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  • 1 How to return the woman's health?
  • 2 How do Kegel exercises?
    • 2.1 complex exercise number 1 - contraction and relaxation
    • 2.2 complex exercises number 2 - compression and ejection
  • 3 How do Kegel exercises during pregnancy?
  • 4 How do Kegel exercises: video

American obstetrician mid XX century Arnold Kegel did a lot for medicine.His scientific and practical activities were aimed at addressing the problems of female sexual sphere, including and after childbirth.

pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy and endure tremendous stress under the action of natural causes, relax, become less elastic, losing elasticity.However, not only the pregnancy entails a weakening of intimate muscles.This occurs with age, which is why many women after 45 years begin to suffer from incontinence.

How to return the woman's health?

The answer to this question is complex, and became Kegel exercises, designed for women of all ages in any period of life.In each case, it allows to a

chieve desired results.

  • Young girls before birth exercises will help to conduct effective training for them, to prevent excessive stretching of the pelvic floor muscles and drooping bodies after pregnancy.
  • Kegel exercises for pregnant women to help the expectant mother to learn to control your body, relax and stretch the muscles during childbirth, making them the most painless.
  • For older women Kegel exercises will be the best prevention of diseases of the pelvic organs, incontinence, maintaining sexual health.

And that is very important in any period of life of women, these exercises will make your vaginal muscles more elastic and flexible.And this in turn will bring more vivid sensations for both partners during sex.

How to do Kegel exercises?

First of all, you must determine the location of the pelvic floor muscles.To do this, imagine that you want to delay urination.Or try to do it in the toilet.Those muscles that you tense up at this point, and have the pelvic muscles.With them you will be working.

During gymnastics breathe evenly and deeply.Try to stretch only a certain group of muscles without drawing your abdominal muscles and buttocks.If you are tired, take a break and then start again.With fatigue, you can not see how the efforts of the pelvic floor muscles will go to the press or thighs.

Regulation during charging Kegel has no special significance.But experts advise beginners to start from a prone position to get a better sense of intimate muscles work.In the future, you can do while standing, sitting, or even while walking.

complex exercise number 1 - contraction and relaxation

  1. quickly compress and decompress the muscles for 10 seconds, rest for 10 seconds.Repeat three times.
  2. compressing the muscles, count to 30, relax for 30 seconds.Repeat three times.
  3. compress and quickly decompress muscles 30 times, rest.Repeat three times.
  4. Squeeze the muscles much as possible and hold for 20 seconds.Relax the muscles for 30 seconds and repeat five times.
  5. continuously compress and decompress muscles 2 minutes, gradually increase the time to 10 minutes.

complex exercises number 2 - compression and ejection

  1. Tense muscles, slowly count to 3, relax.
  2. Tense and relax your muscles as quickly as possible.
  3. Tuzhtes without significant effort for 3 seconds.

Do the exercises 10 times, gradually increasing the amount of up to 50 times each.

To make the complex more efficient perform Kegel exercises with balls.They can be bought at a pharmacy or sex shop.Through the use of balls, you will strengthen the work of the vaginal muscles and will introduce them in tone.

How to do Kegel exercises during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, there are no restrictions on the implementation of Kegel exercises.Moreover, they are desirable because of the activation of the blood circulation of the pelvic organs, the oxygen saturation of the placenta, as well as help to treat thrush during pregnancy.

If you have not performed this exercise, start to do them 30 times a day.In the early stages you can do lying on the bed.After 16-18 weeks is recommended to perform exercises while standing or sitting, so as not to cause compression of the inferior vena cava uterus.

When violations of the normal course of pregnancy (miscarriage or threatened presence of hemorrhoids) should consult with their doctor about the correction of the complex.However, not to give up completely follows him.

learning how to do Kegel exercises and work-out 7-10 days, you will notice how responsive and obedient will become your intimate muscles.Believe me, it will be a pleasant surprise, not only for you but also your partner, and will bring a new experience in sex life!

How to do Kegel exercises: video