.Under the complicated term refers to the process of self-poisoning: the body is not yet fully aware of ongoing changes to it.And he sees the development of the fetus as a danger and a threat to health.

But the process of adaptation occurs rapidly.And usually the question, how much lasts toxemia during pregnancy, experts say: from 6 to 12-16 weeks.After the fourth month of the unpleasant state does not bother to 99.9% of women.

main manifestations of toxicity

The most striking manifestation of toxicity becomes nausea.It overcomes pregnant not only in the morning (although at this time is usually manifested in the whole "beauty" with the urge to vomit and dizziness), but also during the day.

causes of nausea has not yet bee

n established.According to popular belief, they lie in increasing the level of hormones in the female body, which grows into a whole hormonal storm.At risk are women with inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system, endocrine and neurological disorders.

But even if a pregnant absolutely healthy, it can start to feel sick from the experience of stress, colds, lack of sleep, fatigue.Therefore, the "interesting situation" is extremely important, not only to eat, but also to adhere to the correct mode of the day, to know ways to treat colds during pregnancy.

Very often cause nausea odors, even those who liked a woman before pregnancy.The smell of soap in the bathroom, her husband's cologne, the flavors of the kitchen - all of this easily leads to bouts of nausea.

degrees of toxicity

Before you decide how to dispose of toxemia of pregnancy, it is necessary to determine the degree of its development.Despite the fact that this state is not a disease from the medical point of view, sometimes symptoms can cause serious harm to the body of woman.In this case the mother, the baby and the future require mandatory medical care in the hospital.

  • Mild. Vomiting is not more than 4-5 times a day, there may be a slight weight loss.This condition is not harmful to mother and child health, and does not require hospital treatment.
  • Moderate. Vomiting occurs up to 10 times a day, deteriorating general condition of the woman, she feels tired, lethargic, lose weight.Perhaps there is an increase in body temperature, increased heart rate is observed with a decrease in blood pressure.In this case, a woman needed medical assistance and hospitalization.
  • high degree. This condition occurs in 1% of pregnant women and extremely dangerous.The food generally does not stay in the mother's body.With frequent vomiting (up to 20 times a day), a woman loses a lot of fluid, and the weight loss is 2-3 kg per week.Toxicosis highly treated only in a hospital.

sure to contact your doctor if nausea occurs each sharp movement, jumps pressure, an excessive dryness of the skin.Or if you wake up during the night causes dizziness, disorientation.All this may indicate the development of moderate and high degrees of toxicity.

Tips to get rid of toxemia of pregnancy

Unfortunately, a universal means of combating toxicity does not exist.The body of every woman is so individual that every expectant mother chooses among its potential drugs.But there are some general guidelines that work almost always.

  • Spend at least two hours a day in the fresh air.
  • Eat little and often.Avoid eating 2-3 times a day, because vomiting usually starts it on an empty stomach.Organize snacks every couple of hours.
  • Sleep with the window open to air in the room was fresh.
  • Do not rush to get up out of bed.First, apple or yogurt snack, lie down, and when only the nausea passes, get up.
  • For breakfast eat eggs, cheese, dairy products, fruit.
  • Avoid spicy and fatty foods: it provokes nausea.
  • Do not eat hot, just pleasantly warm.
  • At the time of discard soups.Food was not wash down.But in between snacks drink plenty.
  • Avoid unpleasant odors.
  • Do not make sharp turns and movements.

And yet - get plenty of rest!After all, despite the fact that according to the labor legislation of maternity leave a woman is put only after 28 weeks, the main challenges lie in wait for our health right now.Set aside on the second plan work, do not think about the problems, and the question of how to dispose of toxemia of pregnancy, will not be so exciting for you!

How to get rid of toxemia of pregnancy: videos