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  • 1 What better anesthesia for caesarean section
  • 2 Indications for use of epidural anesthesia for caesarean section
  • 3 General anesthesia or epidural anesthesia for caesarean section - which is better?
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To start to define the fact that you have a choice.Because emergency caesarean section in mothers usually do not have the choice, if necessary.If the birth something went wrong, and we are talking about saving the life of the mother and child, doctors use anesthesia that option, which is preferred here and now.

But do you prepare for a planned caesarean section, and while you can still choose.Therefore, we elaborate on each of the possible types of anesthesia that modern medicine offers.

What better anesthesia for caesarean section

There are three types of anesthesia:

  • Epidural anesthesia for caesarean section. Running mostly during elective surgery.The anesthesiologist clears back strongly cooling solution
    and inserts a needle into the spinal column.Then, remove the needle, and in its place establish a thin catheter through which the spinal cord enters the drug.It causes an almost complete loss of sensitivity of the body from the chest to the knee, which can be observed within a few hours after birth.
  • Spinal anesthesia for cesarean section.This option anesthetic used mainly in cases of emergency.It differs from epidural anesthesia is that the medicine is injected into the cerebrospinal fluid and in smaller doses.This woman is also in the waking state, and does not feel pain.But in need of constant correction condition of the possibility of reducing the analgesic effect and an oxygen mask.
  • General anesthesia. patient entered into a state of artificial sleep and wakes up when it's all over.But the risk of general anesthesia complications significantly above other types of anesthesia.

Each anesthesia for caesarean section has its own advantages and disadvantages.Therefore it is very important to discuss with your doctor in advance that will take you labor, the use of a particular technology.

Indications for use of epidural anesthesia for caesarean section

This type of anesthesia may be appointed not for everyone.If a woman has low blood pressure, there is a risk of blood loss, there is damage to the nervous system or severe spinal deformity, epidural will not be executed.But these contraindications include more doctors to general, which prohibit the use of other drugs.Therefore, more attention is paid to the state when epidural anesthesia is vital.

  • Preeclampsia or violation of placental blood flow. When it occurs, there is oxygen starvation of the fetus, which can result in the most difficult of his defects.Epidural anesthesia can improve placental and renal blood flow.
  • Pathologies of the cardiovascular system. women are forbidden to bear most of the risk of complications due to high load on the heart.General anesthesia allows the heart to work in a familiar rhythm.

One of the dangers lurking in the epidural possible fall in blood pressure new mothers.But it quickly corrected by appropriate medication.Another risk - the incorrect position of the baby, or the oppression of the fetus.But if a planned cesarean section is performed, rather than an emergency, such cases are extremely rare.

If we talk about feelings during and after the induction of anesthesia, before the start of the operation, they will not be pleasant, but not painful.During the insertion of the needle doctor may catch the spinal nerve, which can sometimes cause leg cramps or numbness.All this - manifestations of the normal procedure, which should not be afraid.In rare cases, paralysis, spinal nerve damage, the occurrence of infectious diseases.

General anesthesia or epidural anesthesia for caesarean section - which is better?

Modern medicine offers an epidural as the best alternative to general anesthesia.The risk of the fulfillment of the last ten times higher than that of local anesthesia.Only at first glance it seems that it is better to sleep a couple of hours, and then wake up and hug her baby happily.During deep sleep may be sudden changes in pressure and cardiac arrhythmias mothers, who during her waking hours much more quickly identified.And just as quickly removed without a significant threat to life and health of the two patients.

Choose your version of anesthesia for caesarean section very carefully.And do it not with friends or with my husband, and your doctor.After all, the doctor is needed not only in order to tell you about proper nutrition and having sex during pregnancy.And in order to preserve the health of a young mother and baby and to make the happiness of motherhood really full!

Epidural anesthesia for caesarean section: Video