Article Contents

  • 1 your individual program for the beauty of the breast
  • 2 Masks for breast restoration
    • 2.1 Cottage cheese and protein mask
    • 2.2 mask of white clay
  • 3 nourishing cream
  • 4 breast Massage
  • 5 Gymnastics for breast elasticity
  • 6 Power
  • 7 Water treatments

Nature has created women's breasts for one important purpose - rearing offspring.But does the modern woman can agree with that?Female breast - our great dignity, our weapons and cunning trick, and our pride.Therefore, it is necessary to maintain its beauty at any age from adolescence to power years.

During pregnancy, a woman's breast blooms with a woman.At this moment it could not be better noticed her growth and development.Even before the pregnancy of the girl was a size zero in a bra with foam, while carrying a child chest can achieve the ideal in the eyes of men - a third of luxury!

But pregnancy lasts only 9 months (believe me, soon you will look back on this period as the most wonderful moment

s of my life!) And current excitement about sex or toxemia during pregnancy, replaced entirely by other issues.How to restore the breasts after childbirth and lactation?And you can at least return it form?After all, size, of course, goes along with breast milk.The answer is simple: you can recover if you do the simple recommendations beauticians.

your individual program for the beauty of the breast

Breast reconstruction after childbirth and lactation will be quick and effective if you follow all the right advice professionals.However, some of them also bring visible results.We understand that a small child in her arms is too little time for themselves.Therefore we offer-light program, which will have time to fulfill every young mother.

It includes:

  • masks for breast reconstruction,
  • nourishing creams,
  • breast massage,
  • light gymnastics,
  • proper nutrition,
  • water treatments.

consider in detail every item of the program.

Masks for breast reconstruction

in pharmacies and stores you can find ready-made mask easily.They are quite effective, but have a major drawback - the high cost.If you can not afford these tools, cook them at home.And store bought and homemade formulations use twice a week.

Cottage cheese and protein mask

  1. 300 g of cottage cheese mixed with a raw egg white.
  2. Add 3-5 drops of essential oils of grapefruit and geranium.
  3. Spread the composition of breast thick.Move in the direction from the bottom up, not touching the nipple haloes.
  4. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.

mask of white clay

  1. Three tablespoons of white clay mixed with 200 ml of cream fat content of not less than 20%.
  2. Add one teaspoon of buckwheat honey.
  3. Spread the mask over his chest.It is advisable to do this after a bath or shower, when the skin is a little steam.
  4. When you feel the contraction of the breast skin, rinse with cool water.

nourishing cream

They are more effective in other means of finding an answer to the question of how to restore the breasts after childbirth.Choose a special creams, which are in the lines of reputable manufacturers.Or use a conventional high fat formulations.Apply a nourishing cream on your skin you need every day after showering chest lightly.

Breast Massage

Do it yourself or have a spouse this procedure.

  1. lightly stroking the breast from the bottom up (for one minute each breast).
  2. Perform a circular motion from the center of the chest to the axilla (no more than two minutes).
  3. Rub the chest - from the middle of the clavicle to the nipples (for two minutes).
  4. again follow the initial stroking movements (one minute).

Gymnastics for the elastic chest

  • Squeezing. necessary to carry out exercise with knees: elbows positioned parallel to the floor, back straight, stomach in.SPIN, touch the breast sex.Perform 10 to 30 times a day.
  • Clenching hands parallel to his chest. Squeeze palm, count to five, relax your hands.Perform 30 times.
  • Clenching hands for the back of the head. is the same as the previous exercise.
You can also use a special simulator, the main feature of which - it impacts directly on all the groups of the pectoral muscles.Gymnastics it is more effective than separate exercises.
  • principle of operation of the simulator is the impact on the pectoral muscles, due to which there is the creation of perfectly taut breasts.
  • main difference from analogues - the device enables the load on all the groups of pectoral muscles.
  • trainer is easy to use: you only need to take up arms and make him squeezing motion to the center and back.


Eat more protein, which has a direct impact on the chest.Eat chicken, nuts, dairy products.Avoid alcohol, coffee, fatty foods.

Water Treatments

Pamper your skin daily breast-massage shower or contrasting water procedures.They perfectly enhance the tone of the skin and muscles, increase blood circulation.

Follow our recommendations on how to rebuild the breast after birth, and a month later it will become much more resilient!